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Lumbridge Crater: Reclaimed | Wardrobe Rework | Skill Outfits In-Game

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

Mod Ramen's been healing the scars of war with the greenest of fingers. Feast your eyes on Lumbridge Crater: Reclaimed.

There's a wholesale rework of the Wardrobe interface, and you can also collect five more skilling outfits in-game – including the elite Shark Outfit.

Read on to find out more!

Lumbridge Crater Reclaimed

The crater to the west of the city – site of the momentous battle between the returning gods Zamorak and Saradomin – has been overgrown by lush plant life, and the nearby swamp has started to seep in, removing the Zamorakian plinth.

Note that you can still find the Saradominist preacher in the area.

The Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza entrance has been removed, and the minigame may now be accessed via the Gamers' Grotto in Falador.

Finally, you'll notice that a number of familiar features have returned to Lumbridge itself, such as the well and the duck pond.

It all looks magnificent, so take some time to explore the reclaimed crater this week.

Wardrobe Rework

The Wardrobe interface has been given a massive overhaul. With a vast array of features to help manage your collection of RuneScape cosmetics, you'll soon wonder how you did without it.

Click the Wardrobe icon on the Ribbon to open the new interface. A short tutorial will play the first time you do so – highly recommended, as it's the best way to get a sense of what the new Wardrobe can do.

New features are:

  • Grid View and List View: Allows you to see a compact list of customisations, much like the old wardrobe, or a mini preview of each item.
  • Source filter: Allows filtering of items based on their source - Treasure Hunter, Solomon's Store, Gameplay etc.
  • Advanced Slot Filter: Allows detailed filtering of items by their type. You can search for any combination of different items with a checkbox list. Additionally, sort by alphabetical or newest first.
  • Slot Filter: Allows quick, simple filtering by equipment slot.
  • Keepsake List: See everything you've Keepsaked in one place.
  • Full Outfits Filter: A one click button to see all complete outfits in the Wardrobe.
  • Name Search: Search for items by full name or partial match.
  • Instantly filter by type from preview.
  • Colour-coded items and icons: Easily see what you've got at a glance.
  • Checkout window: allow you to easily purchase outfit components you don't yet.
  • Alt+Click Revert keyboard shortcut.
  • Previewing recolours without needing to apply them first.
  • Fourth Preset Slot: Additional preset slot for an extra outfit to save, and rename all four. Also, you can now view each preset slow separately.
  • Keepsake Expansion: Now you can have an increased amount of keepsaked items, increased from 50 to 100! They're also no longer inventory items, and sit within the wardrobe.
  • Increased Keepsake Functionality: The wardrobe now includes and entire keepsake management system!
  • Bare hands and Bare feet: Additional options for those who don't want anything on their hands and feet!
  • Change outfits on the fly: Open and browse the wardrobe without interrupting your in game activities.
  • Worn Equipment Window Updated: Now matches the layout in the Wardrobe, including Player Inspect, for consistency.
  • Currencies now displayed in Interface: No longer do you have to check different places for your currency levels!
  • Light and Dark Outfits added to the wardrobe: If you own them, you'll find them under Desert Treasure (Damis Light) and Desert Treasure (Damis Dark) respectively!

Skilling Outfits Available In-Game

Following on from the outfits made available outside of Treasure Hunter last year, you'll find five more in today's update.

First up is the Shark Outfit. From level 70 Fishing, you can collect shark fragments while training the skill. The rate of acquisition will increase at 99 and 120.

You'll then – at 20 Invention – be able to learn a blueprint to obtain random pieces of the three regular shark outfits, which can eventually be combined into the elite Fury Shark Outfit, which brings an amazing range of fishing benefits.

Then, there are four more basic skilling outfits, now available through the following pieces of content:

  • Divination – Guthixian caches
  • Cooking – Gnome restaurant/cooking mini-game
  • Summoning – From summoning supply crates awarded from Familiarisation
  • Prayer – Purchase for ecto tokens from the shady ghost at the Ectofuntus


Look out for more cool releases from the Game Jam, coming soon.

The RuneScape Team

In Other News

  • The following inventory pets have been moved to the Pets interface:
    • Squidge
    • Runtstable
    • Cute Phoenix Hatchling
    • Mean Phoenix Hatchling
    • TzRek-Jad
    • Cresbot

See the patch notes for further details of today's update.

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