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Q&A Summary 25/05/23

Written by developer on . Posted in OSRS News

This week's livestream focused on the return of Bounty Hunter! Topics included:

Thanks to Mod Ayiza (Lead Community Manager), Mod Goblin (Community Manager), Mod Daizong (Senior Systems Designer), Mod Kirby (Content Developer) and Mod Manked (Junior Content Developer) for their insights!

DISCLAIMER: Livestreams are a glimpse into the ongoing creative process at Jagex. JMods are speaking off-the-cuff and their comments are not intended to be read in the same way as prepared updates from the company. Please keep this in mind when discussing the Q&A!

Missed the live stream? Check out the transcript below!

Question #1

Is there a plan to release tradable/GP rewards for BH?

Question #2

Why is there no F2P Bounty Hunter world? The original craters were F2P, and in the spirit of unifying the PVP vision, I think it makes sense to include this group of players. The entrance fees are great.

Question #3

The minimum deposit fees are really low, new players don't tend to PK Unskulled. What are your thoughts on increasing these fees?

Mod Daizong

First, the minimum deposit fee is the same for both the Skulled and the Unskulled players. The difference between them is if a player dies in the crater, the Skulled player will lose 10k, but the Unskulled player will lose an amount of the points equal to their minimum deposit.

The other thing is, if we increase the minimum deposit, we might stop new players from joining. But we hear you, and we hear there's some concern about that. We're open to this issue and would like to hear if this becomes more of an issue for people, then it's something we are open to feedback about.

Question #4

Would you consider letting Unskulled targets be a 'free' skip, as in previous iterations of BH? If Unskulled costs are adjusted, we'll see more Unskullers, a lot of us players aren't super keen on fighting them.

Mod Manked

One point of feedback that has come through was players would like to be able to skip Unskulled players. So that might also fix this ‘minimum deposit fees being low’ issue. I think our first call of action will be to allow you to skip Unskulled players, and then if the small risk is still an issue, we can look at that again. But hopefully, that should fix that issue. So anyone that's new to PKing can still have a smaller risk than everyone that's been doing this for quite a few years.

Mod Ayiza

Just to reiterate, we're open to looking at changing the deposit fees and how much you lose when you're Skulled versus Unskulled. But the biggest change that is going to be coming next week is that Unskulled targets will be a free skip, so they won't count towards your penalty.

If you don't want to fight Unskulled people, you can skip them and don't have to worry about it counting to your 30-minute timer, which I think will be a welcome change for many!

Question #5

Bounty Hunter rewards seem a bit expensive for only being able to have 1 emblem at a time. Is there a plan to reduce these prices?

Mod Goblin

Short answer: Yes. We'll be reducing the price a little bit next week. We mentioned in the newspost that we just went out, but we haven't shared specifics. We might not go down as far as some people would like in week one. We'll just see how people feel about it. It’s kind of a tricky line to walk because we want it to feel like an impactful chase-goal for you to grind out and get. Once you have a piece, for example, Vesta's chainbody, you don't lose it, ever - it's a permanent unlock.

At the same time, we don't want it to be the case that people who are able to take a week off work and just play 16 hours a day, they're going to be kicking your teeth in with full Vesta's by this weekend, and you don't really stand much of a chance. So we're open to reducing them more. We want to make sure that we get the balance right, especially as people have more time to unlock them and see how they feel about having unlocked them.

As well as the Ancient Warrior stuff - we're looking to rejig the process for some of the blighted stuff and combat XP lamps as well. I think a lot of people felt like they were kind of underwhelming, and we've maybe been a bit too conservative on that front. But again, we’re open to making more changes.

Question #6

Would you be able to add an armour stand to the Bounty Hunter hub? It's inconvenient to have to leave BH to have Perdu repair your stuff and then come back to fight.

Mod Kirby

Hear me out: What if Perdu was also in the Bounty Hunter lobby? Coming to an update soon!

Mod Ayiza

Yeah, this is one of the big pieces of feedback for just as nice Quality of Life change. You don't have to do the walk of shame through Ferox Enclave back to the crater. Perdu will be added into the Bounty Hunter lobby area. Is that going to be next week, Kirby?

Mod Kirby

Probably - watch this space! I don't want to guarantee anything, but probably!

Mod Ayiza

Question #7

Can we get an AUS BH world?

Question #8

Could you consider a US East world for us players who can't play 'on-ping'?

Mod Ayiza

With next week's update, I believe we're going to be changing the second US West world that we added yesterday into a US East world - which will mean that with next week's update, we'll have two UK worlds, one US east, one US West, and then one Australian world for players to be using!

Question #9

There needs to be more of a penalty for rogues that double Voidwaker off spawn and run to safe and repeat. Becoming hard to be ready to triple eat when spawning into the crater. What do you think about this?

