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Third-Party Clients

Written by Rider on . Posted in OSRS News

We want to make all Old School RuneScape players aware of the risks regarding the use of unauthorised third party clients.

Unauthorised third party clients which process graphics differently to the official client, in particular - HD specific clients, have an issue where they are indistinguishable from bot client. Using one will most likely result in your account being banned for botting.

In order to resolve this we would need to open more information to the unauthorised third party client to use, but this would also mean it would become easier to bot, so that is not an option.

Now we have said this we will receive a huge amount of appeals from players claiming they were banned for using a client which processed graphics differently to the official client when, in fact, they botted. For this reason, we will not consider appeals for players banned due to using unauthorised clients which process graphics differently to the official client.

More importantly, because these clients are unauthorised, we do not have any control or knowledge of the information that you enter into them. We would encourage you to think carefully about the value of your personal information and account information before you hand it over to those in the shadows making unauthorised third party clients.

At Jagex the safety and security of our players is of paramount importance to us and in light of that, until further notice, we urge you not to use unauthorised third party clients.

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