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Leagues III: Shattered Relics - Closing Plans

Written by developer on . Posted in OSRS News

Gather 'round, fragment-hunters – after a thrilling couple of months, Leagues III: Shattered Relics is coming to an end.

It’s been tremendous fun watching you experiment with this all-new approach to the Leagues experience. Where the previous two incarnations were all about making fixed choices in restricted locations, our third outing gave you new ways to adapt and enhance your powers – and with access to the whole World Map! This resulted in all sorts of possibilities for play, just like we hoped it would. Watching you all fusing fragments and switching up your powers has certainly been inspirational for the team as our thoughts turn to Leagues IV…

In the meantime though, let’s focus on the most pertinent question: how will Leagues III end?

First off, you'll be happy to hear that all League worlds will be open until the usual game update time of 11:30 GMT on Wednesday, March 16th. This means you'll have a chance to complete your last few tasks and scoop up some extra points before the regular game update. Downtime will be minimal and comparable to that of a regular game update.

Once the game has been updated, all League worlds will become inaccessible. What will remain, however, is the all-important Rewards Shop!

Your League points will transfer over to the main game, ready to be spent on goodies including the Shattered Relics Hunter Outfit, Home Teleport Animation, Ornament Kits and more.

After all that hard work, you’re probably very keen to get hold of your Trophies! These won't be available straight away, as we’ll want to make sure we've correctly identified the thresholds for the different ranks. We are aiming to make them available around 12:00 GMT (approximately 30 minutes after the game update) via a quick hotfix once the numbers have been confirmed.

Finally, just like last year we want to run a little end-of-Leagues event to say goodbye. Join us in World 500 at 11:00 GMT as we create a celebration line from this League's starting point of Catherby, all the way down through Ardougne and onwards. Come along in your swankiest gear and show off all your awesome items in our grand finale! Here's a rough plan of the route:

We want to thank every one of you for the time you've spent playing this League. The radical re-imagining has really paid off thanks to your creativity and general brilliance as players. Here’s to the next one, because who knows… some of these characters may already be itching to make their return…

Mods Arcane, Archie, Argo, Ash, Ayiza, Banjo, Boko, Brow, Bruno, Curse, Daizong, Deagle, Dibber, Ditto, Dylan, Ed, Elena, Errol, Fed, Gecko, Grub, Halo, Havik, Hornet, Husky, Jalo, John C, Kandosii, Katies, Kamon, Kieren, Kirby, Kurotou, Lenny, Light, Lottie, Mack, Matheus, Maylea, Markos, Meat, Morty, Nasty, Nin, Nylu, Oasis, Peppers, Regent, Redfield, Roq, Ry, Sarnie, Sigma, Skylark, Soffan, Sova, Squid, Steve W, Tide, Torrance, Veda, Vegard, West & Wolfy

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