Mod Manked

Although if you're paying attention, it is relatively hard to die to rushers. However, we hear the outcry that it is annoying being rushed, and you're having to waste a lot of food and then go bank. The plan is to introduce a brief period where you can't be attacked when you first enter the crater. Just a few seconds so you can not be rushed instantly. That should make that more difficult, as you'll hopefully be paying attention!

Mod Goblin

I think the plan is to set that to 6 seconds, where a rogue can't attack you, but you could be attacked by your target (if they're omniscient and figure out the exact spawn that you're gonna roll in at, and then spam click on you, which seems pretty unlikely). If you attack somebody else within that immunity period, you will probably lose it.

Question #10

Why did you make the decision to allow no teleporting whatsoever? This changes the nature of the fight, making it more about longevity rather than KOing your opponent. That gives builds like voiders with dragon knives a massive advantage, since they can consistently deal out high DPS and quickly nuke anyone who attempts to run away because they ran out of food.

Mod Daizong

During the design phase of Bounty Hunter, we considered several options for the crater's rules. We had the community consultancy to understand what kind they prefer. So, what about prayer protection? What about teleports? What about entangle spells? The feedback we got at that time was that a lot of people preferred no teleport, no protection prayers, and no entangle spell, and so that's how we implemented it in Bounty Hunter.

However, we also had other options at the time, such as the no rule crater, which would allow the player to teleport or use the protection prayer. Now that Bounty Hunter has been released and we have more people to play it, we would like to see if many people would like a crater with different rules than the current one. So please let us know and we are open for new ones.

Mod Ayiza

To reiterate, we were originally looking at two craters - one with the rule set that there is now, one without using a rule set at all. We opted for one crater to bring more popularity, but if activity keeps up as it is and players really want it, we can consider adding separate craters with different rule sets, if that's something that you desire.

But the real reason for no teleporting whatsoever in this crater is because that's what most players said they wanted, and that's what we went with. So hopefully, it's not too much of an annoyance for those of you out there who don't like it. However, over time, we just get more used to it.

I have been enjoying watching people running away from fights and hoping to make it to the center and survive. I understand the feedback and why it can be a little bit annoying if you're running low on food, but it’s the nature of the game and the craters!

Question #11

Are there any plans to add a separate No Honour crater with overhead prayers and freezes enabled?

Mod Ayiza

There are no plans right now. But we are open to it if a large enough demand warrants us implementing it.

Mod Goblin

I have some concerns about the NH crater in terms of; are the people asking for it not concerned that you'll take more brids out of the Wild if you do that? There's already an activity issue, which is one of my worries with an NH crater because NH is a style where all bets are off, and you're trying to survive because you're in the Wilderness.

To me, Bounty Hunter is for getting more people into PvP. And then there are even more people for us to target when we make Wilderness updates, in the deep wild, especially north of around Mage Bank and stuff, where NH properly flourishes - as opposed to just tacking on to a system that is ultimately not designed to do that.

Mod Ayiza

I fully agree with you that Bounty Hunter is specifically there for people who want to try out this style of PvP that isn't necessarily as accessible when you're in the Wilderness, whereas the whole No Honour is really within the Wilderness itself. So it would just detract from the Wilderness even more than implementing something like Bounty Hunter in its current form could.

Question #12

Thoughts on allowing people to use the buffed D long, D bow etc. in PvP outside of Bounty Hunter?

Mod Kirby

Not explicitly against it, probably want polling, but I can't imagine it being too popular because these things can hit quite hard, and players like living usually! But if you don't mess around, you don't find out, as I'm paraphrasing somebody. So it might be worth a go.

Mod Ayiza

We are open to it, similar to if there is suddenly a huge demand that these rewards should be usable outside of the Wilderness and in the main game - I've seen a lot of comments, especially on the good ol' subreddit, where players have been saying that these weapons could do with a buff, generally speaking, why is it exclusive to just Bounty Hunter? The only thing stopping us from doing that (outside of the development time needed to make it happen) is: you, the players. If that's something that you want, we can look at polling it. That would obviously have to be polled. But there is potential for us to do that.

The main thing that we wanted to do, because we saw that feedback when we were looking at adding the rewards in the first place, was that we really wanted to make sure that Bounty Hunter was in a good place and that any rewards that we were going to add just didn't have any unnecessary risk associated to them, especially when it came to polling with the nature of PvP and such. So keeping them exclusive to Bounty Hunter means that those who play Bounty Hunter had more chance of having something they could use within the mini-game. But yeah, really, we can look at it, and it just depends on if you want it or not.

Question #13

Why is there hesitance in bringing BH certain buffs like the one to Abyssal Dagger outside of BH?

