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Dev Diaries | 120 Slayer

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

Mods Joe, Daze and Manti discuss our plans for 120 Slayer in the latest edition of Dev Diaries.

Coming with the release of Menaphos in June, it's an update which we think it's fair to say has divided opinion with you guys at home. So please take the time to watch some of our ideas for how we believe it can work, and let us know your feedback.

This episode focuses on the past, present and future of Slayer 120. What did we want to do and achieve with the update? What feedback have we had so far? And how are we going to use that to inform our decisions moving forward?

Watch on – and more so than ever, your input is important. Please head to our forums, Reddit, or send us your thoughts using the #DevDiaries hashtag on Twitter. Enjoy!

The RuneScape Team