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Easter 2022

Written by developer on . Posted in OSRS News

We’re back! This week, the Easter bunny needs your help (again!), so get ready for a choco-tastic adventure!

Easter Event 2022

It’s nearly Easter and our favourite Bunny has once again got himself in a bit of a sticky situation! Is anyone surprised?

Easter Bunny hanging around next to a bunch of junk.

This time, he’s decided to deliver chocolate to the increasing number of adventurers hanging out in the desert. There’s just one problem: chocolate and heat are not good bedfellows!

In search of an answer he’s come to Al Kharid, the hottest place he can stand, to seek advice. Unfortunately, giant pink rabbits aren’t exactly commonplace in this neck of the woods, and he’s frightened off their best and brightest! Can YOU, as a slightly less weird-looking adventurer, ask around on his behalf?

Help out, and you’ll be rewarded with two eggciting bits of headgear! One is bursting with spring fashion, and the other, while technically a ring, does land you with something on your head once equipped. Eggstraordinary!

An Eggcellent new piece of FashionScape.

Revenant Caves Changes

We’ve made an important change to the Revenant Caves: the entrances are now all one-way, meaning you can no longer exit the same way you entered.

One of the Rev Caves entrances & new exit.

Instead, there are now two new exits a few tiles away from each entrance. Using these exits will place you neatly on the surface, outside a one-way trapdoor.

Colapsed rubble now surrounds the entrance and new stairs have appeared.

Visually, the entrances look the same and all other functionality, including entrance fees, remains the same.

Poll 76 Changes

This week, we’ve made a bunch of changes to Combat Achievements!

Click on each image to enlarge them.

Task Renaming - Click here to expand...
  • Alchemical Master became Alchemical Veteran
  • Alchemical Grandmaster became Alchemical Master
  • Gauntlet Adept became Gauntlet Veteran
  • Mimic Adept became Mimic Veteran
  • Nightmare Champion became Nightmare Adept
  • Nightmare Adept became Nightmare Veteran
  • Nightmare Veteran became Nightmare Master
  • Phosani's Champion became Phosani's Veteran
  • Phosani's Adept became Phosani's Master
  • Phosani's Veteran became Phosani's Grandmaster
  • Skotizo Adept became Skotizo Champion
  • Skotizo Veteran became Skotizo Adept
  • Thermonuclear Adept became Thermonuclear Veteran

Killcount Requirements - Click here to expand...
Task Title Old Count New Count
Abyssal Adept 100 20
Abyssal Veteran 250 50
Alchemical Veteran 150 75
Alchemical Master 250 150
Barrows Champion 50 25
Callisto Adept 50 10
Callisto Veteran 100 20
Cerberus Veteran 150 75
Cerberus Master 250 150
Chaos Elemental Adept 50 10
Chaos Elemental Veteran 150 25
Chaos Fanatic Adept 50 25
Chambers of Xeric: CM Master 50 10
Chambers of Xeric: CM Grandmaster 150 25
Chambers of Xeric Veteran 75 25
Chambers of Xeric Master 150 75
Chambers of Xeric Grandmaster 250 150
Corporeal Beast Veteran 50 25
Corporeal Beast Master 150 50
Corrupted Gauntlet Veteran 10 5
Corrupted Gauntlet Master 50 10
Corrupted Gauntlet Grandmaster 150 50
Commander Zilyana Veteran 250 100
Crazy Archaeologist Adept 50 25
Dagannoth Prime Champion 50 10
Dagannoth Prime Adept 150 25
Dagannoth Rex Champion 50 10
Dagannoth Rex Adept 150 25
Dagannoth Supreme Champion 50 10
Dagannoth Supreme Adept 150 25
Deranged Archaeologist Champion 50 25
Fight Caves Master 10 5
Gauntlet Veteran 10 5
Gauntlet Master 100 20
General Graardor Veteran 250 100
Giant Mole Champion 50 25
Grotesque Guardians Adept 100 25
Grotesque Guardians Veteran 250 50
Hespori Adept 10 5
Inferno Grandmaster 10 5
K'ril Tsutsaroth Veteran 250 100
Kalphite Queen Adept 50 25
Kalphite Queen Veteran 250 50
King Black Dragon Champion 50 25
Kree'arra Veteran 250 100
Kraken Adept 100 20
Nex Master 100 25
Nightmare Veteran 100 25
Nightmare Master 250 50
Phosani's Master 25 5
Phosani's Grandmaster 100 25
Sarachnis Champion 50 25
Scorpia Adept 50 10
Scorpia Veteran 150 25
Skotizo Adept 10 5
Tempoross Novice 10 5
Tempoross Champion 50 10
Theatre of Blood: HM Grandmaster 100 50
Theatre of Blood Veteran 75 25
Theatre of Blood Master 150 75
Theatre of Blood Grandmaster 250 150
Thermonuclear Veteran 100 20
Venenatis Adept 50 10
Venenatis Veteran 100 20
Vet'ion Adept 50 10
Vet'eran 100 20
Vorkath Master 250 100
Wintertodt Novice 10 5
Wintertodt Champion 50 10
Zalcano Veteran 150 25
Zulrah Adept 100 25
Zulrah Veteran 150 75
Zulrah Master 250 150

