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Game Jam III Overview - April 2023

Written by developer on . Posted in OSRS News

Because of the size of the Gazette, we thought it's about time Game Jam gets it's very own post!

Spring is here, and so too is the Old School Game Jam!

In case you don’t know, Game Jams are our new and improved ideation process, where J-Mods across the team join forces and create awesome content pitches! You’ll see everything we’ve come up with this time in an upcoming livestream, but while you wait, here’s a sneaky peek at a few of our projects.

Before we kick off, however, please remember:


None of this content is confirmed for the game, and no team has been given time to refine these projects just yet. If you like the look of them, please do let us know, but don’t expect them to come to the game any time soon, if at all!

As for the previous Game Jam projects, rest assured that we haven’t forgotten about them – and some of them have even made it into the game already! The others are still being reviewed, and we do take your feedback about them into account.

We'll also be looking to host a Game Jam themed Livestream on Monday, June 5th between 4pm - 6pm BST over on our Twitch Channel, so make sure to mark your calendars for that during what will be a stream-packed week!

We'd like to reminder you that we want to hear directly from you about each of the Game Jam projects, so like the previous interations, we've put together a handy survey for you to give us your feedback per project. So take a gander and then click the link to fill out the survey!

For those of you looking for this Month's Gazette, then you can click the link below!


Wind-Inspired Boss
Plenty of PoGs
Wilderness Rejuvenation Project
The Rat King
New Wildlife
Hunter Guild and Great Hunts
Mastery Cape
Age Account Rewards!
Graceful Skilling Outfits

Wind-Inspired Boss (PvM/Skilling Encounter)

by Mods Elena, Gecko & Jerv

Have you ever started playing Old School RuneScape with a friend, only to find that you have to grind out hundreds of hours before you can join them on their adventures? Have you ever fancied doing a bit of combat with your PvM friends, only to be discouraged by the high combat levels you’d have to gain?

The Winds of the Mountain is a mid-to-low level hybrid Skilling and Combat group PvM encounter that aims to solve that problem by introducing a PvM encounter that’s open to all. Travel to the top of a mountain, where you’ll take on the deities of the four cardinal winds.

You’ll need to carefully manage your resources and the playable space as you vie to survive the storm and put the deities to rest.

Hoist the wind sausage – or is that a windsock? – to agitate the winds. Each one comes with a different theme, and they all synergise and overlap with one another. Scary stuff! You can either avoid and manage the potential damage and utilise the in-arena resources to damage the deity or hit them with melee and tank the damage as best you can.

Here’s what you can expect from each deity:

East, the wind of rain. Manage the electrified puddles with some spongeshrooms and avoid the rain clouds and water blasts!

South, the wind of fire. Manage the wildfire with your hydrated spongeshrooms and gather heated rocks. Avoid the heatwaves and firestrikes!

North, the wind of ice. Manage the icicles with your heated rocks and gather the ice shards from the ice sculptures. Avoid the hail and frostbite!

West, the wind of silence. Take this brief moment of quiet to reorganise yourself – after all, a big storm is brewing…

Lastly comes the Storm, the winds of chaos. All four deities are now awake, and you have to manage the space with whatever resources you have left and finish off the statues using melee combat or your dwindling resources. Be careful, though, or you’ll be thrown off the mountain!

While we still have a few gaps to fill in this project, we believe it has potential to be a new, unique encounter that brings combat and skilling-oriented players together.

In terms of rewards, we were thinking of offering Farming and Combat themed goodies, such as the Gloves of Fertility (which come with a chance to get seeds back when planting), the Totem of the Winds (which has the chance to spread extra seeds around your Farming patch), 2-handed Fanblades (a mid-level melee weapon with a windblast special attack) and the Tome of Air!

Plenty of PoGs

by Mods Ed & Lenny (feat. Mods Errol, Kieren, Ry & West)

Next up, a Plethora of Goodies from a dynamic duo that took on not one, not two, but FOUR projects!

The Path of Glouphrie

You may already be aware that the 2007 game backup used to create Old School RuneScape also came packaged with a few unreleased updates. These updates all launched shortly after the backup was made, so they’re mostly complete. Over the years, we’ve extracted most of them and added them to Old School, but there’s one we haven’t yet touched: The Path of Glouphrie.

