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Unwelcome Guests Slayer Content - This Week In RuneScape

Written by developer on . Posted in RuneScape News

It's time to defend Fort Forinthry against four new Slayer creatures - with a little help from your new Slayer Master!

Unwelcome Guests
Who's knocking at Fort Forinthry?

With the recent Murder on the Border solved, it’s time to finally put your feet up at Fort Forinthry. Rest, relax, perhaps work on your fancy new cooking skills… but wait, what’s that sound beyond the walls?

Aaaaargh! It’s an undead invasion! Zombies! Skeletons! Assorted ghouls and horrors!

They seem to be staggering in from the depths of the Wilderness, so it’s probably time to track down their lair and cut the problem off at the source.

Fortunately the Raptor has already shown up ready to help you rip and tear through the undead – and might even (reluctantly) teach you a thing or two about Slaying in the process. Groovy!

Plus, you can beef up your Fort defences with new guards and a kickass Guardhouse, setting the stage players of all Slayer levels to have a go at tackling the problem. More on that in the Slayer section below this one.

You’ll need to finish the previous quest Murder on the Border and have 10 Slayer and 50 Construction – then meet with Overseer Siv in your Fort to get started!

Slayer and Combat Updates
Meet your new Slayer Master...

With all of these undead roaming around the place, you’re gonna need a Slayer expert; a Master, you might say. Thankfully the Raptor is here to smash skulls and chew Lobster. And he's all out of Lobster.

Now you've got a new Master, let's get to know the enemy. Reports show four new Slayer creatures popping up from the Wilderness in varying numbers: Bound Skeletons, Risen Ghosts, Fetid Zombies and Armoured Phantoms, some of which pose a challenge to even the most hardened Slayers. Here are the requirements:

  • Fetid Zombie - 1 Slayer
  • Bound Skeleton - 1 Slayer (but requires 50 Slayer to get the Slayer task)
  • Risen Ghost - 85 Slayer
  • Armoured Phantom - 113 Slayer

*Please note that until May 10th the location of Phantoms/Ghosts will be instanced, to alleviate the initial rush of players fighting in the same area.

To help combat these monsters you'll want to build the latest addition to the Fort - a Guardhouse - and begin fortifying your Fort with more Fortifications! Like your other buildings, the Guardhouse will be upgradable, and it will offer various benefits around the Slayer skill.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
+1% damage dealt on Slayer task, doubled on undead tasks.
2% increased Elite mob spawn chance.
Slightly (5%) increased Ushabti capture rate.
4%* Increased Elite mob spawn chance.
Ultimate abilities have a 3% chance to execute non-boss Slayer targets.
Does NOT apply to damage-boosting ultimate bleed (i.e. Death's Swiftness, Sunshine).
10% increased damage vs Slayer targets below 25% HP.
6%* increased elite mob spawn chance.

*does not stack with similar bonuses from prior tiers

You'll also receive challenges from the Raptor that will result in more bonuses: trophies in the Guardhouse* and the ability to collect Bone Fragments** while on Slayer tasks for your new Master.

Completing these challenges at appropriate Slayer levels (30/50/90) will give you a growing 5% to 15% bonus to Slayer points earned from Raptor tasks.

* These bonuses do stack with the Slayer Helmet bonuses.

**Bone Fragments drop from monsters while on Raptor Slayer tasks and can be exchanged for extra Slayer XP, or you can put them in a Bank.

With this update we've also made a few changes to the Undead Slayer Categories and some combat abilities, to help rebalance some of the early combat pitfalls and shuffle some of Magic's current power into other abilities.

Concentrated Blast and Sonic Wave now share a cooldown and the abilities Wrack, Piercing Shot, Slice and Punish have been improved to better work as filler abilities for each style. We have also updated undead Slayer categories across the game to include more creatures such as Edimmu in other relevant categories, and removed some restrictions that prevent the Salve amulet from being used in the Barrows/Rise of the Six.

Finally, new monsters equal new loot. Both the Ghost and Phantom monsters will be able to drop a Greater Sonic Wave Ability Codex - and you don't need to be on task for this to drop!

Greater Sonic Wave

  • Basic Ability
    • 5-second cooldown.
    • 40%-160% ability damage.
    • Gain 6% accuracy on your next ability.
    • Gain +100 ability damage for 4.2 seconds.
    • Requires 75 Magic.

This will add more kick to your Magic rotation and slot in nicely with the changes to Wrack!

For a full breakdown of the changes, check out the Patch Notes.

Treasure Hunter Calendar
A Dozen Dragons? That sounds like a lot.

Starts April 6th | Ends April 12th | Egg Hunt The Egg Hunt returns, and this time you can get your hands on some adorable Bunny Ears for your skill pets!

Starts April 13th | Ends April 17th | Dragon's Dozen Fill the gems with 12 prizes, then open the Chest to swipe a reward from your chosen selection! The Shadow Gem makes a return, plus Dragon Chests have arrived which multiply your prizes!

Patch Notes
Fixes and improvements in this week's game update

Unwelcome Guests

  • Updated Undead Slayer categories gamewide.
    • Monsters will more consistently appear in different Undead categories for the purposes of Slayer.
    • Some of the most notable:
      • Skeletal creatures such as Skeletal Wyverns are now treated as Undead, and will work for Skeleton and Undead tasks.
      • Creatures such as Banshees will work for Ghost and Undead Slayer tasks.
      • Edimmu will work for Ghost, Zombie and Undead Slayer tasks.
    • An old restriction preventing the use of the Salve Amulet at Barrows has been removed. It also works in Rise of the Six.
    • Added an Undead cluster task to Laniakea.
  • Updated the colors of recent ability codices to differentiate them from each other.
  • Updated Wrack, Piercing Shot, Slice and Punish.
    • Wrack: 40%-140% ability damage. If the target is bound or stunned, damage is increased by 30%.
    • Piercing shot: Hits twice. Each hit deals 35%-55% ability damage. If the target is bound or stunned, damage is increased by 30%.
    • Slice: 75%-115% ability damage. If the target is bound or stunned, damage is increased by 40%.
    • Punish: 50%-100% ability damage. If the target is below 50% health, damage is increased by 150%. It now has 24-second cooldown.
  • Concentrated Blast and Sonic Wave now share a cooldown.
    • Our reasoning: Magic at current had a lot of power at a base line, but it was reliant on dual-wield spamming Greater Concentrated Blast. As a result, staves were falling way behind dual wield.
    • This change allows us to give some extra power to Staff users with upgrades such as greater Sonic Wave, without worrying about pushing the overall power of Magic even higher.
    • to make this change, Wrack with its new updated stats should now fit into rotations where Sonic Wave previously sat, with minimal changes to damage output.
  • Bone Fragments have been added to the General Slayer Collection Log.
  • Greater Sonic Wave Ability Codex has been added to the Wilderness Collection Log.


  • Lost Easter Basket maps can now be picked up while a Clue Scroll is active in your Inventory.
  • The order of the Wilderness Sword teleport options has been readjusted. Teleport to Edgeville will be the first option and will activate when used from the action bar.
  • Players not eligible for receiving the Pirate Plunder, will no longer receive the chat message about not having enough space in the backpack.
  • Fixed players not able to earn new rewards if progress was made in previous run of the Egg Hunt Treasure Hunter promotion
  • Nastroth's Constitution and Prayer major reset now requires Attack, Strength, Ranged, Magic, Defence and Summoning to be 10 or lower, rather than 5 or lower, to accommodate players who would need to perform a minor reset to qualify for a major reset.

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- The RuneScape Team

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