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Q&A Summary 09/02/23

Written by developer on . Posted in OSRS News

This week's livestream focused on Forestry! Topics included:

Thanks to Mod Sarnie (Community Manager) and Mod Squid (Content Developer) for their insights!

DISCLAIMER: Livestreams are a glimpse into the ongoing creative process at Jagex. JMods are speaking off-the-cuff and their comments are not intended to be read in the same way as prepared updates from the company. Please keep this in mind when discussing the Q&A!

Missed the live stream? Check out the transcript below!

Question #1

Is the Forester’s Outfit a Transmog of the Lumberjack outfit? Or are there going to be two different Woodcutting outfits now?

Mod Squid

So the current intention was to just make it a cosmetic outfit without any value bonuses, but it certainly could be a Transmog, similar to the way the Spirit Angler works. If the players want it to have the bonuses and be another type of Woodcutting outfit, we could do that, so do let us know what you prefer. The current intention was just a cosmetic one, but it could be either.

Mod Sarnie

It would be a funkier version than the current lumberjack outfit if we were going down that route; more medieval-ish.

We have nothing to show you yet because we want to - as we said in the blog - gauge all your interests around the actual ideas and stuff before we present experience rates and everything else to you. We want to make sure that that's all in place so then we know what we’re going to be presenting to you.

Question #2

I'm worried about inventory space for all the tools as a UIM. Will the tools be stored, or easily re-obtained?

Mod Squid

So the way that the Forestry Kit will work is that all of those items that were listed in most of those tables - all the event items, anything that's consumable basically - can be stored in the Kit, like the way the tackle box works. So, there’s no concern over inventory space there. It will all go into your Forestry Kit.

Mod Sarnie

If you managed to get the right gear, you don't even need to carry the Forestry Kit in your inventory! You can wear it on your back, which we'll probably touch upon later, but if not, that's something to bear in mind.

Question #3

Is there any info on what rewards would be F2P and which would not be?

Mod Squid

We haven't actually done the pass yet for the permanent rewards, at least; the big ones like the two-ended axes, the outfits - things like that.

The event items - the ones that are required to spawn the events are members only. That means that all the events that don't require an item to spawn are free-to-play while the events that require items are the members' ones. So there's an easy, simple divide there. As for the permanent rewards, that's still up in the air.

Mod Sarnie

I imagine we'll probably be leaning towards some more on just members. Maybe there'll be some of the two-handed axes, but as Squid said, it's very up in the air at the moment in terms of what's free to play and what's not.

Question #4

What slot will the Forestry Kit go in?

Mod Squid

Back Slot - a nice little Forestry backpack with all your tools in it!

Mod Sarnie

For those who missed it in the blog, the intention here is the Forestry Kit, which you can wear on your back, and there's also the Log Basket, which you can wear on your back as well.

Then there’s the Sturdy Harness, and if you use this to combine the Log Basket and Forestry Kit, you can make them into one wearable back slot object. You’ll be able to carry all your forestry goods in one slot on your back, which is a really nice little touch, I think.

Question #5

Does the scaling Group Chopping bonus mean that team (9 alts) Woodcutting will just be objectively better WC exp from now on? Would this scale past 99?

Mod Squid

If you want to make a team of 9 alts, then sure!

Mod Sarnie

I’ve seen multiple players that have so many accounts at the same time, which is impressive. They're definitely out there.

Mod Squid

If you want to do that, then power to you. The exact bonus that you get for Woodcutting isn't final - the intention is for it to scale past 99. In theory, if you want to make 9 alts then you can give yourself the buff at cap.

Mod Sarnie

Other players might come and see your alts, and join in - there's nothing stopping that. Everyone will still get the buffs, it just caps at that point.

Question #6

How will this group bonus interact with Farming Trees and the WC Guild?

Mod Squid

When farming trees, there'll be no difference, because they're individual; you can't chop them as a group. The current intention is just to leave them with their current behaviour.

For the Woodcutting guild; no group bonus there. You already get a +7 Woodcutting bonus. The intention is not to make the Woodcutting guild stronger; the intention is to make cutting outside a bit more viable and more interesting, so there won’t be a bonus in the Woodcutting guild.

