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Necromancy: Community Feedback Update - #3

Written by developer on . Posted in RuneScape News

Lanterns up, 'Scapers!

We're back for another week of Community Feedback for Necromancy. The Necromancy team are still hard at work, collaborating closely with the Community team to ensure we're hearing your feedback and making tweaks and fixing any issues that arise!

What's the Necrotic News?

This blog is designed to inform you on issues that the Necromancy development team are actively investigating, working on, or have addressed based on Community feedback. We're utilising these blogs as a way to keep you updated on the issues we're tracking, what we're working on and what's been resolved.

This is the third weekly update, for the last two week's updates, including lots of fixes you might have missed last week, please check here: and

Issues from the Immaterial

If you're looking to report a bug or issue, please check this list, each week, to see if we're already tracking your issue in the list below. On desktop browsers, you can search with Ctrl+F, and most mobile browsers have a "Find in Page" option in the additional options in the top browser bar.

If you're not seeing the issue listed below, please log a bug report in-game by pressing Escape, and clicking "Report Issue" in the bottom left corner of the options window, then click "Report a Bug", the right-hand button. The community team are also monitoring our social spaces across Discord, Reddit, Twitter and Meta platforms.

Catacombs and Categories

What are the issues we're looking at? We'll be categorising these issues into four brackets. These are:


Players have raised this feedback or reported this issue occurring, and the development team are currently investigating. If it is an issue, the team will investigate how, or if, this can be resolved.


Not every issue can be resolved via hotfix (applied without a server restart) so some of these issues will need to be applied during weekly updates on Mondays.


Success! The issue has been resolved in the live game at the time of this article's publication.

???? CLOSED ????

Some issues raised will not require fixes, or cannot be verified or replicated by the development team. Additional context will be provided about these particular issues where possible.

As of Friday, August 25th, the following topics have been raised:


  • As mentioned in the livestream earlier this week, we are looking into adjusting the rate of XP gained from ritual random events. We like rituals being a high effort, high engagement, and high cost way to obtain Necromancy XP, but concluded it is still a bit overtuned.
    • Whilst the initial proposal was discussed at a possible 50% reduction, we've read through your feedback and agree that this is a bit too heavy handed, and are now looking to bring it down by 20-25%.
    • As part of this adjustment, we are also considering small tweaks in regards to the balance of XP gained from ritual completion, versus random events (this would decrease the XP from the random events, in turn to buff XP from the ritual completion). We hope this will ensure that actively engaging in rituals will still be a great way to gain Necromancy XP, without being too overtuned in comparison to other methods.
  • We're looking at changing Protection Glyph's function within Rituals to extend the length of Ritual Disturbances.
  • We're investigating changes to Invention XP - Eureka!
    • Overall rate at which Combat items gain XP
    • Matching Off-hand XP rates to match mainhand rates.
    • Edge cases where players would gain lower rates at bosses and high XP monsters
  • We're looking into Combat Buffs including:
    • Some buffs (e.g., Slayer Helm, Genocidal and Revenge) apply disproportionately to fixed & random damage, meaning they are more effective on abilities like Quake than an ability Hurricane. We're looking to even this out so damage buffs apply in a consistent manner regardless of which ability is used.
  • Looking at reducing some NPCs whose defence is deemed excessively high since the removal of 'taggable monster stat reduction'.

Here's what's still on our radar from last week:

