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OSRS News Reel

Small Game Updates and Betas

This week sees the release of small game updates, SOTE feedback changes, and beta worlds opening.

Last Man Standing Rewards Poll Blog

This blog lays out our plans for the Last Man Standing Reward Shop and Reward System.

Bounty Hunter Rework Design and PvP Changes

Check out the design proposal for the long-awaited Bounty Hunter rework! This blog also contains a section on previously discussed PvP changes.

Poll Blog: Elf Graphics, Crystal Equipment and the Iorwerth Dungeon

In this poll blog we offer some graphical changes to elf characters as well as content changes to crystal equipment and the Iorwerth dungeon.

Smithing and Silver Crafting Interfaces

This week sees updated Smithing and silver crafting interfaces alongside other helpful changes. We're also improving Song of the Elves related content.

SOTE Changes and Small Game Updates

This week sees the release of feedback changes following the Song of the Elves quest release and some updates from the Small In-Game Improvements poll.

Golden Gnome Awards Finalists

The votes are in and it's now time to reveal the Golden Gnome Award finalists!

Song of the Elves: Day One Report

Check out all the Day One stats for Song of the Elves as well as planned changes here!