The Path of Glouphrie is the next quest in the gnome storyline, and sees you set out on a journey to find the hidden city of Arposandra. As with Land of the Goblins, released last year, we’ve extracted this quest from the backup and given it a nice polish to bring it up to our modern standards. Most notably, we’ve reworked the Slayer creatures unlocked at the end of the quest to make them a bit more… good.

Playlists of Gold (Music System Improvements)

The tech that powers Old School is, unsurprisingly, a little bit Old School. That’s a good thing in many ways, as it ensures the game stays true to its nostalgic roots – but the downside is that some of the background systems are really outdated. The Music System, for example…

For this Game Jam, we made a selection of improvements to the music backend to make it easier to add more Rune Tunes, while making it more efficient for the game servers to run.

Most of this work was on the backend, so there’s nothing too exciting we can show you. However, we did find time to add a small new feature that has been regularly requested: Random Music Mode. It’s quite simple. Every time a track ends, a new one is picked at random. Any track you’ve unlocked can be chosen, so it offers plenty of variety. Maybe you’ll even find tracks you’ve never heard before!

Plenty of Gestures (Emote System Improvements)

What’s an MMO without the ability to express yourself? And what better way to express yourself than with emotes?

Yes, we’ve also made a bunch of improvements to the backend of the emotes system, while – you guessed it! – adding a couple of new features!

First up, players can now trigger emotes using chat commands. Instead of having to navigate the emotes menu, you can simply type ::dance or !dance into the Chat Box, and you’ll be boogieing with the best of ‘em.

Plus, you can now dance the night away with looping emotes. These emotes work the same way as they always have, but now, upon reaching the end of their animation cycle, they’ll start playing again from the top. Groovy!

Pubs of Gielinor

Dotted all throughout the fantasy world of Gielinor, pubs offer a relaxed environment to relax in between adventures, filled with friendly faces and interesting rumours. Except they don’t.

In reality, most pubs in the game lack both immersion and utility. In this project, we set out to fix that by adding a selection of new features to pubs all across the land.

Firstly, we’ve moved pubs over to the standard shop interface and added a selection of additional food and drink to the menus. It’s now easier than ever to purchase your drink of choice!

We’ve also added a rumour system to bartenders, which lets them recommend a quest to you based on the area you’re in.

Next, we ported over an update from 2009 which gives pubs their own unique music tracks. Time to try out those new looping dances, eh?

Alongside all the above, we’ve also added a couple of new features to help you feel energised before you carry on with your adventures. Firstly, the passive energy restore rate is increased while in a pub. Secondly, you can now speak to certain bartenders to rent a room (in pubs that have them) providing an instant full restore for both energy and health!

Wilderness Rejuvenation Project

by Mods Goblin & Manked

The Undefeated All Star champ and… the other one have been working on something a bit different to Mod Soffan’s previous vision for the next Wilderness Expansion. Although we think that project has a ton of great ideas, we think it’s high time that the current Wilderness content got a little bit of love!

Click on the image for the FULL IMAGE

We could spend hours and hours (and we definitely don't have the word count for that) talking about each individual improvement we'd like to make, but to save you some time and reading, we are going to give you an overview of each of the pillars we've explored:

Wilderness Clues

Wilderness Clues are what every Clue Hunter dreads – the chance to lose all your progress so far, just so some PKer can walk off with your favourite shovel. For some of you, this contributes to the Wilderness’ unfairly bad rep, and we want to do something about it by switching up some of the Wilderness Clue Scroll locations and introducing new Clues especially for those willing to risk it all.

There are currently around 50 Clue steps based in the Wilderness from Hard, Master, and Elite Clue Scrolls. A lot of the time, just being in the Wilderness doesn’t actually add any difficulty, so we saw no harm in relocating them with the same item requirements or approximate difficulty. If we implemented this change, hidey holes would also need moving to more relevant areas.

To compensate for this change, we’d also like to introduce Wilderness-only Clue Scrolls, intended for those who don’t mind a little bit of murder with their mysteries. If implemented, these would contain steps that vary in difficulty from simple 'dig here' steps to emote clues (requiring items you could obtain entirely within the Wilderness, in case you'd like to sustain your account entirely within this barren wasteland) all the way up to killing the various bosses dotted throughout the area.

Of course, we’d reward your risk with some fantastic loot for completing Wilderness Clues. Blighted supplies, Super Restores, and even Ornate Maul Handles are up for grabs, alongside a few other Wilderness-themed goodies which we won't be detailing just yet!

