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Recent Game Outages - Nov 22 & 23

Written by developer on . Posted in OSRS News

We're posting this newspost as a way to collate outgoing communications regarding Tuesday's service outages, as well as provide a brief update on any ongoing issues players may be experiencing.

Regarding Recent Server Issues

On Tuesday (November 22nd), one of our external Data Centre providers experienced a site-wide issue involving a power failure which resulted in full downtime of any services housed there. Our engineers worked to get you back online as quickly as possible, and services were restored earlier yesterday morning at approximately 02:05 GMT.

Unfortunately, while most of our systems have recovered from the hosting centre's outage, the login systems have since struggled at times and players may therefore have found themselves unable to log in. We have identified what was causing these login systems issues and we believe that it should remain stable barring anything unforeseen happening.

We'd like to reassure that you as we continue to recover from the outages, our systems administrators are automatically alerted to any other outages when they happen, and can usually restore access to the game within minutes. However, in the meantime, you may prefer to avoid risky activities, in case you log out and find yourself unable to log back in quickly.

Unfortunately, we'd also like to inform you that when restoring the Polling System, the data we had stored for the ongoing 'Mysterious quest boss rewards & Revenant weapons poll' was corrupt, meaning that we no longer have your votes counted. We've since restarted the poll, and we'd like to ask you to cast your vote once more. It now closes on Tuesday, November 29th.

We're very sorry for any ongoing disruption that's followed Tuesday's hosting centre outage, and are working to restore stability. We understand that you're probably very curious about the reasoning for the outages, but we don't have anything more to share at this time. Discussions are ongoing regarding 'Making Good', as previously announced.

We weren't able to publish a newspost yesterday due to the outages, but you can follow what was communicated in this Support article and on Reddit.

The Jagex Team

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