Mod Sarnie

That goes the same with events; the Woodcutting guild is a place where events won't happen because a lot of Woodcutting shenanigans already go on there and we feel like it'd be way too much to put it all in one place. Caves too, but that's a given!

Mod Squid

There'll be places that we just can't - physically or technically - spawn events that will be restricted, but for the most part, it will be in open-world areas outside the Woodcutting guild.

Question #7

Currently, Tree Leaves are obtained from curing a planted tree if it's diseased. Will the new leaves be different or will the old leaves gain the new functionality and be the same item? I have been collecting them over the years as a farmer, while it would be sad that my collection would be "easier" to obtain after this update I would also just be glad to get more leaves.

Mod Squid

The idea is for the old leaves to gain functionality, and then to make it possible to gain leaves from chopping trees if you have a Forestry Kit on you. If you're not interested in the Forestry stuff and you don't want the leaves, you can unequip the Kit, leave it in your bank and just get logs.

Old leaves will get expanded functionality and increased options to get them through Woodcutting.

Question #8

I'm confused about campfires, teas and combat. Do they add their bonuses on top of current bonuses? This would mean we'd be bringing teas for most PvM encounters to min/max now, changing the meta.

Question #9

Do the teas give their bonuses the same way potions do? Or will they have less doses per inventory slot?

Mod Squid

The idea was that tea wouldn’t be taken in doses, where you just one-drink a tea. One of the ideas we were discussing was for teas to give their full effect for the entire time and then just stop. Pots degrade - they boost for a bit and then over time you lose that stat until it goes back to what it normally is.

Teas could last for the full time and then just stop immediately - there are options there. As I said before; if they don’t fit into combat and they feel as if they’re competing too much for a space rather than slotting nicely alongside pots then we can just remove the combat effects.

There’s a lot of cool stuff we can do with other effects as well; if we don’t want to add stat boosts but want other combat effects, then we can look into that. We’ll definitely be looking at the survey results there to see what you think.

Question #10

If we are getting Teas, could you please consider making the Tea Flask useful for this? It would be perfectly fitting!

Mod Squid

I did see that mentioned actually, that's quite an interesting one! We could totally do that; you could put combined teas into one inventory slot and give it doses. That'd be quite cool, we could definitely look into doing that.

Mod Sarnie

It will probably be a fine balancing act with three full teas!

Mod Squid

That's the thing; with the way teas will work, will it be possible to apply it to that. We’d have to check that out. Then as you’ve said, we have to balance it.

Question #11

In the newspost, there isn’t a way to speed up the RNG of chopping the tree once, vs inventories of logs needing to be dropped or banked before obtaining the roots. When you pay the farmer could there be an option to just leave the stump?

Mod Squid

I think people want a faster way to gain roots from farming. I'm not entirely sure but I don't think it necessarily relates to Woodcutting - it's kind of a farming update. It could be something that's just taken as a Player Suggestion and as a general update.

Mod Sarnie

Yeah. It feels a bit weird to leave the stumps - how many roots you've taken out before the stump becomes dislodged? Thematically we need to think about these things! This is one that we can add to the Player Suggestion Sheet.

Question #12

If the cut time is longer but the XP drops are higher, are the two-handed axes and normal axes going to be on par at first, but as you train your WC up the two-handed will become more useful to train with? Would make sense as the road from 1-99 includes some logs that aren’t useful. If they are OP then hopefully the two-handed axes are untradeable. Most OP items should be behind some kind of grind.

Mod Squid

I will say - we haven't dug into the numbers yet, so this is all just high-level theory. The idea of the two-handed axe is that you'll get fewer logs overall, but you will get more XP overall. So for each tree; more XP and fewer logs. Basically, every time you get a log, your XP drop’s going to be higher.

I'm not sure about the scaling of effectiveness, because we also want two-handed axes to be useful throughout the spectrum so that lower-level Woodcutters could still make use of them as well. It's something for us to consider in balancing, and yeah, they will probably be untradable - that's also still up for discussion.

