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Pumpkin Pete's Halloween Event!

Written by developer on . Posted in RuneScape News

This is Halloween

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting chillier and Halloween is nearly upon us! Pumpkin spirits have been spotted in a few locations and Pumpkin Pete is going to need your help to keep his head. Our upcoming Halloween event kicks off on the 16th of October and will run until the 5th of November!

  • Help Pumpkin Pete grow a new Pumpkin Head with Necromantic energy
  • Smash Pumpkins earned as you play or by gathering at Pumpkin Parties with other players!
  • Collect Sweet Enhancers for beneficial effects during the event and earn a Pumpkin Mask that prevents T1 & T2 Ritual Candles from degrading
  • Smash Pumpkins for a chance to find Halloween treats like the Ensouled Pumpkin Mask, Orange Hallowe'en Mask and more

Oh for Pete's sake

Pumpkin Pete is in a bit of a bind. Every year, he likes to swap out his pumpkin head for a fresh one so he can look snazzy for his favourite season of the year. With the recent surge of Necromantic energy appearing around Gielinor, he sees a great opportunity to harness all that new energy for a flashy new look.

Unfortunately for Pete, he isn't the most experienced - and now he's unleashed a plethora of plump pumpkins to plague Gielinor! It's time for your expert help to clean things up and imbue his new head with energy.

A pumpkin a day keeps the reaper away

Pete's rocked up at Fort Forinthry with his own pumpkin patch (even he knows this is the right place for skilling activities!).

Each day, you can visit the patch to perform a quick ritual to imbue his head with some energy and help him along the way. Even Ironman players can help out! As a token of appreciation, Pete will reward you with some new treats each day. You can read more about those below.

Cleaning up the mess is going to take a little more elbow grease.

He did the pumpkin (s)mash

All that Necromantic meddling has given the pumpkins a spirit of their own and it's down to you to tackle this festive fruit overload. Pete has given us an old rotten pumpkin head that will be revitalized - like his own head - if you smash enough of the devious root vegetables. Anything you find within your pumpkin victims will be yours to keep. Ironman players can also smash to their heart's content, but will get H'oddments in lieu of some rewards.

Pumpkins can be smashed at communal Pumpkin Parties, or while you are out training any skill (except Dungeoneering).

Pumpkin Parties

We're not sure what the term for a group of necromantic pumpkins are (gaggle? flock?), but there's a LOT of them gathering in areas around Gielinor.

Every 30 minutes past the hour, a Pumpkin Party will kick off at Fort Forinthry, Draynor Village or the City of Um (look for a handy broadcast 5 minutes before the party to know where to go!). When the party is ready to start, Pete can teleport you right there - no excuses for being late!

Once the party starts, you will need to find and smash as many of the congregating pumpkins as you can in a 3 minute time limit. Each pumpkin you smash will reward items from the below loot table - and if you collectively succeed in fully fending off the orange scourge, you'll receive additional Agility XP from all that running around! Ironman players are also invited, but won't receive the additional Agility XP. Take a lap!

On October 31st, rewards from any smashed pumpkins at these parties will also be doubled.

Smashing Pumpkins

As you skill or fight your way across Gielinor, your actions will attract the nefarious pumpkins to your presence. Same rules apply - all pumpkins must die so you can get rewards. Well, technically they're already dead, but you catch our drift.

These work similar to Seren Spirits, periodically appearing while you are gaining experience, though they'll appear when skilling anything except Dungeoneering. Clearly these creatures are not fans of Daemonheim. Smash em up and get extra rewards - you too, Ironman players!

If you want to opt-out and get some peace and quiet from Pumpkins, you can ask Pete to turn these off for you, but you might hurt his feelings in the process.


This Halloween there are a plethora of rewards, all of which can be earned in-game by smashing pumpkins.

Rotten Pumpkin Mask and Pumpkin Mask

Pete will gift you a Rotten Pumpkin Mask when you first speak to him. How lovely...

If looking like a Pumpkin-you-meant-to-get-rid-of-on-November-1st-but-now-it's-January-oh-god-why-did-I-procrastinate isn't your style, have no fear - smashing up 500 pumpkins (both Party Pumpkins and smashing Pumpkins count!) will restore the mask to it's former glory so you can look Halloween fresh.

This reinvigorated Pumpkin Mask comes with the added benefit of preventing your Tier 1 and Tier 2 Light Sources from decaying while performing Necromancy Rituals! You can also wear it as a light source to brighten up dark areas of the map.

