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Thok's Smashing Buffs - This Week In RuneScape

Written by developer on . Posted in RuneScape News

While the Devs are busy smashing our latest Game Jam, Thok is here to help you smash your PvM challenges!

Thok's Smashing Buffs
It's a Thok-pocalypse!

The (self-proclaimed) mightiest warrior in Gielinor wishes to help you scrawny humans be better warriors, like Thok. To this end he has convinced War and Death to help him train you!

From today until 23:59 Game Time on October 8th you'll be able to find Thok hanging out at War's Retreat, where he's brought a bundle of buffs to up your warrior game. Get ready to SMASH!


To get you smashing and thrashing your way through the bosses and beasties of Gielinor, Thok is generously supplying the following buffs:

  • All the way from Daemonheim, we have two mighty metal cauldrons full of homemade Overload Potion! Take a sip and get the effects of Elder Overload boosts.*
    • If you're already able to craft your own Overload Salve Potions, you'll instead gain the effects of an Elder Overload Salve.*
  • Death has graciously agreed to waive all Death Costs for the duration of the event.
    • Members will respawn at a nearby hub instead of Death's Office.
  • Tier 4 Luck is active throughout the event. We have no idea how Thok managed this, and to be honest it's a bit scary.
  • Sign of Life cooldowns will reset upon entering a Bank area...
    • Including the Sign granted via the Defence Skill Cape perk.
  • Combat Auras will immediately reset their cooldown when they end.
  • You will be able to choose your Soul Reaper task and it will credit you double the points. **
  • Slayer Masters will offer a choice between two tasks without paying Slayer VIP Tickets.

* These buffs are not available for use by Ironman players.

** Ironman players will receive the choice of Soul Reaper task but not the double points bonus.

Thanks in part to how approachable Necromancy is, players have been making great strides in engaging with PvM content this year! To help you along, we wanted to create a celebration event for all things combat, so that combat veterans and first-timers alike can get stuck into defeating bosses and enjoying all that lovely loot!

If you like this style of event, be sure to let us know what other past event buffs you'd like to see in the mix!

What happened in Game Jam?
Game James sends his regards...

Last week was our latest Game Jam! The J-Mods have been cooking up some really exciting projects - take a look!

Mod Stu: Quest and lore-related updates

Mod Stu continues his quest to fix anything and everything he finds in quests!

  • Updated portal to Erebus in Extinction quest
  • Added option in Senntisten's cathedral to replay 2021's weekly overhead god dialogue
  • Further progress to Less Quest Reqs project mentioned in previous game jam summary: Thanks to gratefully received graft from our outsource QA team throughout gamejam week, over half the 40ish affected quests have completed testing, getting this project significantly closer to release..
  • Mod Fowl: Spirit Stamp and Associated Content

    Looking to add more Stamp to your Step, Mod Fowl has been cooking up a potential new movement ability and associated quest narrative to go along with it

    Mod Blkwitch & Mod Alex: Kandarin Graphical Refresh

    Continuing their already staggering amount of work from previous Game Jams, Mod Blkwitch & Mod Alex have been updating the area of Kandarin for the last two whole months! This Game Jam was another opportunity for them to put some of the final touches on this refresh. Mod Blkwitch reportedly spent several days just placing rocks, which doesn't sound thrilling on paper, but looks BREATHTAKING when it's all together!

    Mod DBarker: Monster Concept Refresh

    Taking a moment to look back at some of the "interesting" monster designs, Mod Dbarker gave some of them some new life with some beautiful concepts.

    Mod Camel, Abe, Rain (and others): Skelly Dino Boss

    Continuing their work from last Jam this team has been hard at work shaping out a quest and environment for their Necro Rex Matriach!

    A variety of other projects are still in the works at various stages of production including Mod Ramen's Cape Particles, Mod Shogun and Mod Dorn's Quality of Life updates and Mod Chaose's Damemonheim Archeology, the Game Jam process is often the first steps in a ideas journey to the live game but there is plenty of steps along the way before it can be fully released. We aim to bring as many of these projects to life as possible!

