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Unwelcome Guests - Fort Forinthry Season Update

Written by developer on . Posted in RuneScape News

Next Steps: Unwelcome Guests

The Fort has been built and the celebrations went as well as could be expected, now it is time to start tackling the next stage of the Fort Forinthry Season and address the dangers of the wilderness and beef up your Slayer skills. Here is what you can expect from these Unwelcome Guests.

  • Defend Fort Forinthry in a lengthy mini-quest featuring your new Slayer Master, The Raptor!
  • Complete Slayer Tasks at almost any level and build the new Guardhouse for Slayer bonuses anywhere!
  • Thematically expand your Fort's security with new fortifications and guards.

Who invited these guys?

After throwing a killer banquet to celebrate your recent dukedom it has come to the attention of some of the locals that things are a little ... defensively lacking in Fort Forinthry. Worse there seems to be a growing number of undead cropping up just outside the walls, this just won't do. It is time to clean house and remove all of these Unwelcome guests from the immediate area.

We're gonna need a bigger weapon.

Kicking things off: A mini-quest where you team up with the Raptor? Sending the undead horde that has been congregating on your doorstep back to the grave? Sign me up!

After marching right into the Fort (another security concern) the Raptor tasks with not only slaying the local undead but also dealing with the new more dangerous post-life monstrosities that are popping up.

We also need to get to the bottom of what is causing this surge of the restless undead. To handle this we are going to need to reinforce our defensive perimeter, hire some badass guards and get our slayer gear in order.

This is my Boomstick

That's right folks the next update in the Fort Forinthry Season is centred around Slayer! New Slayer monsters have appeared around the Fort and it is up to you to decimate the ghouls & ghosts that dared step foot on your doorstep. The Raptor will be reluctantly here to direct you and the new fort guards in resolving this issue and is setting up shop in the all-new Guardhouse!

You will find challenges for all levels of Slayers from the freshly raised Zombies to nasty Skeletons and Ghosts up to the terrifying Armoured Phantoms.

Alongside this update, there will be some updates to Slayer and combat in general such as updating Slayer categories to include more undead minions such as skeletal wyverns and making it so the Salve Amulet is no longer restricted in the Barrows. Check out our patch notes on Tuesday April 11th when the launch is live!


With the Raptor setting up shop in your Guardhouse you are primed to study the nuance of bashing monsters and understanding it on a new level.

Building Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Guardhouse +1% damage dealt on slayer task, doubled on undead tasks.
2% increased Elite mob spawn chance
Slightly (5%) increased ushabti capture rate.
4%* Increased Elite mob spawn chance
Ultimate abilities have a 3% chance to execute non-boss slayer targets.
Does NOT apply to damage-boosting ultimate bleed (i.e. Deaths Swiftness, Sunshine)
10% increased damage vs slayer targets below 25% hp.
6%* increased elite mob spawn chance

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then its a duck. So the Raptor despite his protests is a Slayer master and comes with special slayer challenges like other slayer masters.

Completing these challenges will net you even more bonuses, You will be able to access these challenges as you complete tasks for the Raptor and once complete you can hang the trophies up in your Guardhouse when you have the appropriate Slayer levels to gain the buffs.

Challenge 1 - 30 Slayer Challenge 2 - 50 Slayer Challenge 3 - 90 Slayer
Slayer challenge 5% Increased slayer points from completing Raptor tasks (Or scale more with level) 10%* Increased slayer points from completing Raptor tasks (Or scale more with level)

Toggle to change the default Raptor slayer task length

15%* Increased slayer points from Raptor tasks (Or scale more with level)

Bone fragments will drop from enemies during Raptor tasks that can be traded in for some extra Slayer experience

*does not stack with similar bonuses from prior tiers/challenges

Where do I sign up?

Unwelcome Guests despite its name is very welcoming to all players, all you will need to do is complete Murder on the Border and have 10 Slayer and 50 Construction then you will be able to speak with Overlord Siv to begin the quest. If you haven't gotten started on the Fort Forinthry season yet it is quick and easy to get going!

To get going on the Fort and begin your journey through this Season of content, head to Varrock Palace and use the portal to start the New Foundations Quest - which will act as your Tutorial to building this powerful new Fort. Once you have your Fort up and running you can take part in the previously mentioned Murder on the Border quest and be ready for your Unwelcome Guests!

- The RuneScape Team

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