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New Quest: Ancient Awakening

Written by developer on . Posted in RuneScape News

New Quest: Ancient Awakening

Follow Zemouregal to the mysterious Isle of Ungael and stop him from awakening something best left undisturbed...

Ancient Awakening launches on October 9th, continuing the story of Fort Forinthry!

  • Uncover the secrets of Ungael, an isle that has been left hidden for centuries.
  • Work with the Forts inhabitants Aster, Bill & the Raptor to face the challenges they find there.
  • Make use of the new Botanist's Bench to prepare for the upcoming new Boss encounter this November.

Undisturbed For a Reason

Last time, we cracked open the mysterious dragonkin door and discovered an ancient tomb filled with long-forgotten dragon remains and a cryptic map. But we weren't alone - the Mahjarrat Zemouregal was one step ahead, and destroyed part of the map!

After some nifty repairs, it became clear that it was a map of the Lunar Sea, including a small landmass not marked on contemporary charts...

Journey to Ungael

Through Overseer Siv's council, we learned that the mysterious landmass was the isle of Ungael - a place that even the Fremennik dared not approach, for fear of its ferocious protector.

Ungael is a small isle that is specific to this quest. Do not fear though, it will be accessible after the quest is complete.

Be Prepared

With our destination clear, you'll need to prepare for your trip to Ungael. Investigate the Dragonkin Tomb and consult with your companions at Fort Forinthry, lest you be caught unawares by Zemouregal and his dastardly plans...

Ancient Awakening is a medium-length quest which should take approximately one hour to complete. Be prepared for tough combat - we suggest a combat level of at least 85. But don't worry too much - you'll have Bill, Aster, and The Raptor to back you up!


The Botanist's Workbench is an expansion to the existing Town Hall. Unlike in previous quests, this building will be unlocked after the quest is complete.

Building Tier 1
(Construction 54) (Acadia)
Tier 2 (Construction 78) (Yew) Tier 3
(Construction 92)
Botanist's Workbench Access to the Botanist's Workbench and Granny Rowan's Herblore services.
Granny Rowan can now decant your potions and blubbers for you.
Granny Rowan has a limited stock of tradeable Herblore supplies available for purchase.
You are now able to receive unnoted Vials of Water from the Botanist's Workbench.
Granny Rowan will prepare Overloads and Overload Salves for you, allowing you to make them in larger quantities at the Botanist's Workbench.

The Botanist's Workbench will help you create all manner of salves and potions as you prepare yourselves for the battle to come!

Here's the full list of rewards for Ancient Awakening:

  • 1 Quest Point
  • Necromancy XP Lamp
  • Prismatic XP Lamp
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys*
  • Ability to build all three tiers of the Fort Forinthry Botanist's Workbench

*Ironman players will not receive these keys


After completing the quest, you'll be able to return to the Isle of Ungael for a bit of extra combat. While the quest itself is aimed at combat level 85, the post-quest content is intended to be fought around combat level 120. Scary stuff! If you're up to the challenge, you'll gain some swanky new cosmetics:

  • Access to The Raptor's outfit as a cosmetic override
  • Access to colour variations of the Duke, Dux and Duchess titles
  • Access to Aster's torches as main hand/off hand override

Get Ready to Quest!

You will need to have completed the prior quest in the series, Dead and Buried, to access Ancient Awakening. You will also need to have reached level 50 in the Necromancy skill.

If you've not yet started the Fort Forinthry quest series, head to Varrock Palace and use the portal to start the New Foundations quest - which will act as your tutorial to building Fort Forinthry and get you started on the right track!

Once you're all caught up, simply start Ancient Awakening by speaking to Overseer Siv in Fort Forinthry.

- The RuneScape Team

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