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Dead and Buried - Fort Forinthry Season Update

Written by developer on . Posted in RuneScape News

Dead and Buried Quest - Fort Forinthry Season Update

Zemouregal is up to something. While your newly arrived Guards - under the command of the Raptor - help keep his undead hordes at bay, it's time to delve into the crypt and find out what he's planning. Along the way, you'll get to upgrade your Fort with a potent new Fletching building as you arm yourselves to better face this growing threat.

Here is what you can expect from Dead and Buried:

  • Venture into the Wilderness Crypt and follow Zemouregal's behind the mysterious dragonkin door.
  • Add the new Ranger's Workroom to your fort, and gain powerful new Fletching benefits.
  • Learn more about the Raptor as you partner up together to face the forces of evil.

Deadly Plans

At the end of Unwelcome Guests, you encounter Zemouregal outside a mysterious dragonkin door in the newly-discovered Wilderness Crypt. With hordes of undead at his command harassing your fort, the Raptor deems it time to find a way through this mysterious door to uncover what Zemouregal is plotting.

Bring a Crossbow to a Melee Fight

Before you can leave, the Raptor wants to ensure the fort can safely be defended while you venture into the crypt. Not everyone is an ex-World Guardian, you know!

While your former dark warriors are formidable frontline warriors, this also puts them in a vulnerable position to face off against the unrelenting onslaught of the undead. It's time to exploit their slow, lumbering nature by arming your guards with crossbows. Don't forget to recruit a guard captain to command the defence, should Zemouregal take your absence as an opportunity to strike.

This will be your call to build the latest Fort Fortinthry upgrade - the Ranger's Workroom - in order to arm your guards and gain some exciting Fletching benefits.

Tag Team

Once your fort's defences are prepared, it's time to venture into the crypt.

We'll leave everything from this point for you to discover, but we'll give you some hints. This is a classic RuneScape questing experience, with combat, puzzles and plenty of revelations. As you're teaming up with the Raptor, you'll get the opportunity to control the Raptor to progress through the crypt's many puzzles and slay some enemies within. Where does it all lead? That's for you to find out...


The Ranger's Workroom is an expansion to the existing Guardhouse that you'll build as part of the quest. It's also the biggest reward of the update!

Building Tier 1 (Construction 50) Tier 2 (Construction 75) Tier 3 (Construction 92)
Ranger's Workroom Fletching workbench, which can be used to make ammo, fletch unstrung bows and string them.

2% chance to save resources when Fletching.

1% chance to get an extra bundle of arrow shafts, including elder arrow shafts (does not include tempered fungal shaft made through zygomite carestyling).

2% chance to produce a strung bow when Fletching unstrung bows.

1% chance for an extra bundle of arrows and headless arrows.

Access the ability to unlock Wisdom of Anima Perks.

There are four Wisdom of Anima Perks - one for each of the Elder God arrow types.

Having a perk unlocked allows you to imbue dinarrows into Elder God arrows of that type at a much faster rate, at the cost of XP gains.

Imbuing dinarrows now takes 1.2s (2 ticks) per 15 arrows instead of 4.2s (7 ticks).

Imbuing dinarrows now uses 1 anima per arrow instead of 3.

Token experience is 1% of original experience.

The quest will launch with some changes to fletching and how it functions around resource saving buffs, we have included an upcoming patch note to give some additional context to this update.

  • Fletching buffs for saving resources and auto-stringing unstrung bows now have additive percentage chance when multiple buffs with the same effect are active, instead of rolling for each buff separately and choosing the first one to proc (e.g. Crystal knife + Wergali incense). This more accurately represents the desired outcome of stacking random chance buffs and provides an increased probability for the effect to proc.

Yes, you can finally make Elder God Arrows at a much quicker rate! While you'll be trading off your XP gains for speed, the Wisdom of Anima perk provides a rapid way to arm up for your future battles.

Before Wisdom of Anima
After Wisdom of Anima

To unlock a Wisdom of Anima perk, you'll need to make 500 stacks of the relevant Elder God arrow type once the update releases. Previous Elder God arrows won't count towards this total, but any crafted after the update will progress your Perk unlocks, even outside the Ranger's Workroom - and even if you haven't yet upgraded to Tier 3! However, you will need a Tier 3 Ranger's Workroom to access these benefits and see your progress towards unlocking them.

The Ranger's Workroom will also serve as a skilling hub for Fletching. There's an area XP boost that stacks with similar benefits, like Portable Fletching Stations.

While that's a nice beefy benefit of completing the quest, any good quest also needs a good XP reward or two! Here's the full list of rewards for Dead and Buried:

  • 1 Quest Point
  • Construction XP Lamp
  • Prismatic XP Lamp
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys (excluding Ironmen)
  • Ability to build all three tiers of the Fort Forinthry Ranger's Workroom

Get Ready to Quest!

In the spirit of the Fort Forinthry questline, Dead and Buried is a really accessible quest to dive into. There are no requirements beyond completing the series until Unwelcome Guests, which only requires 50 Construction and 10 Slayer.

If you've not yet started the series, head to Varrock Palace and use the portal to start the New Foundations quest - which will act as your Tutorial to build this powerful new Fort and start you on the path to Dead and Buried.

Once you're all caught up, simply start the quest by speaking to the Raptor in Fort Forinthry.

- The RuneScape Team

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