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Snow Imp's Grotto, Double Wrapping Paper & More - Live Dec 22

Written by developer on . Posted in RuneScape News

Hello 'Scapers!

Festive cheer is in full swing, the Christmas Village is a blizzard of snowball making, coal chasing and present wrapping. As Christmas approaches, the Snow Imps have been growing restless about the wait and have decided to run the festivities to do things their way.

The Snow Imps festive shenanigans will begin after a short maintenance period on Friday 22nd of December at 11:00 GMT / Game Time.

Early Presents!

The Snow Imps have dropped an additional gift of their own under the Christmas Tree in the Land of Snow! Meet Noel at the Christmas tree just outside of Santa's lodge after the update to find an early "Impish Present" containing 10,000 Wrapping Paper and 5 Treasure Hunter Keys.

With a little help from the Snow Imps, you'll also be finding more presents than ever over the Christmas break - with double wrapping paper drops for all until the end of the event on January 3rd!*

They'll also be sneaking out the final Christmas Event Buff - Safe Deaths - this Friday to give you an extra weekend of penalty-free bossing too.

*If you had purchased the "Wrapping Paper Doubler" for a bond, you will be earning paper at 4x the base rate!

New Santa's Snow Imp's Grotto

The Snow Imps have hijacked Santa's Grotto and unleashed mayhem by 'imp-proving' the Grotto. Santa's Snow Imp's Grotto includes new rewards and an even greater chance to see purple prizes!

New Rewards

The Snow Imps have found a stockpile of Aurora Dyes in the back of Santa's workshop. In the chaos of rummaging through Santa's stuff, an imp who will remain nameless (*cough* Clementine) has accidentally spilled some of the Aurora Dye on some of the hats and scarves, creating the brand new Aurora Hat & Aurora Scarf! These items are exclusively available in Santa's Snow Imp's Grotto.

Enhanced Present Prize Meter

The Snow Imps have enhanced the Present Prize Meter following their dive into Santa's stuff, adding a Gold Christmas Present to the Present Prize Meter! If you haven't found a Purple Santa Hat so far, or maybe you just want an extra to gift to a friend, you'll now be guaranteed a Gold Christmas Present every 400 keys.

You'll still get guaranteed presents for every 50 keys, either 3 Purple Christmas Presents or a Santa's Christmas Present. For a reminder of what could be in the Gold, Santa's and Purple Christmas Presents, check out the tables below.

Gold Christmas Present

There's only one prize in here - this year's new Santa Hat variant, the Purple Santa Hat!

Santa's Christmas Present

This year's Santa's Christmas Present variant is exclusively available for a limited-time until January 3rd at 23:59 GMT.

Coins x10,000,000**
Azure Dragonbreath scroll (untradeable)
Chaotic swiftness scroll (untradeable)
Azure Sunshine scroll (untradeable)
Chaotic Berserk scroll (untradeable)
Azure Berserk scroll (untradeable)
Champion's Hurricane scroll (untradeable)
Chaotic Hurricane scroll (untradeable)
Shock Barricade scroll (untradeable)
Boulder Pet Token (untradeable)
Running Scared Walk Token (untradeable)
Hall of Fame Walk Token (untradeable)
Hedge Teleport Token (untradeable)
Rainbow Title Scroll (untradeable)
Ranger Roll Walk token (untradeable)
Enforcer Walk Token (untradeable)
Woodland Archer's token (untradeable)
Herald's outfit token (untradeable)
Stratus cloud token (untradeable)
Lucky Arcane Spirit Shield
Lucky Spectral Spirit Shield
Lucky Divine Spirit Shield
Lucky Elysian Spirit Shield
Aurora Dye
Soul Dye
Purple Santa Hat

Purple Christmas Present

Oddments x100
Medium Lamp*
Medium Star*
Large Lamp*
Large Star*
Coins x100,000*
Aurora title Scroll
Festive title Scroll
Fairylight Fishing token
Festive Warrior (Skeleton Warrior) scroll
Purple Santa Hat Emote Token
Black Santa Hat Emote Token
White Party Cracker Emote Token
Blue Party Cracker Emote Token
Black Party Cracker Emote Token
Purple Santa Hat

*Ironman players cannot acquire these items from the respective presents.

** Ironman players will receive 5000 oddments instead of the coin prize in the Santa's Christmas gift.

Wrapping up

Don't forget to join us on Sunday at the Christmas Village from 20:00 Game time for the arrival of Santa and another chance at winning your very own Black Party Hat! You'll also have a final chance to find one on New Years Eve at the same time.

From Christmas Day until January 3rd at 23:59 GMT, there's also another present waiting for you in the Land of Snow. Crack open the Giant Present near Not-So-Secret Santa to see what's inside!

From all of us here in the RuneScape team, we wish you all a lovely holiday. See you in 2024.

- The Runescape Team

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