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Meet Callista: a new legendary pet

Written by developer on . Posted in RuneScape News

A new Legendary pet has come roaring into the Marketplace! Callista is a direct descendant of Odysseus, the faithful panther companion of Robert the Strong. This fearsome feline friend will fight at your side through thick and thin!

Callista is available from the Marketplace for 1,083 RuneCoins, or 974 RuneCoins for Members.

Not familiar with Legendary pets? Here’s the lowdown. Legendary pets are unique because they grow and change over time, entering three different stages: baby, juvenile, and adult. At each stage, they’ll gain a new slot for a unique ability, up to a maximum of three. They’ll also gain a new emote at each stage! Callista’s emotes are as follows:

Baby: Cleaning Time

Juvenile: Shadow Pouncing

Adult: Big Cat Standoff

Once your pet unlocks a new life stage, you can swap between them whenever you want – just visit the Pet interface.

Can’t wait to see your pet grow up? Feed them a Tasty Treat to increase their growth rate by 50%, or a Jelly Treat to increase it by 100%!

One last thing – Legendary pets can override familiars, so you can bring them along on all your adventures!

Callista will arrive in the Marketplace on March 28th. She can’t wait to meet you!

- The RuneScape Team

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