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Basic Information
Joined Date:
Last Login Date:
Please list all of your RSN's here:
Who referred you to the PvM Division?:
Notable Splits
Notable PvM loot splits over the value of 500m are noted below:
PvM Division Agreement

Entry Requirements: 110 CB+  with the Gear outlined below PvM Division Reqs

Do you meet our entry requirements?:

Rule 1: No offensive language: Do not cause offence or disruption to others.

Rule 2: No loaning or borrowing: Do not offer to share or borrow anything to or from another player publicly.

Rule 3: No spamming: Do not disrupt the continuity of a conversation.

Rule 4: No macroing: Do not use third-party software to automate your gameplay or text.

Rule 5: No deception: Do not trick, lure or otherwise deceive people.

Rule 6: No advertising of harmful, indecent, mature or competing addresses or handles. 

Rule 7: No player-run games of chance: Do not orchestrate an event where you ask for coins or items in exchange for an outcome that you are in control of.

Rule 8: Your Discord name must match your Runescape Name. Failure to follow this may be perceived as impersonation

Rule 9: You must report any Rule breaches to a star rank (Lieutenant+).

Rule 10: Do not encourage the act of staking. 

Rule 11: No multi-clanning.

Do you agree to follow all of our rules?:
I will join 'RuneNation' CC and contact a star rank after submitting this application:
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