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Guardians of the Rift Feedback Changes

Written by developer on . Posted in OSRS News

Guardians of the Rift

Guardians of the Rift launched earlier this week and you lot have been Runecrafting up a storm! We’re just checking in to let you know what’s changed since launch and which feedback we’d like to address in the coming weeks.

So, without further ado – the following hotfixes went live on launch day:

  • Reverted Traiborn’s fireworks to use an older animation command, as they were causing crashes on mobile during certain parts of the Temple of the Eye quest. The animations will look exactly as they did before, but can now be seen by all players.
  • Mind Portal talismans can no longer be obtained during the Guardians of the Rift tutorial.
  • Obtaining the pet from the Rewards Rift now broadcasts the correct number of searches to your Clan and Group Ironman channels.
  • Allowed players who were previously kicked when returning to the minigame to come back and keep playing.
  • The Infernal Pickaxe will no longer lose charges during the minigame.
  • Players who have not completed Temple of the Eye can no longer access the Guardians of the Rift lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to craft Mind and Water Runes after the Guardians of the Rift tutorial.
  • Corrected a visual inconsistency where dropped items appeared incorrectly during the server downtime.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented parts of the Temple of the Eye quest from being completed.
  • Reduced the Crafting XP per Gold Tiara from 67 to 35, bringing it in-line with other Gold Crafting methods. We are open to revisiting this change in future.
  • The Elite Kourend and Kebos Achievement Diary reward is no longer giving players double the number of crafted Blood Runes.
  • Daeyalt Essence will no longer appear in Loot Keys upon PvP death.
  • Players now cannot obtain multiple Medium Pouches.
  • The ‘Peek’ option on the entrance to the minigame now displays the power % of the Great Guardian.

The following hotfixes were deployed on Thursday afternoon:

  • Increased the total number of players allowed to participate in Guardians of the Rift from 60 to 100.
  • Allowed late-comers access to the minigame during Phase 1.
  • Increased the weighting of Abyssal Pearls by around 15%.
  • Cells now ‘heal’ full-health Barriers, giving extra contribution points but not Runecraft XP.
  • Increased the total cap for contribution points from 1,000 to 1,200 to accommodate mass groups.
  • Using Oak or Redwood Logs on the Abyssal Lantern increases the contribution cap by 5%, to 1,260.
  • Using Yew Logs on the Abyssal Lantern increased the contribution cap by 10%, to 1,320.
  • Kourend and Kebos Blood Runecraft XP has been corrected to 23.8 XP per Rune.

We're aware that dying with a lit Abyssal Lantern will destroy it on death and it cannot be reclaimed. The 'destroy' message on the item is also incorrect.

Whilst we look to resolve this, we recommend storing it in the bank for any dangerous activities.

We really appreciate all the great feedback you’ve given us so far, and we’ll be using it to improve Guardians of the Rift even further!

In next week’s game update we’ll be adding two new timers, as shown below. One will indicate when the entrances to the Runecraft Altars will change, and the other shows you how long it will be until the shortcut portal changes.

The Altar timer can also be used to determine how much longer is left in Phase 1.

Updated Timer UI, coming in next week’s update.

Here’s what else we’ve committed to changing in the coming weeks:

  • We want to add a visual indicator to the lobby barrier to show when the minigame is full.
  • Our art team is working on visual changes to highlight which Altar entrances are active.
  • We’ll be reviewing Abyssal Creature behaviour to stop them blocking the path of the Rift Guardians.
  • Minigame items should be droppable, instead of being destroyed on drop with a confirmation.
  • We’ll be swapping the current options on the Deposit Box to let people deposit Runes with a left-click.
  • We want to add a personal best time for the Guardians of the Rift minigame. Unfortunately, it won’t work retroactively.
  • We want to make Meiyerditch Laboratories visible on the World Map as part of the ‘Morytania Underground’.

You can expect some initial changes in next week’s update, but others will not be implemented until we’ve had a thorough review of player feedback. On the same note, the changes listed above are not exhaustive, so keep that feedback coming!

We’re really happy that so many of you are finding Guardians of the Rift to be an enjoyable alternative to the traditional Runecraft grind, and hope to see even more of you defending the Rift over the weekend. See you there, adventurers!

Discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For reference on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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