We also want to think about how you make them - whether you need to convert a one-handed axe into a two-handed axe, or if there’s some other ratio of one-handed axes into two-handed axes or something else entirely.

Whether it is untradeable - likely untradeable - at the moment I think that's where the leaning is. Again, we have a discussion there.

Mod Sarnie

There are a few things. As we’ve said - we'll probably premise this across the livestream - especially with XP rates and stuff, they aren't final. A lot of these ideas aren't finalised to the point where we're like “Yes, this is definitely how it should work” because this is the whole point of the new Polling process; you want a concept, then we go away and design something and come back to you. That's when Community Consultation happens, which is what we're in right now.

Question #13

How will two-handed axes work with tick manipulation methods?

Mod Squid

Off the top of my head, I don’t know.

Mod Sarnie

I was going to see if I could pick your brain about it, but it's definitely something to consider when we're talking about two-handed axes - if you guys want them, which seems to be the case. It’s definitely something to think about. Maybe we leave it alone; maybe just one-handed axes are the way forward, so you can just slice through your tree-chopping antics.

Mod Squid

I mean, I guess a two-handed axe is more unwieldy. You can't be that quick with a two-handed axe - it's slower. If you want multiple ticks, then it’s one-handed.

Question #14

Can two-handed axes give more logs per successful chop? It’s much better to obtain logs via PvM drops or even Kingdom of Misc rather than cutting trees. Or this could be done with a consumable like Spirit Flakes for fishing - hold a stack of Enchanted Leaves that give you a chance for an extra log.

Mod Squid

The thinking behind the XP over logs was that the XP is genuinely valued more. Logs don’t tend to be worth much these days. We thought XP might be the more likely thing people will want from an axe.

To the point on Spirit Flakes - there is an item in the blog called Nature's Offering, which is a craftable consumable item, which has a chance to give you more logs when you chop a tree - so that works like Spirit Flakes and will work alongside whatever axe you use. You could use a two-handed axe to interact with a Nature's Offering stack and get both.

Question #15

Are there any thoughts on two-handed axes in combat?

Mod Squid

Two-handed axes in combat? Maybe, it’s interesting! We could have a way to modify them, and they do have stats the same way other axes do, but how effective would they be?

Mod Sarnie

Again, all these elements are going to be things that will be discussed when you guys decide if you want these pieces or not.

Question #16

Will the Anima Infused Bark allow for another variety of Splitbark Armour or another source for crafting it?

Mod Squid

It’s an interesting question! I'd say maybe, but my initial thought is probably not worth it to use the Anima Infused Bark for that, unless it was another variant that was actually unique to it. Interesting. We could do it if that's something people want.

Mod Sarnie

This is probably not a focus for us with this direct update, but maybe that's something we can figure out after we've done the core of Forestry. We're gonna get that bit right first!

Question #17

Having the option to use either logs or Anima Infused Bark for a currency seems weird - what's the point of a brand new currency if we can just buy logs and use them instead?

Mod Squid

It's not either, it's both! You need to use Anima Infused Bark and logs. It’s a log sink, that’s the idea. You're going to need logs of all tiers - depending on the strength of the item, logs of various tiers, including base logs.

The idea is to sink some logs because all the items that you need for events are consumable, so there's going to be a constant demand for them and they're crafted using components that you buy through Forestry with logs and the new currency.

Mod Sarnie

We want to make logs great again! That's what we want, but they need a purpose. And this will give a nice chill purpose to them.

Question #18

I’m curious, will 2-tick woodcutting cause the tree to stay up forever with the new, proposed depletion mechanic? Is this intended?

Question #19

Is Forestry being considered as revitalising to Firemaking as well, besides Woodcutting, as these two are in sync with each other?

Mod Squid

Not really - there hasn't really been any specific Firemaking stuff in this. There's the Forester’s Campfires, which might give a bit of Firemaking XP, but there's no specific tie-in.

That's not to say there couldn’t be - the thing about this system is that we can add new events to it in future and expand it, and there could well be something that makes use of Firemaking.

