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Completionist Cape Strike & Retro Saradomin God Armour - This Week In Runescape

Written by developer on . Posted in RuneScape News

It’s a Cape-fest this week, with fresh alterations and new polls for further changes!

Comp and Trim Update
Changes and in-game polls!

Last month we announced planned changes to the Completionist Capes, and reached out to the community for feedback. Thank you for your insightful and constructive responses! We’ve now made some alterations to help shape this update, and they launch today. More about them in a moment.

But first: in our continued efforts to improve systems, we’re also adding the following in-game polls today!

  • Should the Master Quest Cape be required to unlock the Trimmed Completionist Cape?
  • Should the Reaper Crew achievement be required to unlock the Trimmed Completionist Cape?
  • Should the Are You Winning, Zam? II achievement (Solo 100% Zamorak) be required to unlock the Trimmed Completionist Cape?
  • Should the full Globetrotter outfit be required to unlock the Trimmed Completionist Cape?
  • Should we consider renaming the Completionist and Trimmed Completionist capes to better fit their requirements?

These polls will run until May 7th, so there won't be more information on additional changes until they are closed.

(Please do note that these polls are not the only deciding factor in future changes, rather they are another point of data that can help us make decisions on this topic).

Now, today's changes! Highlights include new achievements for finding all the Hideyholes and completing each type of Clue, player-requested reputation achievements like My Goebie Homies and Conquered Everyone's Heart, and a brand-new achievement: Granny's Favourite Farmer.

Check out the Patch Notes below for the full list!

Retro Saradomin Armour Bundle
Saradomin be praised!

The power of faith may protect you, but it might also be a good idea to throw on one of these snazzy Armour Sets, just in case…

The Saradomin Armour Bundle arrives with today’s update, costing 630 RuneCoins - or 567 for Members!

It contains:

  • Replica Saradomin Armour
  • Reforged Saradomin Armour

Both contain a full set of armour:

  • Helm
  • Platebody
  • Platelegs
  • Plateskirt
  • Gauntlets
  • Sabatons

You'll notice it's based on the Saradomin version - we knew we needed to settle on one god, because doing multiple gods would balloon the scope of the project.

We looked at the polls and comments around them, and Saradomin was by far the most requested of the God Armours at the time. We hope you enjoy rocking this excellent fit!

Livestream Calendar
Join Mod Jack as they discuss feedback

Wednesday April 19th | 16:00 Game Time | Designing Runescape: How can I get J-Mods to listen to my feedback and suggestions?

Lead Designer Mod Jack talks about the best way to get your voice heard.Watch the show live at Twitch.TV/RuneScape

Treasure Hunter Calendar
The Academy of Heroes reopens soon...

Starts April 18th | Ends April 19th | Mysteria

Mystery is the name of the game - this Treasure Hunter will keep changing throughout the day, so check back regularly for new challenges and sur(prizes)...

Starts April 20th | Ends April 26th | Academy of Heroes

Go from Zero to Hero! Battle new chilling foes like Arch Glacor in the Academy to level up your heroes, and unlock new combat overrides such as Azure Swiftness and Ice Barricade!

