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Leagues II - Trailblazer Launch

Written by Markskoi on . Posted in OSRS News

We hope you’ve packed your bags and laced up your hiking boots, because Leagues II – Trailblazer is here! You’ll be able to join in the fun from now until January 6th.


To begin your Trailblazer adventure, simply log into any of the worlds marked in green on the World Selector page (Worlds 401 through to 412, and Leagues Veteran Worlds 441 and 461).


Just in case you’ve been region-locked to ‘under a rock’ these past few weeks, let’s go over the basics one more time.


In Leagues II – Trailblazer, you’ll start as a fresh new Iron account, locked to Misthalin – That’s all the way from Lumbridge to Varrock, including Zanaris and the Rune Essence mines, for the uninitiated.


You’ll complete a short tutorial in which you’ll customise your character, get familiar with some new interfaces, and unlock Karamja. Then you’ll be unleashed upon the Lumbridgian countryside, where you’ll level your skills, polish off some quests and complete tasks that will let you unlock up to three new areas of your choice. From there, the world’s your oyster!


Completing tasks will also net you League Points, which you can use to acquire Relics, powerful buffs that’ll enhance your chosen playstyle.


Spoilt for choice? Don’t forget, there are some incredible community-created resources at hand to help you plan your journey!




To kick things off, Old School megastars J1mmy and 9Rain are here to take you on a journey through Trailblazer in Jagex's very first music video:

Revenant Cave Player Feedback Changes


Following our blog about the changes we’re making to the Revenant Caves, we’ve heard some excellent feedback from all corners of the community. This week, we’ve implemented a few changes based on your suggestions:


Firstly, hellhounds in the Wilderness Slayer Cave now have higher respawn rates and roam in a slightly wider area. Nice doggies!


You now have the chance to receive Viggora’s Chainmace, Thammaron’s Sceptre and Craw’s Bow from revenants in World 45 Deadman. You can find details of the new drop rates on the OSRS Wiki. 

That's not all for the Revenant Caves - keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks for updates to spawn rates, the grace period, and ether quantities. 


Merch Store


Christmas has come early in the Official Merch Store this month with 10 new lines from Angels Scapes!



Our limited-edition Christmas pin collection includes a festive King Black Dragon, a Marionette pin for your Toy Box, and, of course, Cracker pins! This year, each Cracker will contain one of three different coloured Party Hats. Lift the hinged lid to see which one you've got!


You can also pick up a brushed gold ‘Nice’ pin, perfect for that special someone with a great Fishing level.

We’ve also got new additions to the Skill Cape keyring series! You can now show off your Woodcutting and Firemaking prowess wherever you roam. Match the Firemaking Skill Cape with the new Bruma Torch pin to really show the Wintertodt who's boss! 


For the Agility fans, we've got the new Shayzien Graceful Outfit pin. 


Last but definitely not least, we’d like to introduce our all-new line of mobile phone ring holders! Keep your phone safe while you selfie with the Max Cape or the PK Skull design.


See something you like? Make sure to add it to your Christmas list… or, you know, just treat yourself! 


You can browse the Merch Store here.