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High Stakes Last Man Standing

Written by mark4785 on . Posted in OSRS News

High Stakes Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing

It's time to up the ante. High Stakes Last Man Standing is back!

The first high stakes Last Man Standing weekend was a roaring success. It's time to raise the stakes again and compete for a chance at fame and fortune. Costing 1 million gp per entry, high stakes LMS embodies risk and reward gameplay, offering a first place prize of 15 Million gp!

The prizing works out at ten times that of usual Last Man Standing, so in addition to the first place prize of 15m, 2nd place gets 5m, and 3rd-5th gain free entry to another High Stakes game.

However, there's not just fame and fortune to be won. There's also some new ways of wreaking havoc in the battle for survival. We've added in the Dragon Warhammer and Dragon Claws to the chests' loot. Claws may only be looted with Bloodier Keys however, so you'll have to get slaying for a chance to wield this legendary weapon.

To take part in High Stakes Last Man Standing, talk to Lisa, found just east of the Clan Wars bank.