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Even More Poll 78 Changes

Written by developer on . Posted in OSRS News

This week, we're launching a number of Poll 78 changes!

Poll 78 Changes

  • Rings of Recoil have been added to the Magpie Implings’ loot table.
  • Players can now filter their Prayers in the same way as Magic spells.
  • Reduced the cost of the Abyssal Dagger’s special attack from 50% to 25%.
  • Removed restrictions on the use of the Special Attack Orb in the Wilderness, PvP Worlds, and PvP Minigames.

Other Changes
  • Tweaked the pathfinding of certain NPCs. As long as the door is open, talking to Herman Caranos or any Banker should now walk you to the front of their booth or table and not into a wall. If you find you’re still walking into walls, please let us know!
  • Fixed an issue with the Revenant Maledictus’ drop mechanics where players could not obtain loot if the top-damage player left the cave before the boss died.
  • Re-centred Inventory icons for the Ring of Pursuit, Ring of Returning, and Efaritay’s Aid.
  • Rotated a misaligned rug corner in Piscarilius.
  • Corrected dialogue which referred to Legends’ Quest by the wrong name.
  • The Thrall Duration Bar should now be adjusted in line with the player’s Combat Achievement rewards.
  • Expanded activity HiScores that previously had a minimum KC of 40; the new minimum is 35. Players within this range should find their scores are added gradually soon.
    • As a reminder, this is an ongoing update designed to reduce the load on our HiScore system – we’ll be lowering the KC minimum again soon!
  • A greater range of items, including upgrades, will now count for Master Clue steps and be accepted in S.T.A.S.H. Units:
    • Climbing Boots (g) can now be substituted for Climbing Boots in the Elite S.T.A.S.H. near the Shadow Dungeon entrance.
    • The Abyssal Tentacle and Abyssal Tentacle (or) can now be substituted for the Abyssal Whip in the S.T.A.S.H. near Draynor Bank.
    • Guardian Boots can be substituted for Bandos Boots in the S.T.A.S.H. near Zul-Andra.
    • Climbing Boots (g) can now be used to solve the Elite emote clue, ‘Cheer in the Shadow Dungeon’.
    • The Abyssal Tentacle and Abyssal Tentacle (or) will now be accepted in place of the Abyssal Whip in the relevant Master emote clue.
    • Guardian Boots can now be substituted for Bandos Boots in the relevant Master emote clue.
    • Primordial Boots will now be accepted in place of Dragon Boots in the relevant Elite emote clue.
    • Falo will now accept the Bow of Faerdhinen, the Bow of Faerdhinen (c) and all colour variations in place of the Crystal Bow.
    • Falo will also now accept all Ghommal’s Hilt variations of the Avernic Defender in place of the Avernic Defender, including Trouver versions.

Please note that although upgraded items are now storable in relevant S.T.A.S.H. Units, we’ve intentionally blocked Abyssal Tentacles, Guardian Boots, and Primordial Boots from the S.T.A.S.H. for Ultimate Iron Men. Don’t worry, though – we intend to poll this change specifically for Ultimate Iron Men at a later date.

Golden Gnomes

The 12th Annual Golden Gnomes are almost here!

You can vote for your favourite nominees on this page from now until midnight (GMT) on March 13th. The winners will be announced at our special ceremony on Twitch at 17:00 GMT, Friday March 24th!

Crack The Clue 3

Woox is back with another fine clue, and we've made it especially for you! This hint is for the clue obtained by Brugsen Bursen.

PvP Rota

The PvP rota has moved to Period A:

  • 539 - (US) - PvP World
  • 548 - (Germany) - High-Risk PvP World
  • 577 - (US) - Free-to-Play PvP World
  • 559 - (UK) - LMS Competitive

World 390 (AUS) for LMS Competitive has been activated with this rota.

The PvP Arena is using '1 Def Pure' loadouts in Ranked Duels and Tournaments this week.

You can discuss this update on our official forums, the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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The Old School Team.

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