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Birthday Bonanza & Vorkath Updates- This Week In RuneScape

Written by developer on . Posted in RuneScape News

Birthday celebrations are upon us – grab some interesting daily buffs and work towards unlocking a very Fancy Hat! Plus, there's a new item on the Vorkath loot table…

Birthday Buff Bonanza
Buff up to unlock the Fancy Hat!

Come one, come all to the Birthday Buff Bonanza!

From the launch of today’s update until January 21st you can access a daily power up, progressing towards unlocking your very own Fancy Hat. It's the perfect way to celebrate RuneScape’s recent birthday!

Hat's Fancy....

What goes well with a pair of Fancy Boots? Why, a Fancy Hat of course!

Earning yours is as simple as logging in and activating the buffs during the event days. Each activation from January 8th to 21st will earn you progress towards the fanciest hat in all of Gielinor! But there are two, you say? That's right, you'll get both a Fancy Hat and a Fancy Hat (Retro) – they're unlocked at the same time!

Choose Your Bonus!

Each day you’ll be presented with a choice between three different buffs. The choice will be the same for all players each day, but you can only choose one per day, so choose wisely…

Buffs loosely fit into three categories of Combat, Skilling or Miscellaneous, with effects such as ‘Devout: Prayer points don't drain while Prayers are active.’ or ‘Kleptomaniac: Pickpocketing never fails.’ Expand the section below to see each of the buffs and when they will be available!

Click here for the full table

Name Type Buff When is it available?
Devout Combat Prayer Points don't drain while Prayers are active. January 8th & 16th
Efficient Gatherer Skill 20% chance to receive an additional item when gathering resources with gathering skills. Any additional items received this way will be sent to your bank, except for Divination memories, which are sent to your backpack. January 8th & 20th
Infinite Ammunition Misc Cannons don't require or consume cannonballs. January 8th
Runic Focus Combat Combat spells, teleports and Necromancy incantations don't require runes. XP received from casting these spells and incantations is reduced by 90%. January 9th & 15th
Ritualistic Skill +50% Necromancy ritual output. January 9th & 16th
Acrobatic Misc The cooldown of Escape, Surge, Dive and Bladed Dive is reduced from 20.4 seconds to 4.8 seconds. January 9th & 18th
Kleptomaniac Skill Pickpocketing never fails. January 10th
Egil's Apprentice Misc +200% Artisans' Workshop respect. January 10th
High Metabolism Combat +100% healing from food and potions. January 11th & 17th
Meticulous Skill +100% Archaeology precision. +50% chance of finding materials while excavating. January 11th & 17th
Lunar Prodigy Misc +300% produce points at the Livid Farm. January 11th
Energetic Combat +1% adrenaline gained from basic abilities that generate adrenaline. This effect does not stack with the Fury of the Small relic power. January 10th & 19th
Metalwork Mastery Skill Stamina doesn't decrease when mining. Heat doesn't decrease while smithing. January 12th & 19th
Three Times the Charm Misc Summoning charms that are dropped on death by enemies, except for the Arch-Glacor, are tripled. January 12th & 19th
Death's Favour Combat Deaths are safe. Upon death, you respawn in a safe area with all of your items and equipment. January 13th & 20th
Killer Contracts Combat +100% Slayer points and Reaper points. Free Slayer VIP choices. Free Soul Reaper assignment choices. January 12th
Trailblazer Misc +100% Treasure Trail Points from completing Treasure Trails. January 13th & 20th
Hazelmere's Blessing Combat 5% chance per dropped item to double enemy drops. January 14th & 21st
Boon of The Artisan Skill 20% chance to save resources when training Construction, Crafting, Firemaking or Fletching.
20% chance to produce double items when training Cooking, Herblore and Runecrafting.
20% chance to gain double progress when Smithing.
January 14th & 21st
Passive Regeneration Misc Life Points, Prayer Points and Summoning Points regenerate by 10% every 6 seconds outside of combat. January 14th & 21st
Oracle Skill +100% divine energy when harvesting from a Divination spring and +100% energy when converting memories to energy. January 15th
Ashes to Ashes Combat All enemies drop noted ashes on death. January 15th
Treeshaker Misc +200% chance to find a bird's nest when woodcutting. January 16th
Skill You will periodically gain rare items while training non-combat skills. January 13th & 18th
Soul Catcher Misc +200% chance to catch Slayer monsters using Ushabti. January 17th
Thrillseeker Combat The Slayer counter doesn't decrease. January 18th
Once you’ve chosen, you get a two hour buff that only ticks down while you are logged in. Feel free to take breaks! If the day ticks over while your buff is still active, you will be able to keep using it for its remaining duration as long as you don't log out or hit the lobby. Doing so will remove your active buff and give you the new day’s choice of buffs. You will not be able to stack multiple buffs on the same day.

