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Double XP Weekend Expanded

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

Double XP Weekend kicks off on 17th February at 12:00 UTC, and it's the same 72 hours of gains that you know and love.

There's still time to prepare, gather materials, and to make the most of the massive XP benefits it offers.

Check out the Double XP Weekend page for full details, and read on to find out about a new feature we're adding this time around.

What's New?

This time around we're trying something new. After Double XP Weekend finishes, there'll be a tail-off XP boost for RuneScape members.

  • The tail-off period lasts from 12:00 UTC on 20th February until 12:00 UTC on 27th February.
  • During this period, members will enjoy a boost to their first 1 million XP earned.
  • Restrictions are the same as on the weekend itself.
  • The boost starts at double XP (+100% XP) and decreases by 5% for every 50,000 XP earned.

This means that if you can't make the Double XP Weekend itself, you'll have an extra chance for some post-weekend gains. For everyone else, it's a nice extra chunk of boosted XP to enjoy at your leisure over the following week.

Are You Ready?

Double XP Weekend's always big, noisy fun that brings the whole community together, and we can't wait to see you all there. We'll be running Game Jam live streams over the course of the weekend, too - keep an eye on the news for more details!

The RuneScape Team