Wilderness Slayer

As time has passed and we’ve introduced more and more lucrative ways to benefit from Slayer tasks, many players are left wondering why they’d bother to do Wilderness Slayer at all. To rejuvenate this overlooked part of the skill, we’ve updated various monsters assigned by Krystilia to be more lucrative, more accessible, and riskier.

We also want to make some more general changes, including:

  • Increasing the drop rate of Larran Keys.
  • Normalising respawn timers across the Wilderness to 9 seconds (the same as in the Wilderness Slayer Cave) to make monsters outside the Slayer Cave worth tracking down.
  • Supply Drops to allow players to stay in the Wilderness for longer if they wish.
  • Adding ‘Blighted Fragments’ as a drop from Wilderness Slayer monsters. Fragments can be combined into Wilderness-only Clue Scrolls.

Lastly, we’d like to encourage participation in Wilderness Slayer. One way we could achieve this is by separating the task lists completely – but that’s a big development cost. Our other option is to individually rebalance the current tasks. Let us know what you think!

Wilderness Agility Course Rework

The Wilderness Agility Course was only the third Agility Course added to the game, back in 2003. For years following its release it was enjoyed as a low-intensity, high-XP training method. However, the addition of Rooftop Courses has significantly devalued this content, and while we don’t want to upset the delicate Agility meta, we think it could use a little love to get players back into the Wilderness!

We plan to preserve the existing XP rates while making the Wilderness Agility Course a viable option for players who are willing to take on a little risk. We’d do this by reducing fail rates, adding an incentive for players who stay on the course for longer, and adding an intuitive way for players to profit from their participation.

The more technically challenging option involves players purchasing a Key to the course for 50,000 or 100,000 GP. At the end of each lap, random loot is added to a chest at the end of the course. The more laps players complete, the more gold they’ll earn – however, to spice things up, players won’t know how much is in their loot chest until they open it. This would prevent players feeling as though they have to leave because they’ve just found out they have a valuable drop. Ideally, loot would be ‘stored’ on the players’ key – so if they do get ganked by a lucky PKer, their killer will get the goods.

The cheaper and easier option is to implement a system like the Brimhaven Agility Dungeon, where touching a pillar will get the player rewards. These rewards could include Blighted items and a few high-value Alchables. Players could stack up their rewards until they’re happy and then leave, securing their loot. To make things interesting, we’d probably make the skeletons in the area a bit more aggressive to prevent super-safe logout.

Trouver System Rework

While the overall goal of the Trouver System is valued by players, its current implementation can feel clunky, over expensive, and unintuitive. We would fix the system by replacing Trouver Parchments with a ‘Mangled’ condition which would require Perdu’s help to fix. This would cost 10x the repair fee for the ‘Broken’ item. So, if a Broken Fire Cape costs 50,000 GP to repair, a Mangled one would cost 500,000 GP.

Killing a player beyond level 20 Wilderness would award you the GP for their total Mangled repair costs. Below level 20 Wilderness, the reward would be the total Broken repair costs.

This system would be more intuitive, making it less likely for players to lose their favourite items because they forgot a key step in the process. It also prevents new players from being put off PvP, as their untradeable gear will always be recoverable.

Wilderness Resource Area Overhaul

This enclosure is set deep in the Wilderness, filled with skilling nodes that players can utilise for a small fee. The big draw of the Resource Area is an NPC, Piles, who’ll note your items, allowing players to stay for much longer than they would on a gathering trip elsewhere in Gielinor. Unfortunately, advancements elsewhere in the game mean that this area has little use now apart from catching Dark Crabs.

We’d like to make the Resource Area a more attractive option by making small changes to the different skilling nodes.


  • Add a +7 (or more) invisible stat boost throughout the area.
  • Replace rocks with ‘rich veins’ that never deplete, allowing players to mine comfortably without waiting around for rocks to respawn.
  • Add runite golems which, when killed, focus as Runite veins for extra resource drops.


  • Buff the furnace to have special effects, such as:
    • Allowing players to smelt without Coal.
    • Allowing players to smelt all ores at once, like Blast Furnace.
    • A chance to drop extra bars.
  • Buff the furnace to have special effects, such as:
    • Allowing players to make their entire Inventory of bars at once.
    • A Smithing speed boost.
    • A chance to save bars when Smithing an item.


