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Written by LordyFace. Posted in Events

IMPORTANT: See Rules below the Bingo Board. 

Board design by MarksKoi. Board tasks by LordyFace


Any Nightmare Unique

greentick  tick2tick5


Sub 32 Min Fight Caves



3 Slayer Boss Uniques

tick5 greenticktick6tick4tick2







Cox Non Prayer Scroll Unique



Wilderness Ring 


Onyx Drop



3 Elite Clue Uniques




Zalcano or Gauntlet Unique (No weapon or Armour seed)



Complete a Godsword


Hallowed Sepulchre Unique x 3 (Not pages) 


Skotizo Unique


Any PvM Pet


Place Top 2 in a Game of LMS


TOB Unique



Lord of the Rings





 Team Name Team Members Team Accomplishment Symbol

  Team 1

 Team 2     tick4
 Team 3     tick5
Team 4 


Team 5    greentick




Welcome to RN Bingo, refined and complete. Rules have changed slightly, so be sure to read this all the way through. Click Pinned Messages in the #PVM-Bingo channel and ignore this point system part.

  1. A tile can only be completed by providing an accurate screenshot proof in the bingo tracker channel. Form for this must include chat box message drop, along with date/time, as well as some form of bingo reference. Free free to just put 'RN Bingo Team # Bingo drop X'
  2. Alt accounts can be used, but any loot in an alts name will not be able to be logged. It's basically impossible for me/staff to stop you from acting, so it's going to be allowed, but be smart about how you use it, because when you accidentally get a sigil from corp on your alt, you're shit out of luck.
  3. The drop will only count for the team that the receiver is on. Feel free to PVM with other teams, but bingo will only be rewarded to the person who gets the drop.
  4. Unlike the other bingo, a drop will not count towards multiple tiles. Getting a Zulrah pet will NOT fill the PVM Pet and Zulrah Unique Tab, as for all the other possibilities of multi box completion. If a drop you get can fill multiple squares, pick wisely, and include it in the pvm-bingo-loot-tracker.
  5. Yes, I know that some drops are considered unique and not listed in the approve drop information above. The bingo is supposed to be challenging, not easy, and done passively. This bingo will be able to be grinder out over long periods of time without a huge interruption to your gameplay.
  6. Discord form, which follows the screenshot form, will be as follows:

Name of loot receiver

Loot/Challenge name


Bingo Team Name/#