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Necromancy Launch Updates

Written by developer on . Posted in RuneScape News

Necromancy is LIVE!

This Newspost will keep you up to date with any launch hotfixes or major updates throughout the day.

Want to give your feedback or ask development questions? Head to our Necromancy Megathread on Reddit to join the discussion.

Hotfix: Aug 8, 10:55 Game Time

Players can no longer place portable skilling stations, challenge gems or light fires on the ritual site.

Hotfix: Aug 7, 21:00 Game Time

Zuk might think he's unkillable, but we've now fixed a bug that prevented hit effects applying in Hard Mode.

Hotfix: Aug 7, 20:35 Game Time

The Multiply I Glyph no longer functions when depleted, until it is repaired.

Hotfix: Aug 7, 16:30 Game Time

The opening Necromancy cinematic can now be skipped when retrying the portal after your first attempt.

We believe this is a workaround for the rare black screen issue. If you were affected, let us know if this gets you into The City of Um.

Reported Issue: Black Screen Entering Portal

We are investigating reports of some players encountering a black screen after entering the portal next to the Draynor lodestone, blocking progress.

We'll keep you updated with any solutions or hotfixes as our investigation progresses.

Hotfix: Aug 7, 13:25 Game Time

Fixed a bug where, if return is pressed when making Praesul Codex selections, your Praesul Codex could disappear.

For anyone affected, we will help you as soon as possible. Submit a lost item request here.

Hotfix: Aug 7, 13:00 Game Time

We have temporarily disabled experience from the Sparkling Glyph Ritual Event due to a bug.

We will be ensuring those who exploited this bug will have their XP gains reverted imminently.

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