Patch Notes
Fixes and improvements in this week's game update

Comp and Trim Improvements

  • Made the following requirement changes to the Completionist Cape:
    • Removed 'A Druid's Sidekick'
    • Added 'Balanced Combat Triangle'
    • Added 'Gaps, Traps and Laps'
    • Added 'Slide to the Left'
    • Added 'Towering Over Us All'
    • Added 'Untangled'
    • Added 'Power Planter II' (New - unlock 'Plant Power (Tier 4)' in the Garden of Kharid)
    • Added 'Tiers of Treasure' (New - complete one of every tier of Clue Scroll)
  • Made the following requirement changes to the Trimmed Completionist Cape:
    • Removed 'Penance to the King'
    • Removed 'Walk on the Wildy Side III'
    • Added 'Get Tooled Up'
    • Added 'My Goebie Homies'
    • Added 'Conquered Everyone's Heart'
    • Added 'A Druid's Sidekick'
    • Added 'Build them All!' (New - build every hidey-hole)
    • Added 'Draught Includer' (New - acquire every invention blueprint)
    • Added 'Granny's Favourite Farmer' (New - acquire maximum reputation with the Farming Guild)
    • Added 'Relic-weary' (New - unlock all relic powers)
    • Added 'Scrolling in the Deep' (New - acquire all scrolls in the Player-Owned Port - grace period until April 15th 2024)
    • Added 'Sort of Crystally' (New - obtain a selection of titles from Prifddinas)
    • Added 'The Golden Crocodile Hunter' (New - acquire all unlocks from Dundee's shop)
  • Additionally
    • Removed the Golden Crocodile cosmetic upgrade as a requirement of 'The Crocodile Hunter'
    • Renamed 'Power Planter' to 'Power Planter I'
    • 'Trouble Brewing' and 'Distillery Hilarity' music tracks now unlock in the lobby for Trouble Brewing
    • 'Walk on the Wildy Side I' now requires 1 event to be completed instead of 4
    • Added an alternative method to complete "Following in the Footsteps"
      • Vicendithas can now 'accelerate' his research on effigies, but requires a wealth of resources to do so.
      • It will cost 50,000 Base Camp Resources of each type (300,000 total) to unlock each chapter.
      • Players must have completed Extinction.


  • Hotfixed - Players can no longer build the Guardhouse before meeting the necessary requirements.
  • Hotfixed - Players that built the Guardhouse before reaching the correct stage of the quest can now advance as expected.
  • Bound skeletons texture has been tweaked to differentiate it from standard skeletons.
  • The Unwelcome Guests quest now awards 1 quest point and is a requirement for the Quest Cape.
  • The items required to build the Tier 1 Guardhouse have now been added to the Quest Journal.
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect souls being captured by Ushabti.
  • Hotfixed - Players can once again build the fort wall next to the Guardhouse.
  • Removed some safespots when fighting Zemouregal's undead.
  • Corrected an issue where a jiggling crate of kittens near Gertrude in Varrock did not appear for some players during the Gertrude's Cat quest.

The latest goings-on from our community

Community Showcase

Despite @Nychannelrs wanton deforestation, they are a Guthixian at heart!
@Timortienn has been getting stuck in with some cleaning-up at Croesus.
@YoImACPL trying their hand at redesigning the Havoc Robes! Fierce!
@RsElej has created a tiny adorable Max Cape for tiny adorable 'Scapers!
@SirSpriggan Showcasing how good TokHaar Mej's colour scheme is. Gorgeous!


@ProtoxxGaming seeing how far he can go as a Summoner!

@RheyoRS continues his legacy locked adventures and becomes a hero!

@ChevalricRS breaks down the Unwelcome Guests update, and what it means for you.

Scaper's Screenshots

Taresu has been busy in the kitchen! We wonder if Brassica will be happy?
AWeeRedPanda with another on-point outfit and pet combination.
Lockjaw feels at home under the sea!

Pink Skirts Player Events

Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here are the main events this week:

Skill 'n' Chill

  • Hosted by: MadClikr & the Lil Tuzzies Clan
  • Date/Time: Monday April 17th, 23:00 Game time
  • World: 85
  • Location: Fort Forinthry
  • FC: Lil Tuzzies

Great Orb Project (Spotlight)

  • Hosted by: RuneScape Discord Mentors
  • Date/Time: Friday April 21st, 22:00 Game time
  • World: 3
  • Location: Wizard's Tower Top Floor
  • FC: Ahelp


  • Hosted by: M e r c y & Dung Titan
  • Date/Time: Saturday April 22nd, 23:00 Game time
  • World: 35
  • Location: Vorago Borehole
  • FC: Dung Titan

If these don't take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!

Community Spotlight

The RuneScape Official Discord has been receiving some updates in the background, and today we want to shed some light on them!

Along with the addition of a new Marketplace section, where players can discuss trading and selling items, there are changes to the Teamforming section that will help players find groups and tackle content together. We've also updated Affiliates and Affiliate Events, plus New Monthly Contests which cover activities like the ongoing Screenshot Contest!

Check out the Discord ( now and be part of the community!

- The RuneScape Team

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