Ensouled Pumpkin Mask

Some lucky (unlucky?) pumpkins have been empowered even further by Pete's antics, and you can wear it as an Ensouled Pumpkin Mask!

This ensouled version has the same effect as the Pumpkin Mask, but also prevents Tier 3 Light Sources from decaying at Necromancy Rituals too.

You can find the Ensouled Pumpkin Mask via gameplay by smashing pumpkins or via the Harvest Bonus in the Grim Harvest promotion.

Orange Hallowe'en Mask

The iconic Hallowe'en Mask is back this year with a new orange variant!

The Orange Hallowe'en Mask can be found via gameplay by smashing pumpkins or via the Grim Harvest promotion.

Soul Dive & Soul Surge Cosmetic ability scrolls

Add a soulful spin to your movement with these new ability overrides!

Soul Surge overrides the look of your surge, while Soul Dive overrides the visuals of your Dive and Bladed Dive abilities.

Both overrides can be found as tokens via gameplay by smashing pumpkins or in the Grim Harvest promotion. You can also find them in the H'Oddments store as a direct unlock for your character.

Pumpkin Beret Override

Get smashing, look dashing. The Pumpkin Beret has a chance to drop exclusively in the Pumpkin Parties event, so make sure to attend if you're looking to add it to your wardrobe.

Overhead Emotes

A brand new reward is making its debut with this event - Overhead Emotes! These emotes will help you add a little more flair to your discussions and opens the door for a whole cavalcade of potential emote ideas for the future.

These emotes are displayed over your characters head, similar to prayer icons, for a short period of time.

You will be given the following emotes Heart/ Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down completely free and you can find them in your emote menu under the new "Overheads" segment.

There will be 6 other emotes to get you hands on throughout the course of the event!

The Halloween Emote tokens (Pumpkin Sob, Pumpkin Nauseous and Pumpkin Joy) are found by smashing pumpkins during the Halloween Event!

Necromancy Emotes: Necromancer Facepalm, Bone Heart and Excited Rasial emote tokens are found by smashing pumpkins or within the Grim Harvest promotion. You can also find them in the H'Oddments store as a direct unlock for your character.

Fort Thematic Cosmetics

Get your Fort into the spirit of the season with new cosmetic unlocks. Dedicate your Chapel to Icthlarin, or theme up with an adorable spooky themed decorations for the trees! You can find both of these tokens by smashing pumpkins. You can also find them in the H'Oddments store as a direct unlock for your character.

Sweet Enhancers

Trick or Treating wouldn't be the same without some tasty and interesting sweets to get your hands on! Get your hands on a pick and mix of assorted sweets that either give temporary skill buffs or help you on your pumpkin smashing adventures!

Mandrith's Malice Mallows+5% Slayer Exp, +25% change not to decrease Slayer count on target kill (lasts 10 mins)Smashing Pumpkins
Mints with a Holy+25% chance to save bones and ashes offered on an altar, -33% delay between offering on an altar (last 10 mins)Smashing Pumpkins
Candy Flosseous +50% base Archaeology Precision, +100% Xp from Sprite Focus buff, +1 Material at 100% Sprite Focus (Last 10 mins)Smashing Pumpkins
Hazelmere's Gummy RingsGrants Tier 4 Luck whilst active, This bonus is capped at Tier 1 in free to play worlds. (Lasts 10 mins)Smashing Pumpkins
Foam Burnt Shrimps+100%  chance to spawn fire spirits whilst Firemaking, When claiming a fire  spirit, gain 100% base Firemaking Xp of the log burnt to spawn it,  Automatically claim fire spirits when they spawn. (Last 10 mins)Smashing Pumpkins
Guth-stix+25%  critical chance for Divination, +100% base energy when harvesting from a  Divination Spring, +50% energy when converting memories to energy.  (Last 10 mins)Smashing Pumpkins
Gourd Gorger GobstopperSpawns a Smashing Pumpkin.H'Oddment Store
Pumpkin Powerup PuffsAutomatically smash pumpkins when they spawn. Grants 5 stacks on consumption. Consumes 1 stack per use.H'Oddment Store

Like Artisan enhancers, these items will only be available for use during the event and will disappear from your inventory on Thursday November 9th. Any unused Sweet Enhancers will be replaced with H'Oddments after this date. Ironman accounts will not receive Sweet Enhancers, but will instead receive H'oddments.