  • Add a +7 (or more) invisible stat boost throughout the area.
  • Create enriched trees which will provide either double logs or the chance for double logs, and have a reduced chance to despawn.


  • Add a ‘Fletcher’s Table’ used by Mandrith to make his weaponry and ammunition.
    • Lets players Fletch any logs they obtain, with a chance to get multiple items from each log.
  • Let Piles buy unnoted, unstrung bows for just under Alch price, saving players time at the cost of profit.


  • Add a +7 (or more) invisible stat boost throughout the area.
  • Add ‘enriched’ Fishing spots with an increased chance for double Dark Crab catches and reduced Bait cost.


  • Add an eternal fire which provides a drastically decreased burn rate and the chance to cook two Dark Crabs at once.

Wilderness Bosses

While we don’t want to make anywhere near the extensive changes seen in the Wilderness Boss Rework, we do want to make a few small changes to various Wilderness bosses to make them more appealing.

This would include some QoL changes to the three regular Wilderness bosses, as well as some loot table changes to the Chaos Elemental and Scorpia.

Rogues’ Castle

Rogues’ Castle is great, but as a Slayer task, it’s lacking something… value.

To kick things off, we’d like to make rogues worth killing by adjusting their loot table and creating more spawns outside the building, making them susceptible to Ice Barrage.

We’d also like to add a new Thieving method to the Rogues’ Castle in the form of a glowing chest which moves from the inside to the outside of the building. Players would need 70 Thieving to open the chest, and would be rewarded with noted loot and a chunky XP drop. Of course, they’d still need to contend with the Rogues, who immediately attack once the chest is opened.

Now, to spice things up, we’d also introduce a golden chest, which when opened attracts a superior rogue. This nasty character would use a variety of attack styles, and keep players on their toes by switching rapidly between them. We want this encounter to feel like an attack from a PKer – a great way to get some PvP practice in with a little less risk!

Successfully defeating the superior rogue would leave players with some truly epic loot, an enormous XP drop, and a supply package filled with everything players need to get back on their feet.

Player QoL Suggestions

Lastly, we considered a selection of player suggestions we’ve heard over the years. We won’t cover all of them now, but rest assured, we’ve heard your feedback and we’re confident that we can implement it. More details soon!

The Rat King (Free-to-play mechanics-based boss)

by Mods Grub, Halo, Hend, Sarnie, Skane and Tide

One of the biggest gaps we’ve seen when it comes to a player’s progression is learning boss mechanics! The standard click-and-kill gameplay persists through almost the whole of the early game, and then all of a sudden players are faced with mechanics-heavy fights like the Fight Caves or bosses in Dragon Slayer II and Song of the Elves. Where are they supposed to get to grips with these complex mechanics before they encounter them?

Our goal this Game Jam was to solve that problem by creating an early-game boss that teaches essential mechanics like movement, gear switching, and Prayer switching. Introducing: The Rat King!

The Rat King Concept, based on a real Rat King - by Mod Skane

This monstrous creature is actually three beasts in one – a mage rat, a melee rat, and a ranged rat, all tied together by their tails. Creepy!

In the course of a new quest that we’d release with this update, players will fight the Rat King for the first time and receive a unique Rat-Tail Whip, a Chipped Shard, and a Ratty Bone.

The arena, shaped conveniently like a Rat!

The Rat-Tail Whip is a new weapon. The Ratty Bone can be sacrificed to the new ‘Totem du Rat’ in the Varrock Sewers, and the Chipped Shard can be used on the Totem to fight the Rat King again, this time with more mechanics and more potential rewards.

There are three presets you can use in the fight:

  • ‘Easy’ will teach players movement mechanics.
  • ‘Medium’ will teach players gear switching and movement mechanics.
  • ‘Hard’ will teach players Prayer switching, as well as gear switching and movement mechanics.

You can also select Totem Traits, which work similarly to the Invocation system found in Tombs of Amascut. The more traits you add, the better your rewards!

A major difference is that some traits also make things easier, letting players get to grips with timing for ticks and get used to Prayer switching without draining Prayer Points. Of course, these beneficial traits will lower the chance for good loot.

This is the unrigged versions of the Rat Boss, Rat Boss, Rat Boss!

One of the most important parts of our design is that this boss will clearly show when something is about to happen or is currently happening.