    Please note that everything shown is subject to internal reviews, scheduling and testing processes. While these projects may appear complete in places, all Game Jam projects take a significant amount of additional work to implement - not all Game Jam projects shown may make it into the game, and we can't offer a timeline or guarantees of Game Jam content releases.

Runesical is coming to Youtube!
Tune in from Friday!

Our friends over at Gigglemug Theatre have been tirelessly touring from town to town with their interactive musical set in the mystical lands of Gielinor - the RuneScape musical, RuneSical!

Those of you lucky enough to have caught one of their live performances can attest to the whimsical joy these brave bards have brought to theatres everywhere. If you missed out, don't worry - now you can experience the magic yourself in the comfort of your own web browser! The enterprising folks at Gigglemug have put the whole show on YouTube - not only can you watch the show, you can choose your own path through it! What musical adventure will you embark on?

Catch the show from Friday, September 29th on the Gigglemug YouTube channel. Be there, or be square!

Merch Update!
New Master Cape Keyrings on Merch Store!

Angels Scapes has extended her range of Master Cape keyrings on the merch store to include Archeology, Defence, Fishing & Magic!

All are in stock on the store and ready to ship now!

Maintenance Notice
September 26th

We will be conducting some planned maintenance to all game world servers on Tuesday, September 26th. This will begin at 10:30 BST (09:30 Game Time) and last approximately 150 minutes. During this time access to the website may also be affected.

Treasure Hunter Calendar
What's up next?

Starts September 26th | Ends September 27th | Mysteria

Mysteria constantly rotates various versions of Treasure Hunter over the course of two days!

Starts September 28th | Ends October 2nd | Loot Rooms

Do you take your chance with a Rainbow Chest? Or play it safe with that Rune Chest? When a chest is selected a copy is placed into the Loot Room. Once the Loot Room is full you can open all those chests for free!

The Loot Rooms promotion also includes the tradeable Tokens for the Faceless Enforcer Walk Override, the Hedge Teleport and the Walk of Fame Override as Ultra-Rare prizes!

Patch Notes
Fixes and improvements in this week's game update

Game Jam

The J-Mods are all hard at work on their Game Jam projects this week, so there are no patches to report! Don't worry, we'll be back to our regular Patch Notes schedule next week.

The latest goings-on from our community

Community Showcase

Poppyflower enjoying a quiet moment with Omen.
Missywinter doing a spot of gardening.


The Bossman himself, @WaswereRS, has finally finished his Collection Log, gaining both Insane Final Boss and Insane Reaper. Congratulations!
Not to be outdone, @WazzyRS has also grabbed himself the Insane Final Boss and Insane Reaper titles! Congratulations to you, too!
Meanwhile, @letsdiscussrs continues his series on the lore of Slayer monsters with a look at the Ascension Creatures. A must-watch for any lorehound!

Scapers' Screenshots

Mrs Caitlyn sets out for some snowy sights!
Kawick getting the fields ready ahead of spooky season.

Pink Skirts Player Events

Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here are the main events this week:

Skill 'n' Chill

  • Hosted by: MadClikr & the Lil Tuzzies Clan
  • Date/Time: Monday September 25th, 23:00 Game Time
  • World: 85
  • Location: Fort Forinthry
  • FC: Lil Tuzzies

Penguin Tour

  • Hosted by: Miss Misty
  • Date/Time: Wednesday September 27th, 20:00 Game Time
  • World: 60
  • Location: Edgeville Bank
  • FC: Miss Misty


  • Hosted by: M e r c y & Dung Titan
  • Date/Time: Saturday September 30th, 13:00 Game Time
  • World: 35
  • Location: Falador Borehole
  • FC: Dung Titan

If these don't take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!

- The RuneScape Team

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