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Games of Chance & RWT

Written by developer on . Posted in OSRS News

We’ve seen some recent discussions about certain activities in Old School RuneScape, so we’d like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our stance and reiterate the Game Rules.

Community Chucking

As you know, the main reason for the Duel Arena’s removal was to stop activity which we deemed unacceptable in line with our rules. However, we’ve noticed that since the introduction of the PvP Arena, these rulebreaking activities have adapted accordingly.

‘Chucks’ or ‘chucking’ refers to PvP duels created with high stakes – sometimes involving a middleman – where Player A deathmatches Player B. If Player A loses, they get nothing, but if they win, they receive double the initial wager.

‘Community chucks’ take this a step further. Player A may deathmatch on behalf of Player C, D, etc. by using Player C’s GP. The same rules apply, but if Player A wins it’s Player C who receives the double payout. Player A will normally receive a ‘cut’ of the winnings, and in some cases will refuse to pay Player C back if they don’t get their ‘cut’.

These activities essentially mirror ‘commission staking’, and have become increasingly prevalent among previous residents of the Duel Arena.

We want to be clear: ‘community chucking’, whether hosting or participating, is NOT allowed and violates the Games of Chance section of our Game Rules. This applies regardless of whether or not the host receives a tip or not. Furthermore, any staking or dueling with the help of a middleman is also NOT allowed.

From our Game Rules:

"You must not advertise, organise, promote, or take part in any games of chance. Games of chance are games that depend more on luck than skill, they are mostly games that people bet on. For example, situations where in-game Gold (GP) or items are traded with the promise that you will receive additional in-game Gold (GP) or items in return, if you correctly guess the outcome or result of the game being offered.

This includes the use and interaction of macro/bot accounts."

We will take action against accounts and/or individuals involved in staking and chucking.

These activities also encourage the purchase of accounts created and made with the intention of staking, which directly contradicts our rules around Real World Trading.

Re-roll Giveaways

We’d also like to reaffirm our position on ‘re-roll giveaways’, which is something we’re already taking action on.

For those unfamiliar, a ‘re-roll giveaway’ is an activity where participants enter, sometimes at a fee, for the chance to win something. Once a number of players have entered, the host will pick a random winner from the list of entrants.

After the winner is chosen, viewers are allowed and sometimes encouraged to send the host an offsite donation or tip – normally in the form of real-world money – to re-roll the result of the ‘giveaway’. This can happen any number of times, with a potentially infinite number of re-rolls.

These types of giveaways are NOT allowed, as they violate the rules found in the Real World Trading section:

"Real World Trading (RWT) means buying or selling in the real world, for real money, things that relate to Jagex accounts. This includes:

  • In-game items
  • In-game Gold (GP)
  • Account names

In addition, paying someone to play your account for you is covered by this rule."

Hosts of these types of giveaways have and will continue to have action taken against them. Giveaways are only acceptable when they are run with good intent, simple mechanics and must be freely open to everyone.


We also want to make it clear that advertising any of the above activities, Real World Trading sites, or gambling services, is NOT allowed.

We will continue to take action against any accounts involved with advertising services that directly break the rules of Old School RuneScape. Be warned that our team are constantly monitoring and implementing bans for those involved.

Our rules are there to keep players safe and ensure that playing Old School RuneScape is an enjoyable experience for everyone. These activities spoil the game for those who choose to play fairly, and will not be tolerated.

If you have seen or know of anyone breaking these, or any other rules, please use the ‘Report’ function found in-game to alert our team. If you feel you need to send further details, you can contact us by email at tipoff[at]

For more information about our rules, please visit the Game Rules section of the Jagex website.

The Old School Team.

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