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Community Showcase - March 2023

Written by developer on . Posted in OSRS News


Welcome to this month’s Community Showcase! If you missed last month’s edition, this is where you’ll find Players’ Perspective, the Creation Station, Community Achievements and all the other community-focussed bits that previously belonged in the Gazette.

If you want to see YOUR work in the Community Showcase, all you need do is submit your letters, artwork, achievements and answers to the Player Showcase Survey. Just click the button below to get started!

The Community Showcase lets us highlight our wonderful player community, even when we don’t have enough to say to fill a full Gielinor Gazette.

As always, let us know what you think of this new format, and we’ll continue to make improvements in line with your feedback!

Postbag From The Hedge

Hello all!

I’m off on my holidays this month, so the Postbag has been postponed! Don’t worry though, I’ll be back before you know it, and I’ll have loads of lovely letters to share.

Now, where’d I leave my sunscreen…?

See you again soon!

  • Postie Pete

Players Perspective...

What is your favourite memory from the last 10 years of Old School?

a foob

My favourite memory of OSRS was when it first came out, there was no Grand Exchange, and my best friends from 2005 and I ran Nature Runes the old-fashioned way. We also did Lost City to get Dragon Daggers and Dragon Longswords (some of the best weapons in the game without GE) and super poison to make DDSs. It truly felt ‘old school.’ It was amazing!


My favourite moment in the time I've played Old School was when I earned my first Bond to escape free-to-play. Ever since I was a child I always dreamt of the world beyond the Falador-Taverly wall, but I was too intimidated by online payments to ask my parents to cover membership. I came back to Runescape with mobile's release and saw that a Bond was the perfect opportunity to grant my childhood dreams. Now I’ve got a solid main with 2100+ lvl and a Quest Cape, and I can even comfortably fund a Group Iron character!


Leagues 1. I've always been interested in playing an area restricted account, and Zeah turned out to be the perfect place for one. The balance of monsters, training methods, locations, music etc. was perfect for a League.

Zeah was an area that gave just the right amount of content for an area restricted game mode.


I was a little noob safe spotting the blue dragon in the Heroes' Guild. It was the month of October and the Halloween event had just begun. I was minding my own business when a man dressed in a skeleton outfit approached me with a bloody knife. He closed the gate to the entrance of the dragon's prison and said "You are locked in this cage forever. You will die now". I replied "oh no" as I felt helpless and afraid. But the man unlocked the cage and instead of killing me, gave me 15K in gold. Nice.

Pastel Green

The day I got members and made it to Ardougne to see a maxed player with a Quest Cape. After asking what the cape was I told him excitedly that I was going to go do all the quests to get the cape.

The guy laughed and we became friends.

Six years later, I messaged him to show him my Quest Cape!

He was shocked!


My favourite moment from OSRS is doing Underground Pass with only 20-ish Agility, failing every time. I did push onwards, and completed it after about 10 hours in game.... still have thoughts about it while listening to a certain album which I listened to on repeat back then. Actually learned one of the songs on guitar last week, and about to do Underground Pass on the new Ironman!


One of my favourite memories in OSRS is from when I first started playing in free-to-play. I was mining coal in Lumbridge Swamp when another player started chatting with me. He was a player from back in the day and showed me the ropes. It was really nice to hang out with someone during those early Mining levels in between ore respawns. That was the first time that the community aspect of OSRS really clicked with me and made me a lot more excited to engage more with other players.

P addy

I was taking part in January's Bingo with the clan I'm in. (Shoutout OS Agile!) One of the main bingo tiles was one unique from each Wilderness boss. Obviously, I decided to give it a go as I was on a bit of a Wilderness binge at the time... next thing you know, wham. 360kc I get the Callisto Cub! The CC goes nuts and I manage to help push my team a little further in the bingo competition.

We didn't win. In fact, I think we came... last? Eh, still worth it though!


Seeing people die to the Dark Wizards south of Varrock hit me in the nostalgia.

Next month's question will be: Who is your favourite NPC and why? Make sure to submit your entries by clicking the survey below!


Creation Station

Click on each image to enlarge them.

Video Highlights

Zayzed has started a new series called Xtreme Collection Log Locked, which is exactly what it sounds like! There are only three episodes total and we hope for a new one very soon!

Inspired by Heboxjonge and JCW (we'll come back to them later), Gwem has been playing is speedrunning getting a Max Cape on an Iron, showcasing a need for speed! Take a look at the latest episode in the series!

Since 2021, WildMudkip and Spookdog have been taking on Group Ironman as a duo, if you want something to binge-watch, you've got 141 Episodes of GIM-Goodness!

Revenant Locked... need we say more! Tellacon has decided that locking their account to the Revenant Caves is a good idea... let's see if he's right!

Talk about my precious, KriibusRS is wanting to be lord of the rings with his Hardcore Ironman... will he survive long enough to collect them all?

Finally, not so much a series for the next one, but Doozay has created a small video essay on the importance of untradeables in Boss Drop Tables!

Community Achievements

We couldn't talk about Community Achievements without mentioning the insane race between JCW and Golden Gnome nominee Heboxjonge as they battled it to be the fastest at achieving a Max Cape in an Any% Speedrun! Both players have released the final parts of their series and it's been a close race! Check out both of the finales here:

A huge congratulations to Fyshies for finally maxing after playing for 10 years... here's to 10 more friend!

maybe jessi ended up finally defeating the almighty Zuk and bagging themselves an Inferno Cape... shame gambling it for a pet didn't pay off!

Finally, I Bite Cats went back to the Chambers of Xeric with two other Ironmen and was rewarded with an Ancestral Hat!


That's your lot! We'd love to hear your feedback on the newest edition and, as with everything else, if you’ve got any ideas about the sorts of things you’d like to see in upcoming editions of the Gielinor Gazette, then please do let us know via our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord. For reference on any of the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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The Old School Team.


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