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New Boss, Graphical Updates & More: November in RuneScape

Written by developer on . Posted in RuneScape News

There's plenty coming up for RuneScape in November, so we've put together a handy quick look at what you can expect next month! While this is just a quick overview, you can expect deeper looks on each of these releases throughout the month.

New Boss: Vorkath, Battle of Forinthry

Coming November 20th

Zemouregal has succeeded in resurrecting the ancient dragon Vorkath on Ungael. Together with his undead army, Zemouregal plans to destroy all of Varrock - and only Fort Forinthry stands in his way.

Our new boss battle takes place during a siege of Fort Forinthry as you make a last stand against Zemouregal. It will be down to you to beat back this undead siege - including facing down Zemouregal and Vorkath in a deadly duel. This new boss can be fought with any Combat Style across three difficulties - Story, Normal and Hard mode - alone or with a group - with new Ranged and Necromancy drops to pursue. We will have a full blog to showcase more closer to launch.

If you want to be ready for the fight, you'll need to complete the Fort Forinthry storyline up to Ancient Awakening and have a Necromancy level of 60. Here's the full list of requirements:

  • Quests
    • New Foundations
    • Murder On The Border
    • Unwelcome Guests
    • Dead and Buried
    • Ancient Awakening
  • Skills
    • 60 Necromancy
    • 50 Construction (required for Fort Forinthry Quests)
    • 10 Slayer (required for Fort Forinthry Quests)

Combat Beta

Starting on October 30th

Based on your positive feedback to many of our Necromancy Combat Modernisations, we're looking to bring these improvements to the existing Combat Styles as well!

Through our ongoing Combat Beta, you'll have the opportunity to get hands on, give us your feedback and help us refine these changes into the best state possible. If you want to read more check out our previous blog on the topic!

You can get involved from Monday by clicking a URL that will be shared on This URL will open your RuneScape client or App, and let you access to the Combat Beta world.

Double XP: LIVE

November 10th - 20th

Double XP: LIVE returns on November 10th, offering 48 hours of Double XP gametime over 10 days!

Graphical Area Updates

November 6th and 13th

While the team works on your community-voted graphical updates to Fremennik region of Rellekka, the team has prepared a couple more areas to receive some love over the month ahead!

Entrana and a variety of Gielinor's dungeons will receive a new modernised look over the course of two updates. Look out for their release week TWIRs to see the improvements we've got in store.

Community Hitlist

Across November

The team have been hard at work revisiting your Community Hitlist suggestions and we'll see more of your requests brought to life over the next few months.

Beginning with a first update on October 30th which will have long awaited updates to Golden Bamboo and the Feeling Pumped modifier, we'll have additional fixes or tweaks from the community hitlist over the following weeks. We're also aiming to bring even more Hitlist updates in early December.

- The RuneScape Team

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