Guardians of the Rift

Before we move on to this week’s changes, a quick PSA. We recently added two more activity worlds for Guardians of the Rift. Unfortunately, the worlds selected are free-to-play and therefore cannot access the minigame. The correct worlds will be available from Monday 18th. Apologies for the delay!

Now, here’s what’s changed this week:

  • Players will now gain Polyelemental Guardian Stones when crafting Combination Runes during Guardians of the Rift. They will award 3 Elemental Contribution Points instead of the 2 awarded by an Elemental Guardian Stone.
  • The Raiments of the Eye will no longer provide additional Guardian Stones while crafting Combination Runes.
  • Players may now sell their excess Abyssal Lanterns and Dyes for 100 Abyssal Pearls and 50 Abyssal Pearls, respectively.
  • Increased points awarded for building the first barrier and repairing a cell tile.
  • Weaker Guardian Cells can now be upgraded at more powerful altars without having to destroy the weaker Cell.
  • Swapped the options on the Deposit Pool so that ‘Deposit Runes’ is now the default left-click option. Maybe keep your entity swapper off for this one!
  • Confirm-on-destroy options have been added to Guardian Fragments and all types of Guardian Stones.
  • Guardians of the Rift completions have been added to the HiScores.
  • The Abyssal Lantern no longer attaches to the Robe Bottoms of the Eye on male characters. Fire hazard averted!
  • Wizard Traiborn will now have two dialogue options for players working on Demon Slayer and Temple of the Eye at the same time.
  • Fixed a graphical issue that made portals look active at the start of a game.

And here's the issues we hotfixed before today's update:

  • The Ring of the Elements may now only be uncharged at a Bank area.
  • Players can no longer receive any other Essence Pouches while in possession of a Colossal Pouch. Upon your next login, any extra Pouches will be removed if you have a Colossal Pouch.
  • Players with reduced Agility levels can no longer get trapped in side areas of the Temple of the Eye.

In a future update we plan to let you recolour the Lost Bag and Amulet of the Eye, so hang on to your spare dyes if you'd like to recolour these!

Android Beta Client and Steam Client Fixes

Android Beta Only

  • Fixed various login issues, including failure to connect to Google when making a new account via Google log-in.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the World Map not to pan correctly.
  • Fixed a crash on Huawei devices when opening from the Home Screen.
  • Fixed an issue causing the app to become unresponsive when using certain gesture controls.
  • Fixed an issue causing zoom to stop working when the Minimap was collapsed.
  • Fixed a UI issue in the World Switcher menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the app to become unresponsive when in split-screen mode.

Steam Only

  • A red X should now appear when clicking on NPC's/Players with ‘Always Right Click’ enabled.

Android Beta & Steam

  • The PvP option ‘Right Click for Clanmates’ should now work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue with camera shake effects.
  • Fixed a transparency issue appearing in various places.

The iOS Client Closed Beta starts next week! So don't miss out your chance to take part by registering your interest today!

Deadman Finale Re-Run

We recently announced in March's Edition of the Gielinor Gazette that we'll be hosting the Open Beta on April 20th. Unfortunately you'll have to wait an extra day to participate in the Open Beta as we are moving it to Thursday, April 21st. We'll be sharing more details shortly and we are still committed to hosting the final you deserve. Thank you for your continued patience.

Other Changes
  • Equipping the Dragonhunter Crossbow and Crystal Platelegs will no longer cause stretching.
  • The ‘Chop’ option on the dead trees adjacent to the Death Altar’s exit portal no longer obstruct its ‘Use’ option.
  • Bosses now spawn with reduced delays in endurance fights in the Nightmare Zone.
  • The ‘Back to Bank’ button on the Group Storage screen is now removed properly when not required.
  • Using artefacts on the Pyramid Plunder Mummy will now prompt relevant dialogue.
  • Nex now consistently spawns a Blood Reaver in duo scale.
  • Fixed an animation glitch with the Home Teleport.
  • Grammar fixes.

PvP World Rota

Our team is now performing maintenance on our world deployment systems. To ensure this work goes smoothly we'll be removing the PvP World Rota for the foreseeable future to reduce the number of world changes. This means all target PvP worlds are now available.

Discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdatechannel. For reference on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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