Question #14

What's the reason for not making Statius’s Warhammer usable everywhere including outside of Bounty Hunter and the Wilderness? It has a very niche use and will more than likely only be used by pures in Bounty Hunter. This could’ve been a nice upgrade to the Dragon Warhammer.

Mod Kirby

I don't want to be the guy who puts the strict upgrades to one of the more annoying grinds specifically for PvM behind a PvP mini-game, and it will just feel so weird in terms of progression. Yeah, you have your premier defence shredding item come from this one PvP minigame where it has its use, but it's not particularly amazing - however you need to play this minigame to get the item that lets you play the rest of the game, because you will need Statius’s Warhammer if it becomes a PvM weapon.

Mod Ayiza

There were comments about making it obtainable in other ways too, but why don't we just implement a different item that is purposely made for PvM and obtained from PvM? Rather than trying to bring something that is for PvP (it came as part of the Ancient Warrior’s equipment) and shoehorning that in. It feels way more natural. Plus, do we really need a Dragon Warhammer buff in PvM? No, I don't think so.

Question #15

Why do I get a 30 minute timer after skipping a looter and having 5 fights with someone and running out of time in the safe? Are there any plans to fix this?

Mod Manked

We discussed this earlier and we think that adding more time for you to bank after you've just had a fight with someone - currently I think it's 5 seconds, maybe making that 15 seconds - should give you enough time to fight the same opponent more if that's what you wish to do. Because we know there are some builds around the 90 combat build where there's a lot of voiders and they just try to outlast you, and they just make you eat a lot and then run away.

Hopefully, you'll be able to get a chance on them now, and then go bank, have more time to bank, fight them more often and have more chances to kill them. So you're not getting forcefully skipped, essentially. Then you can use your skips on looters or whoever you want.

Mod Ayiza

It might be worth adding here; we know that also, at the moment, players are hitting the skip limit without realising it. You get a warning to say that you'll be quite close. But it's the same warning regardless of whether it's like you are quite close, or if it's your last skip. One of the changes that we'll be making is that if you are getting to your last skip, it will now tell you that if you were to skip this target, you will encounter that 30 minute penalty. So that you'll at least have a heads up that if you are clicking the button and it is going to give you the countdown that you'll know to either avoid it, or accept the fact that you're going to have to take a shower in the next 30 minutes or maybe grab some food or something like that.

Question #16

In traditional PKing, XP has always been gained. Why does this act like LMS to where you can’t level up during combat?

Question #17

What happened to being able to watch other players PvP from the lobby? I see a ladder that goes to the 2nd floor, but it doesn't work.

Mod Daizong

We actually locked all the second floor area inside the crater intentionally because we don't want to have some hidden space where players can hide to avoid fighting their target. I think we had that kind of issue in the previous Bounty Hunter when it happened in the Wilderness.

Mod Goblin

On being able to watch other players from the lobby, it was something that I wrote into the blog as like flavour because the lobby was in the middle, so if you're at the bank, you can see some players. However, the distance from your character at which the game actually wants to render entities like players isn't that high. Hence you don't get to see very many. You get a couple of people jumping in and out at the very edge of your vision. Maybe we could do some kind of a scrying pool, similar to what the fight pits have. I don't know if it's super worth the dev time or easy to do, but that could be cool. Don't hold me to that.

Mod Ayiza

You know, if you are really keen to watch a lot of fights going on, you could just tune into a Twitch streamer who is showcasing some Bounty Hunter content! There's quite a few of them that go live. I know it's not the same, you don't get to be in-game, well, you can still be in-game; do your AFK things, give them some views at the same time, get them that ad revenue. You know how it is. Keep supporting the creators!

Question #18

Can you please make it possible for Irons to get emblem drops from targets? Back in BH v1 Irons could get emblem drops from targets, currently it's significantly harder to profit points on an Iron than a main because you have to buy the emblem every time you die. It would also be nice for Irons to get bonus points for killing targets with emblems, like mains do.

Mod Manked

Realistically, I think as an Ironman, you know what you're in for, and I think that's fine. You can boost very easily on an Ironman; you could get your friend to get a higher-tier emblem and then get that on your Ironman, and that feels wrong. So, I think the way the system is right now, although it is more difficult, you kind of did opt in for that. If you want those rewards, you just have to get really good at PKing and kill everyone, and then you won't have to buy emblems from the store.

Question #19

With no protection prayers, the introduction of Ancient Warrior's Weapons, and the convenient spec-restoring pool, do you feel that BH has become a rusher’s dream? Are there any plans to combat rushing further than the 30-second leave penalty?

