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Interface Improvement & More

Written by Rider on . Posted in OSRS News

This week we've got some improvements to the jewellery box, chaotic death spawns and, on the way this Saturday, Deadman unlocks!

Jewellery Box Improvements

The player-owned house jewellery interface has been given a once-over and is now much more pleasing to the eye.


Chaotic Death Spawn Tweak

The chaotic death spawn of the Nechryarch are now easy to tell apart. You can now tell which attack style each death spawn is using with ease.

Karamja Diary Master

Rather than having different masters for each tier of Karamja diary, Pirate Jackie the Fruit is now the diary master for all of tiers. She can be found at the entrance of the Brimhaven Agility arena.

Pirate Jackie the Fruit also no longer needs you to be carrying your Karamja gloves to progress through the diary, as previous Karamja masters did.

The teleports to the previous Karamja diary masters remain on the Achievement Cape.

Cabbage Cape

The Cabbage Skillcape, added to Old School with the 2016 April Fools event, can now be purchased from Diango for 150 coins.


Deadman Protection, Unlocks & Worlds


Deadman Protection

Players logging into the Deadman season for the first time after 23:59 UTC on March 31st will have 6 hour protect enabled. You will:

  • Not be able to participate in PvP for the duration of this. Talk to Doomsayer if you wish to end your protection early.
  • No one will be able to attack you.
  • Gain experience at 2x the usual Deadman rate.

Beware: if you choose to participate in PvP during this 6-hour period, your protection will be removed.

Deadman Unlocks

In addition to the 6-hour protection coming into play:

  • All quests for all players will be completed.
  • All music tracks for all players will be unlocked.
  • Barrows will be unlocked.
  • Ancients will become accessible.

Deadman Worlds

The additional worlds which were in place to handle heavy load with the release of the new Deadman Season have now been removed:

  • 400
  • 401
  • 410
  • 411


In other news

  • The Falador teleport tablet has had its letter 'F' slightly repositioned.
  • Players whose Friends/Ignore lists cannot use the new sorting options will now have clearer indications as to why.
  • The delay when checking the health of a bush patch has been removed to match fruit trees and trees.
  • When you find a gout tuber, it's now locked to you for longer to discourage theft.
  • The Western Hard diary task to “Kill Zulrah” has been updated for Seasonal Deadman Mode as Zulrah is locked off. Players are now required to attempt to board the boat to complete the task.
  • Seed drops and potion drops within the Chambers of Xeric will now be shown on the floor for 30 minutes.

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