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OSRS News Reel

The Twisted League

This week sees the arrival of the first ever Old School RuneScape League!

Another Message About Unofficial Clients

In this blog post we talk more about unofficial third party clients and the game's stance on specific features.

Bounty Hunter Rework: Day 1 Feedback

This blog will discuss the feedback we received from the BHV2 Rework and lay out our action plans for it.

Bounty Hunter Rework

This week sees the return of the Bounty Hunter minigame - read about it here!

Mobile Anniversary and BH Hotspots

This week we're celebrating Old School Mobile's first birthday, and adding hotspots to the Bounty Hunter Beta!

Account Security Features - Status Update

This blog provides an update on account security from two teams at Jagex: the Web team and the Player Support team.

The Halloween 2019 Event and BH Beta Changes

The week sees the release of the Halloween 2019 holiday event and changes to the Bounty Hunter rework beta.

Bounty Hunter Beta Feedback Changes

In this post we share our plans for the running Beta in tomorrow's update and future changes.