When the boss is using a special attack, for example, it’ll raise its tail above its head to clearly indicate that something big is about to happen. When it’s time to switch gear, there will be visual and audio clues. You’ll also be able to tell which combat style you’re facing by which rat is facing you, and attacks are colour coded for ease of identification. We’ll also use chat messages to tell the player what’s going on.

As for the rewards, we want to introduce the first free-to-play Poison weapon into the game as an untradeable upgrade to the Rat-Tail Whip. Additional drops of the Ratty Bone will give players some juicy Prayer XP, and of course, we’ll add plenty of other rat-themed goodies. We’d also like this boss to be a source of Anti-Poison, dropping both the potion itself and the ingredients.

We think the Rat King will be a boss everyone can benefit from, especially new players looking to get familiar with more complex combat mechanics.


by Mod Maylea

Team Bee has been a hive of activity since the last Game Jam! As a reminder, these sweet bumbly creatures will let farmers make Honey from grown flower patches, in about the same time it takes to grow any nearby vegetables. This makes flower and bee Farming a good companion to other allotment activities, and as an extra bonus, it comes with a generous XP drop.

You’ll be able to make seven different kinds of Honey, which you’ll collect using the new Bottomless Honey Bucket, available as a drop from the Hespori. You’ll get more Honey from higher tiers of hives, which you can build using your Construction skill.

Each honey has different effects – and they should go nicely with a cup of tea!

Now, the bees can be a little bit aggressive if you don’t pacify them before you harvest their hard-earned Honey – so you’ll want to bring along Insect Repellent or a full Beekeeper Outfit.

Beehives also have a rare chance to swarm! This will mean your Honey production takes longer, but lets you collect the swarm for yourself – relocate it to a new hive or sell it on to another amateur apiarist.

While out and about, you’ll be able to check the status of your hives using the Geomancy spell.

Buzzing to keep some bees? Should this content make it into the game, the little ladies themselves would be available from the beekeeper or as a drop from a particular Forestry event. Since the previous Game Jam, we've managed to make a working prototype!

New Wildlife

by Mods Hend and Skylark

Animals are a small but important part of Old School RuneScape. They bring life to different parts of the world and add to the story of the area you’re visiting. They can be hunted, sheared, fed, or simply admired from afar.

Right now we have all kinds of animals in the game – but what if we had more? As we look at adding new areas to the game, we’re thinking about what kind of critters you might find there.

Above, you can see models for capybaras, jerboas, fennec foxes, green lizards, salamanders, a variety of toucans, jaguars, and alpacas. These animals live in a variety of different biomes, so could be worked into any geographical location that requires a few new faces.

Which one is your favourite, and which animals would you most like to see in-game? Let us know!

Hunter Guild and Great Hunts

by Mod Other (feat. Mod Maylea)

For our Game Jam project, we followed up on something Mod Maylea explored during a previous ideation session – the Hunter Guild.

We’ve been thinking about expanding on Hunter for a while, and the addition of a Guild could introduce new training methods that expand on what Hunter could and should be.

This includes Catch Nets, which work like Drift Nets for salamanders and other reptiles.

We’d also like to introduce moths, which would add more level-diverse butterfly catching opportunities, and a new skilling boss that would see you nursing a large, wounded creature back to health. Of course, you’ll have to prove yourself to the Guild, first!

We also looked at ways to get players back into the skill, instead of doing Birdhouses all the way to level 80 – and that’s where Great Hunts come in. These are a new kind of content where you’re assigned a big, scary creature to track down, with the ultimate goal of capturing it and learning more about it.

By interacting with plants, Fishing spots, and prey animals in the area, you’ll learn what bait your target prefers and which traps might work best to capture it. Once you feel ready, you’ll engage the creature, reducing its stamina and resistance stats to 0 so that you can capture it safely. Using the correct baits and traps will be more effective, so it’s worth taking the time to strategize before jumping in.

You’ll also be able to craft upgraded baits that have different effects:

  • Sleepy bait, which reduces the target’s stamina and resistance.
  • Hunger bait, which reduces the cooldown between the target’s next bite of bait.
  • Chunky bait, which the target can eat multiple times – saving on Inventory space!
  • Become an especially great hunter, and you might even be able to take on an Elite Contract – the Hunter equivalent of Superior Slayer Creatures!

If this all sounds exciting to you, please do leave us feedback through all the regular channels!

Mastery Cape

by Mods Bruno, Curse, Husky and Ry

The Completionist Cape is an item that players can obtain once they have completed a set number of requirements and additional tasks, which show that the player has completed the majority of the content in the game and is a true RuneScape master!

