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Max Cash Update & Community Hit List: First Strike

Written by developer on . Posted in RuneScape News

New max cash limits will soar with today’s update - cha-ching! Plus, we've got hotly-requested fixes galore, straight from the Community Hitlist…

Active Events
The Beach - Active until June 26th Golden Cape Hunt - Active until June 26th Tales of Pride - Active until June 30th
Max Cash Increase
Carry and trade more Gold than ever before!

It's time to liquidate those Spirit Shards, folks… With today’s update, you’re no longer limited to trading up to 2.147 billion Gold. You can now trade up to 2.147 quintillion Gold.

Which is literally a billion times more. Money, honey!

Here are your stratospheric new max cash limits:

Amount Usage
2,147,483,647 Live max
53,687,091,175 Max stack of Spirit Shards value
268,435,455,875,000 Max stack of Spirit Shard Packs value
2,147,483,649,147,483,647 New max

These are big changes: we wanted to use a graph to explain it visually, but the new max just eclipses everything before it! The simple headline is that a single player could now hold the current total wealth of the entire game in their Pouch - several hundreds of times over.

What does this all mean for you, a go-getting Gielinor billionaire? Well, gone are the days of having to worry about purchasing enough Spirit Shards to contain your massive wealth, since your Pouch will now hold up to this new maximum amount (just as well those coins don't weigh anything, huh). You can also buy or sell highly valued items without needing to chase down the other player, because it can all be handled via the Grand Exchange. If you actually prefer trading player-to-player, of course, that’s fine too! The trade window also reaches the new maximum.

What doesn't change is your Inventory and Bank. You won't be able to hold 2,147 quintillion Shards in them, but hey, that shouldn't hold you back too much since you can just carry it all around with you.

This update may seem simple on the surface, but numbers never are. There have certainly been plenty of technical hurdles on the journey to this point! As such, we will be closely monitoring all aspects of the update, to fine-tune any oddities and clear up any pitfalls.

Please note that in the interim we will not be manually editing any prices, but rather monitoring the mid-price of max integer items like Party Hats - then if a stable price emerges we can look to update them accordingly.

Community Hitlist
First Strike

We are delighted to announce the first Patch Strike from the Community Hitlist!

Hotly-requested changes include the removal of Wilderness teleportation restrictions if you're not skulled, a 'Fill All' option for your Blessed Flask, and the ability to charge your God Books with multiple pages at once!

The update also includes significant quality of life changes, such as increasing the scale of dialogue in chatboxes, giving an audio boost to Clue Scan sounds and enabling camera rotation while using a shift modifier!

Read the full list in our Patch Notes section below.

About the Community Hitlist

The Community Hitlist is an expansion of the Ninja Team concept - it's all about addressing issues and concerns directly expressed by you, the community.

We recently created a survey where we asked you to submit bugs, tweaks and issues that have been concerning you for some time. We received thousands of replies, and have worked to filter them down to a Hitlist. We can now begin to address as many as possible in bitesized chunks, within the limited time we have available amidst our work on upcoming Fort Forinthry content and the behemoth that is Necromancy.

This is just the first Patch Strike, so it won't address every issue on the Hitlist today. Some of your requests will need further investigation and preparation, while others may require extensive engine work or shifts in core gameplay systems. However, we hear your feedback loud and clear, and will be actioning more Patch Strikes in the near future. Stay tuned!

Livestream Calendar
Upcoming Livestreams!

Wednesday June 14th | 17:00 Game Time | Woodcutters' Grove: First Look

Grab your hatchets and join the Mods as they showcase the upcoming Woodcutters Grove.Watch the show live at Twitch.TV/RuneScape

Treasure Hunter Calendar
What's up next?

Active Now | Ends June 14th | Assassin's Return

Assassins are in high demand once again, and that means a series of contracts for you to deal with! Complete the contracts to get your hands on the Faceless Assassin outfits - or even that much sought-after Assassin Walk animation!

Active June 15th | Ends June 21st | Academy of Heroes

Go from Zero to Hero! The Arch-Glacor is back for round two, with new unlockable Combat Overrides such as Blood Ice Barricade, Azure Reprisal and Azure Berserk!

