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Necromancy Insights : Story

Written by developer on . Posted in RuneScape News

"The Underworld is no longer enough for me. The souls of this city languished in self-indulgence, slowly fading into nothingness. I have given them purpose. I will forge them into an army, and wage war upon the mortal world." - Rasial, The First Necromancer

A Skill Rich With Story

Necromancy is far more than just a new Combat Style – it’s a holistic skilling experience, built from the learnings of Archaeology to deliver something for everyone.

The story of Necromancy runs through the core of the skill at every level, from skilling Rituals that are crucial to return souls back to their rightful place in the City of Um, to your growth in Necromantic power that leads you to a final showdown with Rasial the First Necromancer.

The story is also supported by 9 Quests packed with lore as you uncover mysteries about Necromancy, Rasial and the City of Um – many of which lead to critical unlocks for creating more powerful Necromancy gear or accessing new abilities.

Death and Rebirth

The First Necromancer has reappeared on Gielinor and is unhappy with the current state of the realm. He has plans to set it free from its stagnation and disarray by condemning everyone to oblivion. Why, the most logical way of achieving that is by getting rid of Death itself! It's up to you to stop him from wreaking havoc on the natural cycle of life.

To achieve this, you'll take up all the tools Necromancy offers to command the energies of the underworld and partner up with the denizens of Um to put a stop to Rasial's catastrophic plans.

Introducing Rasial, The First Necromancer.

Rasial is the First necromancer in every sense of the word. A mysterious ancient being that has been around since the First Age. Existing in the background of world-shaping events and subtlety guiding eager apprentices towards his ultimate goal, Rasial has orchestrated a decades-long campaign in intricate stages before fading away into the annals of history time and time again.

This reappearance however is different. With the gods banished from Gielinor, Rasial's opportunity to enact his plans has finally come.

So he has stepped out of the shadows, directly attacked the underworld and siphoned all of the souls from the Well of Souls.

With this army of spirits at his beck and call, he is poised to end life on Gielinor as we know it...

The Last Apprentice

In a bid to stop Rasial before it's too late, Death has called for your aid. Known for their persistence, destroying the physical body will only do so much to stop a powerful necromancer. To stop them once and for all, you will need to turn Rasial's own power against him.

To this end, Death has tasked you with studying Rasial and even being trained directly by him in order to master the art of Necromancy. Why would he help you though?

This will be no easy feat, as you journey through the story of necromancy your will and resolve will be tested as you learn how to control this new power.

You will travel to the City of Um, a place where lost spirits can find themselves before their journey deeper into the afterlife.

Here you will find the now-empty Well of Souls, a vessel for the countless souls of Um. With the souls of the Well under his thrall, you won't stand a ghost of a chance against Rasial, so you will have to work with what is left of the denizens of Um to find out Rasial's plans and release the enthralled spirits to return unlife to the city.

As you progress through the quests you will learn how to commune with the spirits via Rituals, master the art of turning impure essence into runes for powerful necromancy incantations and how to devastate your foes with powerful abilities in RuneScape's brand-new combat style.

Your journey will take you through the City of Um and the world of Gielinor uncovering how Rasial has come to be and what his sinister schemes are. Finally, when you are ready you will take the fight straight to the heart of the citadel floating just above the city!

Are you a friendly ghost?

You will not be alone in your journey. To get you started on this path, Death has enlisted the help of Malignius Mortifer - an enigmatic practitioner of Necromancy who will take up the role as your initial trainer in the soul arts!

As you return more souls to the City of Um, new characters - and maybe some old faces - will find their way to the city.

The spirits of the city will also lend a hand in your instruction. At the forefront, will be Ted, a skeletal local who will act as your guide around the city and the underworld.

With the assistance and tutelage of these residents, you'll be ready to face Rasial and the horde of undead under his control. The most formidable of all, and one to watch out for, will be his bodyguard Hermod, the Spirit of War, who will give his all to protect his master. After all, he has nothing to lose.

Hermod is a stoic phantom born of the never-ending wars of the Third Age.

Much like his origins, Hermod never changes and will continue to reform after he is destroyed, until there are no wars left in this world (good luck with that one!).

Rasial has coerced this spirit to act as his personal bodyguard by convincing Hermod that his plan to put a stop to all life is the only way to stop conflict from arising.

You will need to defeat this dutiful warrior to reach the top of the citadel, and face Rasial.


As players voyage through Um and unravel the mysteries behind the City, Rasial and even Death himself they will come to know more of Necromancy and what it means to be a student of the art.

Classically the term necromancy has been associated with raising the dead and controlling them to do your bidding.

While some necromancers embody this variety, at its core, necromancy is about the movement and transfer of energy from one place to another, this causes changes in the ways energies form, similar to how magic channels the energy of elements to make heat or light etc.

We'll be handling two types of energy as necromancers:

  • Necrotic energy: An energy which can be identified by its purple colour. It's focused through your main hand weapon, known as the Siphon. It can be channelled to unleash devastating bolts, blasts and beams to damage, debuff or afflict your foes with a variety of effects.
  • Underworld energy: An energy which can be identified by its cyan or green colour. It's channelled through a Conduit, such as your Spirit Lantern. It's used to conjure denizens of the afterlife to aid you in battle.

You'll have to master both of these energies to prepare yourselves for the journey ahead!

Prepare for Trouble

You will need to build up the forces of Um, master the necromantic arts, forge alliances with the spirits of the underworld and dive deep into Rasial's past to uncover his plans.

Begin your Necromancy adventures on August 7th!

- The RuneScape Team

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