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OSRS News Reel

Farming Improvements and Rebalancing Existing Content

This week sees the release of changes to the Seed Vault, other various Farming improvements, and rebalancing of existing content.

The State of PvP

This blog will give you an insight into our plans for PvP including content changes, events, and future poll questions.

Dev Blog: New Player Experience

In this blog we'll talk about the changes we'd like to make, and are already making, to improve the experience of brand-new players.

Song of the Elves Poll Blog II

We'll be pitching the extra rewards and smaller content unlocked by completing the quest and gaining access to Prifddinas

Automated Plank Make and In Game Clock

This week sees the release of automation for the Plank Make spell, an in-game clock, and other quality of life changes.

QoL Changes and Warding Feedback

This week sees the release of some changes from recent polls: "Hosidius Rework and QoL Changes" and "Revisiting Older Content".

QoL and Treasure Trails Feedback Changes

This week sees the release of some of the QOL changes from Old School Content Poll #66 and feedback changes after last weeks Treasure Trail...

Warding Design Blog

Last year at RuneFest, Mod West revealed his design for Warding. In this blog you can find an extended design plan for Warding.