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Melee Potion - Dungeoneering

Written by Debbie. Posted in Items Database


Melee potion
Members: Yes
Tradeable: Yes
Quest item: No
Can be worn: No
Created by:

Player made only within the Daemonheim dungeons which is set on either complexity level of 5 or 6.

Dropped by:

Cannot be obtained as a drop.


This potion will offer a temporary one dose boost to a player's Attack and Strength level by 2.5 + 11% after being consumed.

Bought from:

Cannot be bought.

Obtained from:

Can be made by any player that has a level of 40 Herblore by using a Clean magebane and a Misshapen claw to a Vial of water

Stackable: No
Low alchemy price:

1,386 gp

High alchemy price:

2,079 gp

General store (buy from)

Can't buy.

General store (sell to)

Cannot be sold.


3,465 gp


0.40 kg



A potion that increases a person's melee abilities. (Tier 2)


Additional information:
  • Each potion made will grant 86.5 experience to the Herblore skill. 
  • This item cannot be taken outside of Daemonheim.
  • Can be bound using the bind feature to a player who has completed the Daemonheim medium achievement diaries. Only one potion of any type may be bound to the potion slot within Daemonheim.
  • Players with level 51 Farming can plant a Magebane seed and harvest it to obtain a Grimy magebane herb.
  • See Dungeoneering Herblore for more information about using the Herblore skill within the Daemonheim dungeons.