Mod Ayiza

We kind of spoke on this earlier. I know that one was the 6-second immunity when you spawned into the crater. They can attack you during that immunity period unless your target is near you. You can also attack other players during that immunity period, but it will remove said period. Rogues won't be able to attack you for the first 6 seconds so that will help from some forms of rushing.

Mod Kirby

I will amend this slightly and say one of the points that we wanted to add to Bounty Hunter is that we wanted this to be fast where we're not forcing you to play these long drawn out Tribrid fights where everybody's stacked up on Sara brews and you just constantly top each other up. We want you to go out there and go kill people, and we're giving you the tools to do that. Please go out there and kill people!

Mod Goblin

I'll just say as well, you'll see in the blog; we want to add a spec delay as well so that you can't just spec and insta-leave. About 6 seconds, the same as what currently exists on PvP worlds, so you can’t just spec and dip.

Mod Ayiza

That's actually a good point, because we haven't mentioned that one yet. I've just brought up the blog and word for word, this is what it says within the blog that you put out Goblin: Players won't be able to leave the crater immediately after using a Special attack, and will be blocked from exiting for 6 seconds - similar to the delay present on PvP worlds.

That's in addition to the immunity you get when you're first born and if you are trying to spam spec people and go through the exit - you'll have to wait 6 seconds before you can do that as of next week’s update potentially.

Those are the two changes, we're looking to combat rushing. Otherwise, we definitely want that convenience and that spec restore pool was a really good addition - it has gone down well.

Question #20

Can we have ornament kits for the infernal and fire capes that evolve based on kill count, similar to the BH hat for veteran player retention please?

Mod Kirby

If we do a cosmetic for the infernal cape, everyone and their mother is going to need to play Bounty Hunter just to get the cosmetic for the best in slot. Maybe, but I'm not feeling this one honestly.

Mod Daizong

We don't have any plans for the New Ornament Kits currently for the short term.

Mod Goblin

I don't think so right now. Stuff like that is not super time-consuming, but I don't think with everything art in particular doing right now, especially with DT2, Forestry and Looming… I don't think that would likely be something we could ask for and get anytime soon.

Mod Ayiza

In the future, though, it could be nice to see some form of progression-based cosmetic that upgrades the more kills you have, like how the hats used to function in the past. I did like those and I know that other players did. But right now, the focus is entirely on what we have now, what's already passed in the polls, and just making sure that it's all good. There could be potential for it in the future. Maybe not, things like infernal fire capes, but we could have something similar to the functionality you're asking for, which will hopefully give that veteran player retention.

Question #21

Since there is a BH ornament kit for the Neitiznot Helmet, could we possibly see one for the Faceguard? Also, would the team be open to adding more ornament kits, or is the shop already overloaded with cosmetics?

Mod Ayiza

We covered ornament kits in the previous question, so instead we can spin it around as to ‘’Why did we choose the Neitiznot Helmet and not include the Faceguard at the same time?’’

I don't really think the Faceguard gets used all that much in PvP. That's probably the main reason why, right?

Mod Daizong

I think we got it from our survey last time, right? That's why we got it in the ornament kit.

Mod Ayiza

Yeah, it was! Very highly ranked.

Again, we could be open to it in the future. But right now, we're not looking at any additional cosmetics, the focus is on just making sure what we've got works well. Then we can look at it in the future.

Question #22

Is there any chance we will see corrupted versions of the weapons in the future? With or without special attacks?

Mod Kirby

I had a thought about this when we committed to putting them in. I just thought, what would we even do there? We could drop the requirements, but then players would just switch to whips, or something else with high attacks, that may not be the new weapons, but have that damage output that you actually want. If we dropped the tier of the weapon, we need to drop the stats considerably. Plus, if it's a weapon, that's probably the most important slot, you need to have something good there at all points. I just didn't see a useful way of making them actually worth the time.

Mod Manked

I think also, with things like Dragon Warhammer, back in the day all weapons required attack, typically. Whereas these days, you have different options. You can have one attack, but you can use a Dragon Warhammer at 60 strength. So that has changed up the meta quite a bit. So like Kirby was just saying, it's quite difficult to find a use for the new corrupted items. But it could be really good as well. I do love seeing new metas being created. So in the future, maybe we could look into how we could implement that.

Question #23

Are there any plans to expand the Bounty Hunter Castle to make it more spacious for players?

Mod Daizong

Not in the short term, I can say that. Also, if we are changing the size of it, it will affect the crater as well. If we make it bigger, the only thing would be to the second floor -I think we also discussed that in the previous question.

Mod Ayiza

Quite a big change if we were to do that. No such plans right now. Maybe, I don't know, real estate within the Wilderness - I know that it's quite available, but it comes at a high cost. So I shouldn't make lame comments on that.


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