Mod Sarnie

There'll be elements of XP that you can earn across multiple bits, but they're just something that comes in tow with the update. This is a Woodcutting update, after all, the main focus should be Woodcutting. Firemaking is another beast to be tackled at some point, but not now, and that goes for the other skills as well!

Question #20

Could Woodcutting be just one way of doing Forestry? It would be great to have a more engaging activity that you can jump right into. Perhaps have the different forests of Gielinor as hotspots where these events and others could spawn, with multiple possibly active at a time and one guaranteed? These could be things like stopping wildfires, slash and burn to fertilise the ground, removing invasive species etc. Tougher events but more rewarding.

Question #21

Can you give us some cool POH themes with this as a reward please? Like a fall-themed house with leaves everywhere.

Mod Sarnie

I also saw a request for a pile of leaves that you can dive into in your POH, that either you dive into and spring back out of, or you can just plunk yourself on the leaves and just jam for a bit.

Mod Squid

That sounds great! I'm all for this. This would be cool. Maybe one day - maybe not for launch, but I think this would be really nice.

Mod Sarnie

It would be very cool, especially if they were seasonal.

Question #22

Will we see the Tea Brewing system requiring Flowers, Tree Roots, Less Valuable Herbs, Tree Sap etc to repurpose old game components?

Mod Squid

I think it'd be really nice. If we do expand the teas to have more effects than just stat boost, then there's a lot more room for different ingredient types to do different things and have different combinations of stuff.

The trouble is, in its current form there are only so many effects we can give to things, so, we have a limited amount of ingredients we could use, otherwise we’re just doubling up. If we do expand that, then things could have more unique effects, like flowers and other stuff. Why not? That'd be really cool.

Question #23

Will Clothes Pouch work with all skilling outfits? Would love to be able to flex some FashionScape across Gielinor.

Question #24

Great work with Forestry! Not to put any more work on y'all, but can we also have a Tea Shop/Cafe to socialise, and possibly sell made teas?

Mod Squid

Oh my goodness, yeah! Can we have that? What if you could store brewed tea in your house, and then people can visit your house and drink the teas that you've made?

Mod Sarnie

What if we put a little bit in each of the pubs where you can make your own teas? Then the other people who want a nice hot beverage and then you can have a game of Runelink while you’re chilling away in the pubs.

I like that idea, but probably not anything we can scope right now! As much as we like the idea, I'm just gonna set the standards - probably won't be something that will come straight away, but maybe at some point.

Question #25

Is a Beaver Transmog in the works? Other skilling pets have options, I’d love to have that option here as well.

Mod Squid

It's written in the blog - you can use your Forestry currencies and some logs to buy a Funky-Shaped log, which you can feed to your Beaver. This will unlock Transmog options, and then you can feed it any type of main log and that will change its colour to match that log.

Mod Sarnie

You only have to purchase the item once to unlock the option, and then you can just change your beaver’s colour. Obviously, this is putting a little bit more work on the art team if this is something you guys want, but I'm sure they won't mind.

Mod Squid

It can be a later addition maybe if it doesn’t go in at launch.

Question #26

I think having most things untradeable would make Woodcutting feel more useful for account progression. What are your thoughts on this?

Mod Squid

Just to clarify, we have one-time permanent rewards which are untradeable; like the Log Basket, the outfits, and the two-handed axes - probably. Then there are the consumable event items and buff items, which are tradeable, and that's a key part of this because the intention is to have this little economy that goes around Forestry. There’s a little diagram on the blog post; you can buy crafting components for these things with your Forestry currency and some logs.

Either you or someone else - because you can sell those components - can combine them with other items from the rest of the game like metal bars, to create the actual item, and then that item can be sold, or you could just use it and put it in your Forestry Kit.

Having those tradeable is kind of a key part of that. There are still untradable rewards as I mentioned - the permanent ones which you can work towards. Hopefully, there's a balance between the two, but the tradeable ones are a key part of it, so I wouldn't be too quick to get rid of those. Obviously, feedback from the survey is what matters.

Question #27

Multiple people not making a tree despawn faster was a dream of my 12-year-old self! Will this be across other skills as well, like fishing, mining etc?