  • Hermod / Rasial don't trigger luck messaging.
  • Death Skulls can double dip on damage buffs (We like damage ramping, so may look to find a solution that's appropriate)
  • Dodging an attack can fail to cause auto-retaliate.
  • Conjuring / Commanding out of combat can cost 0 adrenaline. (Considering rebalances of their adrenaline costs to keep some of this functionality)
  • Necromancy Lanterns are sometimes held improperly.
  • Death Mark causing niche issues (killing immune targets).
  • We're aware of some issues affecting Death Skulls that are preventing it from bouncing.
  • We're looking into extending the time out duration for recasts of spectral scythe and displaying the info to the player.
  • We're continuing to monitor the adrenaline cost and use of abilities.
  • We're looking into a better way to display 'Necrosis' on the player.
  • We're looking into giving you better control over whether you want your 'Command' abilities to be triggered when using revolution.
  • We're looking into various niche issues that can occur with the 'Death Mark' incantation.
  • We're aware that spirits can sometimes get trapped behind certain areas and scenarios. They suddenly lose their brains!
  • We're looking into possible Spectral Scythe issues due to attack range.
  • We're aware of potential confusion with how the 'Blood Siphon' ability functions and discussing solutions.
  • Adding a warning when attempting to start a ritual with a depleted alteration glyph.
  • Adding a suffix to the naming of the Deathwarden, Deathdealer, and Death Skull items to make it clearer what tier they are.


  • The buy limit of congealed blood is now 5,000 every 4 hours.
  • Crafting necroplasm now opens the Ritual candles tab if the player only has candle materials.
  • Players will now correctly face the last altar used within the City of Um runecrafting area when leaving and re-entering.
  • The 'Deflect Necromancy' curse will now display on the buff bar as intended.
  • The soul urn for the Necromancy tank equipment upgrade task will no longer fill when the player uses a deathtouched dart on the active reaper assignment or when the active reaper assignment has been killed in practice mode.
  • The potter's wheel in the City of Um can now be used.
  • A typo in the 'Remains of the Necrolord' quest has been fixed.
  • Dodging an attack should now trigger auto-retaliate.
  • Combat level is now calculated properly in the Wilderness at Level 152 as Level 140 + 12.
  • A typo in the 'Necromancy!' quest has been fixed.
  • A typo in the 'Ghosts in the Machine' achievement description has been fixed.
  • Dying on the ritual site will now spawn your gravestone at the entrance to the site. Rest in peace... somewhere else.
  • Threads of Fate cooldown has been reduced to 45 seconds.
  • Threads of Fate duration has been increased to 6.6 seconds.
  • The following titles now have both masculine and feminine variants:
    • Lord/Lady of Chaos
    • Necrolord/lady
    • the Lich King/Queen
  • Antique duelist's cap can no longer be used to transform on the ritual site.
  • The 'Abyssal Link' relic description now specifically mentions that it will only work with the magic spellbook.
  • Added a teleport option to the City of Um through the door in Death's office. Right this way...
  • The 'My Skeleton Can Beat Up Your Skeleton' achievement from the easy City of Um Area Task Set is no longer location specific.
  • The 'My Undead Can Beat Up Your Undead' achievement from the medium City of Um Area Task Set is no longer location specific.
  • Added improvements to the Task Set User Interface: Recommended tasks can be pinned to the Activity Tracker, added a button to view reward details.
  • Updated the examine for robust memento.
  • The ritual minigame tab now shows the output as affected by any multipliers, such as multiply glyphs and the Tome of Um.
  • When the player is tasked to kill TzTok-Jad for the T90 Necromancy tank armour upgrade, the game will now reinforce that only the version in the Fight Caves will count for this task.
  • Added a line of player dialogue after each band member tells the players where to obtain their instrument.


  • Players will no longer see a mass grouping of players on the ritual platform within the City of Um ritual site.

???? CLOSED ????

No new issues arose that we have closed.

Please remember:

  • This is not an exhaustive list of everything the development team are currently working on. If an issue has been listed above, that does not necessarily mean it has been ignored.
  • If an issue is added to ⏳ AWAITING PATCH ⏳ this does not mean it will be addressed in the next patch but will be included in an upcoming patch. Please continue to check the weekly patch notes section in the This Week in RuneScape articles for details.

Bug fixes aren't the only thing we'll be working on during the season of Necromancy! Larger updates are on the way, and you can read more about them from our Journey Begins update linked here.

Until next week: skill on, you crazy Necromancers!

- The RuneScape Team

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