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OSRS News Reel

Wiki Integration

This week's update brings Wiki integration for the official client and more changes from November's Game Improvement poll.

Twisted League Reward Shop and Game Improvements

This week sees the end of the Twisted League, the opening of the League Reward Shop, and some more game improvements from Poll #69.

Eating in the Bank

Read this week's update post here! It includes added functions to the bank, Maiden balancing, and more improvements from November's poll!

Server Update Info

Read here for the latest news regarding the game reboot.

Merry Christmas!

The Old School team wishes you all a very merry Christmas!

Mobile Connectivity Issues

Read here for the latest news regarding mobile connectivity issues.

Server Maintenance Announcement

Read our latest server maintenance announcement here.

Twisted League Rewards

We'd like to clarify the league rewards and touch on how League Trophies should work in the future.