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OSRS News Reel

Easter Event

These might be unprecedented times, but that doesn’t stop the Easter celebrations in Gielinor!

Dev Blog: Pet Ranching

Welcome to the world of Pet Ranching, Old School RuneScape's newest skill! Capture wild pets, battle them, and conquer new Raids!

Bounty Hunter Return

This blog lays out our plans for returning Bounty Hunter.

Login Issues - 27th March

We've been experiencing some login issues, and are mitigating them as effectively as we can.

Game Update News 26th March

Following the game update at 11:30am GMT today (March 26th), Old School RuneScape encountered a few issues.

Game Improvements

This week ushers in some of the small game improvements from Poll #70.

Temporary Game Worlds Added

Our game worlds are experiencing higher traffic than usual so we're adding ten game worlds.

Last Man Standing Changes

This week’s update sees some more changes to Last Man Standing.