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Invention: Hammer & Tinderbox | 15-Year Veteran Cape

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

This week we're opening up new avenues for Invention, with augmentable hammers and tinderboxes and new perks to match.

There's also a big thank-you to those of you who've been with us the longest – the 15-year veteran cape.

Read on for further details.

Invention: Hammer & Tinderbox


RuneScape membership

22 Invention

Once you've gathered enough Inspiration to unlock the necessary blueprints, you can craft the Hammer-tron and Tinderbox-o-matic. You can also augment the crystal tinderbox and hammer.

These engineering marvels can then be loaded with the eligible tool perks of your choice, including these new additions:

Prosper All May find clue scrolls while skilling 1
Pyromaniac Firemaking 0.1% chance per rank to burn all logs of the same type 5
Rapid Smithing or Firemaking 5% chance per rank to speed up each action 3
Breakdown Smithing 20% chance per rank to automatically disassemble smithed items 5
Tinker Smithing or Firemaking 1% chance per rank for each action to grant +10% XP 3

15-Year Veteran Cape

Another year has passed and as Gielinor grows ever greater and more expansive, it's time to shout out to those of you who've been with us from the beginning.

RuneScape would be nothing without its loyal fans, so for those of you who've been with us for 15 years or more, Hans has a brand-new veteran cape in the works.

The first of you will be able to get your hands on it from the 23rd of February.

Today, we've also added an alternative emote to the 10-year cape, available as a right-click option.

Wear it proudly, and – most importantly - keep enjoying the game!


Have an inspired week of RuneScaping, guys. See you in-game!

The RuneScape Team

In Other News

See the patch notes for further details of today's update.

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This week, we have no Q&A, but Mod Shauny will be taking over the reins this Friday.

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