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PvP Arena: Rewards Beta

Written by developer on . Posted in OSRS News

This week we’re kicking off the PvP Arena Rewards Beta and saying goodbye to Leagues III: Shattered Relics!

PvP Arena: Rewards Beta

The Emir of Al Kharid has discovered illicit activity taking place in the glorious old battlegrounds formerly known as the Duel Arena! As a result, all fights are now overseen by the guards of Al Kharid. With this change comes some shiny new rewards - and if you log into a Beta World today, you’ll be able to give some of them a try!

As always, participating in the Beta won’t affect your normal saved game profile.

The Beta worlds are highlighted in blue on the World Select screen and include the following:

  • World 401 (US East)
  • World 405 (Germany)
  • World 407 (UK)
  • World 409 (US West)
  • World 412 (Australia)

Upon logging into a Beta World, your account is automatically set up with high stats and most quests auto-completed. You’ll arrive in Ferox Enclave near the loadout table, which gives you a couple of options:

  • Left-click: Offers a wide selection of gear, preset loadouts and stats
  • Right-click: Lets you customise your stats

There's also an Altar nearby at which you can switch your active Spellbook along with some handy portals to travel to various places around Gielinor.

Along with a plethora of standard gear to choose from, you’ll also have access to all the rewards from the PvP Arena! You’ll notice that they look a bit funny – at this stage of development we’re using placeholder graphics; recycled models with a quick paint-job to distinguish them from other items. Don’t worry, we don’t intend to ship them like this! Further down, you can see some concept art of how the final items might look.

If you missed our PvP Arena Blog then here's what you can expect:

PvP Arena Rewards - Click here to expand...

New Blighted Sacks

For a small number of Reward Points, you'll be able to purchase two new Blighted Sacks that can be used within the Wilderness:

  • One supplies the Runes required for any Wave spell.
  • Another supplies the Runes required for any Surge spell.

These sacks are untradeable. The following behaviour applies should you die with one of them in your Inventory:

  • Non-PvP death above and below 20 Wilderness: Blighted Sacks sent to your Gravestone if they are not protected.
  • PvP death above and below 20 Wilderness: Any unprotected Blighted Sacks are destroyed and converted into an appropriate number of coins, which then drop to the player killer.

Imbue Scrolls

The only way players can imbue items outside of Nightmare Zone is by playing Soul Wars. Given this is predominantly a PvP activity, it felt fitting to expand on this offering by giving players the chance to purchase Imbue Scrolls for a low price from the PvP Arena Reward Shop. These would be untradeable and would allow players to imbue the following items:

  • Black Mask
  • Salve Amulet
  • Salve Amulet (E)
  • Seers’ Ring
  • Archers’ Ring
  • Warrior Ring
  • Berserker Ring
  • Ring of the Gods
  • Tyrannical Ring
  • Treasonous Ring
  • Ring of Suffering
  • Granite Ring
  • Slayer Helmet
  • Wristbands of the Arena

A Quick Note...

All of the rewards from this point on in the blog act the same way. If you die with them in PvP, they transform into a broken version and money is dropped to the player killer. You must then take them to Perdu to be repaired. They will be broken when purchased, meaning you'll have to pay Perdu to repair them before they can be used in PvP.

You can use a Trouver Parchment on all of them! Unsure of how Trouver Parchments work? The Old School Wiki has a handy explanation.

Wristbands of the Arena

Concept Art for the Wristbands of the Arena.

Do you hate having to complete quests before your account is ready to step foot into the Wilderness and fight other players? Well, shame on you, because quests are great! But sure, for those of you whose spacebars really cannot take the strain, we've got you covered...

Wristbands of the Arena are an untradeable alternative to Barrows Gloves, offering the same stats for those who want to focus entirely on PvP.

Barrows Gloves typically require 41 Defence to equip. Wristbands of the Arena, however, would require just 20 Defence, which we think would bring a little more variety to the PvP scene.

It will also be possible to imbue the Wristbands of the Arena to improve their accuracy stats slightly. Doing so will increase their Defence requirement to 40.

Note that, unlike Barrows Gloves, the Wristbands would only be usable in PvP combat, so you will still have to get questing if you plan on doing anything that would normally call for the Barrows Gloves.

Centurion Cuirass

Concept Art for the Centurion Cuirass.

We’ve come for quests, now it’s time for non-PvP minigames. Skip the Barbarian Assault with our next item, an alternative to the Fighter Torso!

The Centurion Cuirass is a lost artefact unearthed during the restoration of the Arena. Once donned by only the mightiest warriors, this sandy and well-worn armour is now a relic of what once was. A symbol of the arena's past fortune, and a hope that it may thrive once again.

The Cuirass is untradeable, and has similar stats to the Fighter Torso, but with slightly higher defensive stats. It requires 40 Defence to equip.

Calamity Chest & Breeches

Concept Art for the Calamity Chest & Breeches.