If you’re unsure which to pick, don't fret – you can hide the window and choose later when you have decided what goals you want to work towards that day!


Do I have to pick a buff if I just want the Hat?

You will only gain progress when you choose a buff, unless you're an Ironman or Free to play player.

What about Ironman and free-to-play ‘Scapers? Can they get the rewards?

These players will be able to earn progress towards the Fancy Hat Cosmetic Overrides but will not be able access the daily buff systems.

I picked the wrong buff, or changed my mind, can I go back?

Unfortunately, once a buff has been chosen for the day you will not be able to change it. Remember you can hide the window initially, so you don't have to pick right away.

I joined this event late and won't be able to earn the Fancy Hat, will it make a return?

We are reviewing alternative methods to earn these items post-event, such as a similar event in the future or via Premier Club tokens.

Vorkath Feedback Update & Drop Tables
Up-scaling Hard Mode

Back in November we made some updates to the Vorkath encounter. We wanted to encourage players to step into Hard Mode, and improve the loot tables with player feedback. Today we're adding a new item to the Vorkath Loot table and collection log – the Vorkath Scale!

This Hard Mode-only crafting material will allow you to directly enhance your Dracolich Armour from t90 to t92 without the need for Ancient scales or other materials. Don't worry, those options will still exist if you want an alternate route to enhance the armour – but now you will be able to gather all the materials you would need directly from Vorkath!

Our intention is to improve the existing loot table and give players a path towards the t92 armour that doesn't require them to go off and farm a different piece of content. Since the boss launched, you've asked us for a more direct chase item tied to Vorkath. We hope this new addition will help smooth out the experience for players seeking more valuable rewards for your extra effort.

As mentioned, this will be added to the Collection Log. If you've already completed the log, you'll retain the title, but the scale will not be marked as unlocked on your log – so you will want to get a hold of one when you can. Finally as with previous changes to the loot table, players will be unable to challenge the boss until they have opened their currently available caskets.

Loot Table

With a new item on the collection log to hunt down, now is a good time for us to lay out the drop table for Vorkath and Zemouregal. With the casket system in place, players receive multiple rolls on these tables depending on which casket they are opening (4 rolls for normal and 8 for hard). But despite multiple rolls occuring, you'll only be rolling on the rare items once per casket, so there won't be a moment when someone hits the jackpot and hits 8 Codices in one kill.

With the Hard Mode table being a lot more generous with its rare chances, you'll definitely see a marked improvement by pushing yourself to the harder mode.

Normal Mode

  • Vorkath Spike - 1 in 50
  • Invoke Lord of Bones Incantation Codex - 1 in 300
  • Vorkath Claw (Pet) - 1 in 2,000*
  • Vorkath Death Guard/Lantern Cosmetic Token - 1 in 5,000
  • Hard Mode

  • Vorkath Spike - 1 in 15
  • Invoke Lord of Bones Incantation Codex / Vorkath Scale - 1 in 125**
  • Vorkath Claw (Pet) - 1 in 1000*
  • Vorkath Death Guard/Lantern Cosmetic Token - 1 in 2500
  • *Pet Threshold is at 400 kills and is shared across both modes.

    ** Vorkath Scale only available in Hard Mode and shares a drop chance with the Invoke Lord of Bones Incantation Codex. Once the chance is hit, it's 50/50 to get either the scale or the codex.

    Livestream Calendar
    Upcoming Livestreams!