Several themed titles can be picked up during these events from

<name>-o'-lantern Smashing Pumpkins
Pumpkin <name>H'Oddment Store
<name> the H'oarder
(Gradiant coloured title)
H'Oddment Store. Must have the original H'oarder title unlocked to use.

Grim Harvest

Grim Harvest makes it's seasonal return this year, with a new integrated gameplay mechanic in the form of the Grim Pumpkin!

Grim Pumpkin

The Grim Pumpkin is a consumable reward that players can find while smashing pumpkins as part of the Halloween event. Consuming this pumpkin grants you a Harvest Bonus in the Grim Harvest promotion, instantly filling your bar and offering you a choice between a Pumpkin Modifier or another bonus item - such as H'oddments or potentially the Ensouled Pumpkin Mask!

Reward Tables

Rewards for Smashing Pumpkins

Items in Pumpkins
Ensouled Pumpkin Mask
Orange Hallowe'en Mask
Soul Dive Cosmetic ability scroll
Soul Surge Cosmetic ability scroll
Grim Pumpkin
Overhead Emote: Necromancy
Overhead Emote: Halloween
'o'-lantern title scroll
Icthlarin Chapel Token
Pumpkin Trees Token
Mandrith's Malice Mallows
Mints with a holy
Candy Flosseous
Foam Burnt Shrimps
Hazelmere's Gummy Rings
Ashes x5
Basic Ritual Candle x4
Chocolate Bar x2
Bones x5
Big Bones x2
Weak Necroplasm x5
Basic Ghostly Ink x4
Congealed Blood x5
Grimy Spirit Weed

H'Oddment Store

ItemCost in H'Oddments
Ability Override: Soul Surge50000
Ability Override: Soul Dive50000
Fort Forinthry: Icthlarin Chapel1000
Fort Forinthry Pumpkin Trees1000
Pumpkin Powerup Puffs200
Gourd Gorger Gobstopper250
Medium Prismatic Star160
Medium Prismatic Lamp240
Shadow Ariane Outfit1500
Shadow Linza Outfit1500
Shadow Sir Owen Outfit1500
Shadow Ozan Outfit1500
Superhero Outfit1500
Superior Hero Outfit2500 (Requires ownership of the Superhero Outfit to purchase)
Superhero Lightning Override750
Spooky Blindfold Override1500
Spooky Cape Override1500
Raven Wings Override1500
Twin Reaper Scythe Override750
Dark Flame Sword Override750
Bloody Greataxe Override750
Witchfork Override750
Cranial Cane Override750
Broodoo Wand Override375
Broodoo Skull Override375
Gruesome Grimoire Override750
Blade Bow Override750
Raven's Kiss Shuriken Override750
Death's Tickle Override750
Ranged Reaper Override750
Uncaged Skull Override750
Crossbone Override750
Infected Zombie Outfit
Decaying Zombie Outfit
Rotten Zombie Outfit
Zombie Hand Flail Override750
Zombie Spine Bow Override750
Zombie Bone Wand and Brain Orb Override Pack750
Vampyre Hunter Override Pack3500
Bat Necklace750
Count Draynor Outfit Override1500
Broom Staff Override750
Cauldron Maul Override750
Pumpkin Launcher Override750
Ghostly Revenant Outfit1500
Ghostly Spirit Hunter Outfit1500
Ghostly Reaver Outfit1500
Ghostly Lederhosen Outfit1500
Ghostly Builder Outfit1500
Ghostly Clown Outfit1500
Ghostly Ringmaster Outfit1500
Ghostly Chicken Outfit1500
Ghostly Jester Outfit1500
Ghostly Druid Outfit1500
Ghostly Princess Outfit1500
Ghostly Farmer Outfit1500
Ghostly Fisher Outfit1500
Ghostly Guard Outfit1500
Ghostly Fremennik Outfit 1500
Wraith Walk Override Token50000
Super September Emote750
Murder Of Crows Teleport Animation1250
Crow Taxi Teleport Animation1250
Ghostly Possession Rest Animation1250
Dark Throne Rest Animation1250
Ghost Tap Emote750
Raise the Dead Emote750
Living Dead Emote750
Ghostly Wardrobe Emote750
Pumpkincrow Pet1250
Superior 'the H'Oarder' Title25000
'The H'Oarder' Title
'Grim' Title1000
'The Trickster' Title1000
'The Treated' Title1000
'The Ghostly' Title1000
'Pumpkin' Title1000

- The RuneScape Team

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