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Valentine's Event 2017

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

It's a tale as old as time. A well-meaning wizard, giant heart-shaped rocks from outer space, creepy-cute devotion sprites and a machine that could consign Gielinor to a heady haze of loved-up languor.

The first part of this year's Valentine's event starts very soon – read on to find out more!

How to Start

From 00:00 UTC on February 9th until 23:59 UTC on February 14th, head to Lumbridge Crater and speak to Wizard Deedit to find out more.

Pitch in with the following activities and earn XP in your choice of the listed skills, as well as reputation to spend on rewards.

  • Break down rocks for Mining or Smithing XP.
  • Operate Wizard Deedit's machine for Magic or Invention XP.
  • Distract devotion sprites for Hunter or Herblore XP.

Please note:

  • You'll be given a choice of skills that you're eligible to train when you left-click, or you can right-click to choose straight away.
  • To operate the machine or distract the sprites, you'll need devotion dust from the nearby chest.

You can complete up to 100 actions a day before becoming too enamoured to continue.

If you'd like to do more per day, cool off with a counteragent – won on Treasure Hunter. Note that these can be used before your daily 100 actions are up, and will give you a temporary boost on your XP earned from the event's activities.


Speak to Wizard Deedit to open the Valentine Rewards Shop and spend your reputation points:

  • A hand-held bunch of flowers with a unique animation
  • The Staff of Devotion – a weapon with five selectable level settings
  • A heart balloon
  • 'Loved Up' loot beam
  • 'Loved Up' resting animation
  • 'Loved Up' walk override
  • Medium prismatic stars (when all other rewards are claimed)


There's enough love here to melt even the steeliest of hearts, but there are a few things that Ironman players can't do:

  • Win or use counteragents
  • Increase the level of the Staff of Devotion
  • Buy the prismatic star

Part 2 Starts 15th February

Load up on romantic rewards while you can, and stick around for part 2 of the event – starting 00:00 UTC on 15th February.

The RuneScape Team