    Thursday January 11th | 17:00 Game Time | A Stroll around Kandarin

    Join Mod Blkwitch as they show Mod Doom and all of us around the new and improved Kandarin region

    Watch the show live at Twitch.TV/RuneScape

    Treasure Hunter Calendar
    What's up next?

    Starts January 9th | Ends January 10th | Genie's Wishes

    Be careful what you wish for... you might just get it! Find Karima in your chest to make your wish come true – or enhance your next wish for even greater rewards!

    Starts January 11th | Ends January 15th | Dragon's Dozen

    Fill the gems with 12 prizes and then open the chest to win a prize from your chosen selection!

    Patch Notes
    Fixes and Improvements in this Week's Game Update

    Christmas Village

    • The Peppermint Outfit and the combined hat and scarf can no longer be keepsaked. They will instead be unlocked automatically in the wardrobe as soon as the requirements are met. Any previously keepsaked items have been cleared and the keys have been refunded.
    • The Christmas 2023 music track will now unlock automatically on login.

    Vorkath & Zemouregal

    • A new item, Vorkath's scale, obtained as a rare drop from hard mode Zemouregal and Vorkath, can be used to upgrade Dracolich armour to Elite Dracolich armour 1:1. This acts as an alternative upgrade path to Ancient Scales.
    • Vorkath's Scale has been added as a requirement to complete the boss Collection Log, if not already completed.
    • Fixed an issue where players could join another player's instance once the bosses were already defeated.
    • Players can now set fastest kill times when fighting Vorkath and Zemouregal in hard mode.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the phase markers on Vorkath's HP in the Battle of Forinthry fight to display the wrong information.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the phase indicators in the Zamorak fight to display the incorrect HP and be stacked at one location.
    • Players now have to be present when starting the Zemouregal and Vorkath fight via the gate to be able to claim loot.
    • Killcount achievements for Vorkath and Zemouregal will now be displayed correctly.
    • Fixed the issue that caused clues to drop on the ground when gaining a Vorkath Shard with the Charos' Clue Carrier equipped.