Patch Notes
Fixes and improvements in this week's game update

Community Hitlist

  • You can now rotate the camera using the arrow keys while holding the shift key.
  • Wilderness flash events won't close other minigame interfaces when their timers run out.
  • Removed the Wilderness teleport restrictions while you are opted out of PvP.
  • A Quick Chat option has been added to display how many Wilderness events you have completed.
  • The Wilderness flash event teleport can now be accessed from the Wilderness Sword 4, as well as the Hosts in Edgeville.
  • Removing the Demonic Skull will no longer leave you opted into PvP.
    • If you are carrying the Demonic Skull on you and you enter the Wilderness you will be Skulled, but upon leaving you will be able to remove the Demonic Skull and not need to opt out of PvP at the NPC.
  • God Books can now be charged with multiple pages at once.
    • This also includes Illuminated God Books, EGWD Scriptures and Erethdor's Grimoire.
  • Training Dummy placement has been extended around Banks.
  • A 'Fill All' option has been added to the Blessed Flask in the Inventory and Bank - use this to fill it with all available Extreme Prayer Potions in your Inventory.
  • Text in dialogue boxes will now scale to a larger font size where possible.
  • Iron players can now receive the effects of the following abilities from other players, assuming they have unlocked the non-skill requirements for that ability:
    • Intercept
    • Heal Other and Heal Group
    • Vengeance Other and Vengeance Group
    • Ruby Aurora
    • Kal'gerion Demon Familiar Special (Crit-i-Kal)
  • Players can no longer gather resources after Croesus has been defeated.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't jump the crevasse in the Death Plateau Quest Cave (after knocking down the wall in Sabbot's Cave).
  • The Elite Karamja Diary’s daily Tokkul can be collected from TzHaar-Hur-Zuh using a right-click option (Elite Diary must still be acquired).
  • Pineapples and Seaweed can be bought from Arhein either through the right-click option or via packs in the shop.
  • Players are no longer prevented from moving when using Rapid Fire while equipped with Fleeting Boots and Shadow Glaive.
  • Clue Scan sounds have been audibly rebalanced to sound clearer.


  • The Golden Cape Hunt Event now works as expected when skilling in the Clan Citadel.
  • Uncut Onyx and Uncut Hydrix Gems can no longer be saved while using a Portable Crafter.
  • Fixed an issue where the Golden Rock tab was not displayed within the Statue Collection Bag interface.
  • Re-introduced Beach Event cosmetics can now be unlocked and used by free-to-play accounts.

The latest goings-on from our community

Community Showcase

Following the recent First Look at Necromancy, Casilliio has already made some gorgeous art of the new armour!
It's the pirate's life for @WillowayART, or maybe just time for the next crab rave...
Count on @DrTigrexPhD to make another wonderful sculpture of the Lord of Draynor Manor himself!


@JustBackroundNoise continues his quest to max by storming the dungeons of Daemonheim.
@brou49 taking speed kills to another level with this immensely quick QBD kill!
Wondering what to do with the Golden Cape Porter buff? @WazzyRS has you covered.

Scapers' Screenshots

Buzz S has been having a bit of fun turning Raids into otherworldly showcases!
Huge congratulations to Elej and her brother for both maxing Archeology at the same time!
We expected people to stockpile bones for necromancy, but 4D Oranges - this is getting ridiculous!

Pink Skirts Player Events

Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here are the main events this week:

Skill 'n' Chill

  • Hosted by: MadClikr & the Lil Tuzzies Clan
  • Date/Time: Wednesday June 12th, 23:00 Game Time
  • World: 85
  • Location: Fort Forinthry
  • FC: Lil Tuzzies

Penguin Tour

  • Hosted by: Miss Misty
  • Date/Time: Friday June 14th, 20:00 Game Time
  • World: 60
  • Location: Edgeville Bank
  • FC: Miss Misty

Mega Duck Hunt

  • Hosted by: Steve20058, Mega Duck & IcyLove
  • Date/Time: Saturday June 17th, 18:00 Game Time
  • World: 5
  • Location: Falador Park
  • FC: Mega Duck

If these don't take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!

- The RuneScape Team

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