This Game Jam we tackled some of the community’s previous concerns about the design by introducing a new point system, similar to the one we’ve implemented for the Combat Achievements. If you hit the threshold number of points required, as well as meeting all base requirements, then you’ll be eligible to claim the Old School equivelent... Mastery Cape!

This new system means that you can continue to complete tasks and gain points above the threshold requirement, so that if new content comes out which then increases the threshold, you’ll be able to hold on to your hard-earned Cape.

Another benefit is that you’re able to make up the points required from the tasks you actually want to complete. Whether you’re really into combat or a Clue Scroll pro, you’ll be able to take home a Mastery Cape of your very own.

The base requirements for a Mastery Cape would be:

  • Max total level
  • All Quests complete
  • All Achievement Diaries complete
  • All music tracks unlocked. excluding holiday tracks
  • Elite Combat Achievements tier complete
  • 50% of max Completionist points

We’d also like to pitch a Trimmed Mastery Cape, which requires everything listed above plus 85% of max Mastery points. Please note that we’re open to feedback regarding these requirements!

We’ve also created a Mastery interface where players can see their current progress and the requirements to obtain the Cape.

To avoid making the Mastery Cape a best-in-slot item locked behind thousands of in-game hours, we’ve decided that it will be equal to the Max Cape in terms of stats and features. As a compromise, we’ll allow the Mastery Cape to be combined with other best-in-slot capes, so you can flex your Old School prowess while keeping all the practicality of the Infernal Cape or Ava’s Assembler.

We look forward to talking more about this project soon, but in the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback about it!

Age Account Rewards

by Mod Halo

Are you super old? Is your account super old? Don’t you think it’s time you flexed that achievement for all to see?

Well, you’re in luck, because Hans in Lumbridge has a new set of cool cosmetics for proper RuneScape veterans!

These rewards would be based on the age of your RuneScape account – which might even be older than Old School! Would you prefer a 10-year system based only on the amount of time you’ve spent in Old School RuneScape? Let us know!

For now though, here are the reward milestones we’re considering:

  • 5 Years
  • 10 Years
  • 15 Years
  • 20 Years... and beyond!

Here you can see a hypothetical Old School elder claiming their (placeholder!) rewards from Hans. Pretty cool, huh?

Graceful Skilling Outfits

by Mods Hend, Jerv and Skylark

Tired of seeing players running around in the same old Graceful outfit, with no idea what they’re up to? We have the solution: Graceful Skilling Outfits!

While this is no solution to the overall problem of Graceful and the run energy system, it will give Gielinorians a bit more sartorial variety. After all the positive feedback we received about the Graceful Adventurer Speedrunning Outfit, we thought it was worth a shot!

Concept Art of Graceful Runecrafter, Farmer and Smith by Mod Jerv

Since Mod Jerv posted the concept art, there’s been a lot of discussions about the logistics of implementing these outfits. The team behind Graceful Skilling Outfits are all artists, so we’re not settling on anything until we have a developer on board!

That said, we imagine the sets would be combined to gain the boosts of both Graceful and the original skilling outfits – but we’re not sure we want to lock them behind a grind. On the one hand, a tough grind would keep these outfits exclusive to only the most dedicated skillers. On the other, if nobody’s able to wear the outfits in the first place, everyone will just wear Graceful instead.

We’re interested in hearing your thoughts on this topic! Let us know what you think through the usual channels.

With the Game Jam wrapped up, we'd like to remind you to get stuck into the survey and leave us your feedback!

You can also discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

Mods Arcane, Archie, Argo, Ash, Ayiza, Boko, Bruno, Chilly, Crystal, Curse, Daizong, Dylan, Ed, Elena, Errol, Fed, Gecko, Gizmo, Goblin, Grub, Halo, Hend, Hornet, Husky, Jalo, Jerv, Keyser, Kieren, Kirby, Kurotou, Lenny, Light, Mack, Manked, Markos, Maylea, Meat, Moogle, Morty, Nin, Nylu, Other, Pumpkin, Redfield, Regent, Roq, Ry, Sarnie, Shroom, Sigma, Skylark, Sova, Squid, Starry, Stevew, Surma, Sween, Tide, Titus, Torrance, Tyran, Veda, Vegard, West & Wolfy

The Old School Team.

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