The Calamity Armour was once shared between three infamous followers of an Ancient god – Maoma, Saika and Koriff. The Calamity Coven sought to emulate their deity and take control of their own fate, and they reasoned that wealth was their only means to do so. They believed that each and every person had the right to do whatever they needed to take control of their life – and if they were too weak, then others would take control for them.

With these shared beliefs spurring them, they brought about what is known as the Calamity – the complete downfall of the once glorious Duel Arena. Once a bustling hive of healthy competition, under their reign of tyranny it quickly became a dark and corrupt place. Even years after the Calamity Coven retreated into the shadows, the Arena is still fighting to shed its iniquitous reputation.

The Calamity Armour set is an untradeable PvP take on the Void Armour set. Like Void, you’ll need the full set for it to be really effective – and like Void, it pairs with three interchangeable helms that are required to activate the set effects. We’ll talk more about those in a moment.

The armour has low defence, so it’s risky in PvP and requires the wearer to be good at predicting their opponent’s next move and quickly switching gear to reduce incoming damage.

It comes in three tiers, allowing for flexibility with different PvP builds.

The Calamity Chest and Breeches have no requirements.

The Superior Calamity Chest and Breeches require 50 Defence to equip.

The Elite Calamity Chest and Breeches require 75 Defence to equip.

Maoma's Headgear Set

Concept Art for the Maoma's Headgear Set.

Maoma was the corrupt captain of the Emir’s guard. Her job was to oversee fights at the arena and ensure that order was upheld – but in reality, she was taking bribes to look the other way. Some say she even instigated some of the fights to make the Arena more popular and recruited prisoners to bolster the fighters’ ranks!
Moama's Headgear is an untradeable helm that can be used alongside the Calamity Armour to activate the full set effect when using the Melee Combat style.

Maoma's Med Helm has no requirements.

Maoma's Full Helm requires 50 Defence to equip.

Maoma's Great Helm requires 75 Defence to equip.

Koriff's Headgear Set

Concept Art for the Koriff's Headgear Set.

Koriff was the crowd-pleaser. Perhaps the most notorious of all, she was always the centre of attention at the Arena. With a charming personality, she'd make sure the richer visitors had a particularly good time, pampering them with the best seats and service possible. Little did they know of her collaboration with Saika, Maoma, and the thieves they paid to pick the rich guests' pockets.

They say that fighters couldn’t help but come back for more bloodshed, even at the cost of their own life expectancy. They also say that Koriff had a direct hand in encouraging them back to the Arena, only for them to die shortly after. When crowds became tired of certain competitors, you could bet that their bodies could soon be found being dragged from the arena – and that Koriff had earned a windfall betting against them.

Koriff's Headgear is an untradeable helm that can be used alongside the Calamity Armour to activate benefits when using the Ranged Combat style.

Koriff's Headband has no requirements.

Koriff's Cowl requires 50 Defence to equip.

Koriff's Coif requires 75 Defence to equip.

Saika's Headgear Set

Concept Art for the Saika's Headgear Set.

Saika was the puppet master. She was in charge of the Arena’s economy, ensuring profit from the crowds that came to watch the fights. Her greed knew no bounds as she fudged the numbers for years - claiming the cost of running the place was so high that it barely broke even. These sketchy numbers made their way to the Emir, and he kept shelling out to keep it going. Unfortunately for him, the funding would go straight to Saika's pocket. She would pay destitute citizens a pittance to pretend they were working, just to maintain her ruse.

Saika's Headgear is an untradeable helm that can be used alongside the Calamity Armour to activate benefits when using the Magic Combat style.

Saika's Hood has no requirements.

Saika's Veil requires 50 Defence to equip.

Saika's Shroud requires 75 Defence to equip.

Humble Piety & Humble Chivalry

Also with this Beta we'll be automatically unlocking the ability to use the Humble Piety & Humble Chivalry, if you don't have levels set for the normal Piety & Chivalry Prayers.

The Humble Chivalry unlock scroll grants you access to Chivalry if you haven't already unlocked it. The existing 60 Prayer requirement remains regardless of which Prayer version is unlocked.

The Chivalry Prayer changes as follows:

  • If you have completed the King's Ransom Knight Waves and have level 65 Defence, Chivalry acts as it currently does, granting +20% Defence, +18% Strength and +15% Attack.
  • If you have not completed the Knight Waves or lack level 65 Defence, Chivalry grants +18% Strength and +15% Attack, and you are blocked from performing PvM attacks while the Prayer is active.

Humble Piety unlock scroll grants you access to Piety if you haven't already unlocked it. The existing 70 Prayer requirement remains regardless of which Prayer version is unlocked.

The Piety Prayer changes as follows:

  • If you have completed the King's Ransom Knight Waves and have level 70 Defence, Piety acts as it currently does, granting +25% Defence, +23% Strength and +20% Attack.
  • If you have not completed the Knight Waves, but have at least 40 Defence, Piety grants just +23% Strength and +20% Attack, and you are blocked from performing PvM attacks while the prayer is active.