Mod Squid

It certainly could be. We're building the system in a way that makes it fairly easy to add other resources to this, so it certainly could be.

Mod Sarnie

Who knows? Obviously, that'll be something that we pitch to you guys beforehand. That’s not to say we are definitely doing any of this, so let's focus on what we’re getting for now. Maybe in the future, we can look at it.

Question #28

Forestry seems to want to push players into the forests of the Runescape game world again. However, as you still generally want to bank the logs, most people want to stick close to a bank. Can you elaborate on this?

Question #29

When do you think the Forestry update will be released?

Mod Squid

It depends on the phasing question in the survey. There’s a question in the survey that’s also mentioned at the end of the blog about whether we release a bit of this around May/June time, and then have the secondary update a bit later to bring in the rest of it, or whether we hold off for everything and just deliver it all later on.

If you have opinions on that, let us know. It will probably be core events like the Woodcutting changes to start with, and then maybe things like Tea Brewing and Campfires later to give time to flesh those out a bit more.

Mod Sarnie

The blog says May if we are going for the split approach - this will only be if we're going for the split approach - the first one will likely be delivered in May and then the second part will be later on; maybe two months between. Again, like Squid said, that's all dependent on how you guys answer the question. I will say it’s very split at the moment in terms of survey results, it’s very close.

Question #30

Will my Skilling Pure get ranged XP during any of the events in Forestry?

Mod Squid

For ranged specifically, there's only one ranged; the Pheasants, where you’re shooting pheasants with a slingshot. Yeah, that's an interesting question; I suppose you could just not get involved with it, which kind of sucks, but also you've kind of put that restriction on yourself. That’s something for us to think about.

Mod Sarnie

Maybe we'll have another question when we've confirmed all the events and we're gonna add them because again, Pheasants might be one that we end up re-tweaking, but that all depends on how the survey goes.

Question #31

Can we see a Dragon Axe sink from Forestry? Seems like a good opportunity to make DKS more worthwhile.

Mod Squid

The two-handed axes could be crafted by using two normal axes potentially, but that’s still a sink that will stagnate. It depends on how much of a sink you want to do there.

Question #32

Shooting Stars could use a group benefit as well. Is the team considering it?

Mod Squid

As far as I know, it hasn't been discussed, but it could be discussed. These group bonuses could be applied to other things.

Mod Sarnie

Maybe. We can add it to a Player Suggestion Sheet for you!

Question #33

Can you use the tools inside the Forestry Kit unlike the Tacklebox where you have to remove the items from it?

Mod Squid

They all work from the Forestry Kit. It's slightly different to the Tacklebox; all those consumable Forestry items are used directly from it. Originally, we weren't thinking of storing axes in it, but I suppose there's no reason why you couldn't carry your axes in it as well.

You would have to remove those - anything that you have to do Woodcutting with like those tools, you'd have to remove them if we allow those to be storable. The consumable items, however, you can just store them and not have to take them out. That would be super tedious and not fun at all.

Question #34

High-level players that can cut Redwoods can’t spawn the Woodcutting event. Might I suggest introducing another Redwood? Because they only exist in the Woodcutting Guild and no alternatives or does the Redwood that you can grow in the Farming Guild spawn events?

Mod Squid

Redwoods don't spawn events, because they're only in the Woodcutting Guild and Farming Guild. As for alternative Redwoods, they kind of work in a unique way compared to other trees; they've got multiple spots on the same tree that you can cut. I feel that leaving them as a super AFK Woodcutting is alright.

I don't know if they need to have more spots that do this. We want to encourage people to go where players are with this, not just where the best tree is, so I don't think we necessarily need to expand Redwoods for this.

Question #35

If we are wearing the Forestry Kit, what happens about the Woodcutting Cape boost of 10% extra chance for Bird Nests?

Mod Squid

Oh, that's a good question. We’ll think about that!

Mod Sarnie

Something to add to the list!

Question #36

Can we use Dharok's axe as a two-handed axe??

Mod Squid

As long as you constantly stay at one HP!

Mod Sarnie

100%! I'm so on board with that.

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