    • Players can no longer use a powerburst of acceleration to skip certain boss mechanics.
    • Spencer has reclaimed Santa's activity flyers and packed up his noticeboards for the year.
    • Reduced Skybox transition speed during the Araxxor boss fight.
    • The Seer's Headband 4 cosmetic override should now unlock as expected.
    • If the cosmetic override remains unavailable after the completion of the Seer's Village elite taskset, talk to the Seer Taskmaster about buying the spare rewards (it's not necessary to buy any).
    • Fixed a bug in the The Light Within quest where Seren wasn't visible in certain cutscenes.
    • The Indicator for reputation gained appears with every activity performed within Menaphos.
    • Vorago no longer shrinks during phase transitions.
    • The Earhart Penguin Token now appears in the search function of the Grand Exchange.
    • Overhead emotes correctly fit inside their containers in the Community Tab and Emotes view without overlapping the scrollbar.
    • The tooltip info for the Treasure Hunter keys is updated after using the keys.
    • The 60th Protean log will now be used when throwing on a bonfire.
    • The Raksha, the Shadow Colossus miniquest can now be started if you have started but not completed the Helping Laniakea miniquest.
    • The Bank chest in the Fort Forinthry workshop can once again be used if the workshop is not built.
    • The Magic Golem set is now stored as a replica item inside the keepsake storage. As such, players are now able to reclaim it from Diango's Storage if they destroy the original outfit.
    • In-game dialogue has been updated to better reflect Mandrith's location.
    • Fixed an issue with one of the drawers on Entrana.
    • Fixed on issue with the auto-compost feature in the Herblore Habitat.
    • Fixed an issue with the Sneakerpeeper pet being unobtainable from the Rewards trader in Daemonheim.
    • Repairing the Frozen Key by Bob now correctly applies the Smithing level discount.
    • An issue with the sign of the porter not banking the correct amount of Phoenix feather has been fixed.
    • Fixed a crash that would occur when using the reset option multiple times on puzzle Clue Scrolls.
    • Fixed an issue where T3 Elder Troves would only give out a fixed two manuscript pages, rather than the intended two or three.
    • Fixed a loading fault where the Daughter of Chaos instance loading could cause a progression issue.
    • Fixed an issue with the bonfire not rewarding the player with a Life Point boost.
    • Decreased the font inside the trading window in order for items with longer names to fit.
    • Fixed an issue where using the Blood Siphon ability with a Blood Reaver familiar would unexpectedly close open interfaces.
    • Players are no longer prevented to use the Mask of the Abyss teleport with a Cannon in their inventory.
    • Some issues with broken Gravite weapons have been fixed.
    • The 'Natural Instinct' ability won't be disabled when trying to use quick prayers without any Prayer Points.
    • An option to reset the Player-Owned Ports tutorial has been added.
    • Dungeoneering Token Boxes are no longer bankable.
      • Boxes that are already within your Bank will be handled at a later date.
    • The Premier Artefact's experience bonus perk now works with the Advanced Pulse Cores while training the Prayer skill by offering bones on any Altar.
    • Players are now able to rest with the Wraith Walk override active.
    • Dying in the Clan Wars free-for-all portal with a Beret and Mask will now correctly drop a Black Beret.
    • A ladder on Lunar Isle can now be accessed and used in both directions.
    • Guthixian caches no longer forcibly remove players while Wilderness Flash Event windows are present.
    • Fixed an issue preventing the Morytania legs 4 and Falador shield 4 from being unlocked after claiming rewards from the taskmaster.
    • The Scrimshaw of Sacrifice can no longer be abused to gain drops as well as XP.
    • Patch bombing the Het's Oasis cactus patch, with the Hard Desert tasks completed, will now give six cactus spines instead of three.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Charmed Sack stages to upgrade all at once during the Nexus minigame.
    • Fixed an issue with the Ozan's Hair and the Shadow Ozan's Hair activating a different hairstyle.
    • Player is no longer teleported into the bandstand when accepting the Quest Portal teleport to That Old Black Magic: Hermy and Bass.
    • Necromancy Runes and Ectoplasm can now be taken to the Anima Islands' D&D.
    • The Herman Summon override no longer grows in size when taking damage.
    • The Necromancy conjures won't despawn anymore after spawning a mogre.
    • Fixed an issue causing the Woodcutting Green colour on the Completionist Cape colour presets to appear as Bright Pink – and added that Bright Pink as a colour preset for those who took a liking to it!
    • Fixed an issue where the Custom-fit Trimmed Masterwork Platebody and Augmented Custom-fit Trimmed Masterwork Platebody sent a Degrade message to the chat when the charges were 52.5% or lower instead of 5%.
    • The plank-making interface now correctly scales on mobile devices.
    • Added blocking to a few of the steeper hills on Entrana.
    • Added a two-tile distance check to the Load Last Preset option on banker NPCs, to match their Talk, Bank and Collect options.
    • Resolved an issue with spore gathering at Croesus when using Porters in certain instances.
    • Fixed an error that would appear when moving a partially folded Alloy Bar to another slot in the Backpack whilst folding. Now, an appropriate message will appear if the bar is moved.
    • Scroll bars in interfaces have been fixed to allow longer text strings to work with the scroll function.
    • Dragon Mattocks obtained from an Ancient Casket are recorded in the Adventurer's Log now.
    • Benedict and his Scrap Book will now give the player clear sense of progression during the quest.


    • Fixed a crash that could occur on launch when using multi-monitor setups.
    • Fixed an issue where radial entity highlights were more transparent the closer they were to the player.
    • Fixed flickering player highlights that occured when using "ALWAYS" as their visibility mode.
    • Fixed a rare geometry flicker when rotating the camera.
    • Fixed an issue with billboards and animated models.
    • Fixed an issue where some objects were not receiving outlines when entity highlighting is enabled.
    • Fixed visual flickering when using Intel integrated graphic cards.
    • Fixed 4k native rendering not working and blurry interface at scales below 100% on Windows 8.1 or older, and in some rare cases on Windows 10/11.
    • Improved loading performance on certain iOS devices such as A10X-based devices.
    • Improved UI readability when either using 70 to 100% interface scaling or when resizing the window manually.
    • Improved graphic stability.
    • Increased the distance at which radial entity highlights are visible.
    • Optimised the volumetric scattering effect.

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    SprigganSir with a delightful depiction of Vorkath.
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    - The RuneScape Team

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