So, fancy wielding some of these weapons? Jump into a Beta World, give them a spin and let us know what you think on the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel, our PvP Arena: Reward Beta thread on the 2007Scape subreddit or via our socials.

Poll 76 Changes

The first batch of changes from Poll 76 have arrived!

  • The Pharaoh’s Sceptre is now one-handed.
  • Wounded Shayzien soldiers are now more grateful! Healing them will now get you 0.2% Favour instead of 0.1%.
  • The fires at Barbarian Village and Rogue’s Den can now be used by left-clicking.
  • Removed a line of dialogue when collecting Slime and Bonemeal from Robin.
  • The Fishing Guild Shop now carries Small Nets, Fishing Rods, and more!
  • A Fishing Net can now be found on a table inside the Fishing Guild.

Leagues III: Shattered Relics Closure

Unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye to Leagues III: Shattered Relics. All League worlds will close at the usual update time of 11:30 GMT. That means you still have a little time to complete those last few League tasks and scoop up some extra points!

Once the game has been updated, all League worlds will become inaccessible. What will remain, however, is the all-important Rewards Shop!

Your League points will transfer over to the main game, ready to be spent on goodies including the Shattered Relics Relic Hunter Outfit, Home Teleport Animation, Ornament Kits and more. Please note: The Ornament Kits cannot be used with the Trouver versions of the Void Armour.

But that’s not all – we’ve also got a fair few Trophies to hand out! These won’t be available right away, as we’ll want to make sure we’ve correctly identified the thresholds for the different ranks.

Before that happens, join us in World 500 from 11:00 GMT as we create a celebratory conga line from this League’s start point in Catherby all the way down through Ardougne and beyond! Come along in your swankiest gear and show off all your awesome new items in our grand finale!

Other Changes
  • Blighted Sacks are no longer deleted if you try to pick them up while you have a Rune Pouch in your Inventory with a vacant slot.
  • The Splitbark Wizard's menu now defaults to 1 as the chosen quantity.
  • Konar Slayer tasks can now be completed inside the Ironman instance of the Kalphite Queen’s Lair.
  • Fixed a bug where random event and quest messaging was appearing in Temple Trekking.
  • STEAM CLIENT ONLY: When Venom or Poison is active on the Player, the Buff Bar should now display both the amount of damage to be taken on the next cycle, and the time until that cycle.
  • STEAM CLIENT ONLY: The Buff Bar will now display up to 12 Buffs, or 8 in fixed UI mode.
  • STEAM CLIENT ONLY: The Buff Bar will now correctly populate on log in when transitioning from desktop to mobile.

Guardians of the Rift

We’re only ONE WEEK away from Guardians of the Rift and its associated quest, Temple of the Eye!

You can look forward to a completely new way to train Runecraft in this non-combat, team-based minigame that sees you protecting the Rift Guardian from the approaching forces of the Abyss! Learn the mysteries of the Rift, experience a brand-new minigame, and unlock awesome rewards, including access to the True Blood Altar!

Want to learn more? Then keep your eye on our socials to see all the great stuff you can look forward to with next week’s update.

Merch Store Update

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that there were some changes to the merch store last week. Our store partner, BSI, have migrated the store to Shopify. This brings a host of improvements, including:

  • Better user experience!
  • Product filters so you can sort by your size and only see what's currently in stock
  • Local pricing – you can now see exactly what everything costs in your local currency
  • Expanded shipping destinations – the store now ships to Brazil and many more countries
  • Reduced tracked shipping costs, especially on larger orders of pins and keyrings to the US
  • Estimated shipping cost from within each product listing, before you add the item to your basket

Further improvements are expected over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

In the meantime, the first of many new lines coming to the store this year include two new tees and Angels Scapes lines celebrating Leagues III and Old School’s 9th Birthday!

As Leagues III: Shattered Relics comes to a close today, why not look back on your achievements with these fabulous limited-edition pins from Angels Scapes? Immortalise your Leagues fashionscape with the Elite Void and Mystic Robe Pins, cheer for Shattered Relics with the Leagues III Banner Pin or take home your very own mysterious figure with the Sage Pin, created with Antique Nickel!

Or if none of those strike your fancy, how about the awesome Leagues III Shattered Relics medal? The perfect reward for a dedicated Leagues player!

In February this year, Old School RuneScape turned 9! We’re celebrating with the Wise Old Man Birthday Pin and a special glitter variant of the DFS Pin.

Other new lines include these uber-cool Zuk and Combat Triangle tees and Crafting and Fletching Skillcape Keyrings!

Check out the Old School RuneScape Collection in our new-look store today!

PvP Rota

The PvP rota has moved to Period A:

  • 539 - (US) - PvP World
  • 548 - (Germany) - High-Risk PvP World
  • 577 - (US) - Free-to-Play PvP World
  • 559 - (UK) - LMS Competitive

World 390 (AUS) for LMS Competitive has been activated with this rota.

Discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For reference on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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