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Housing of Parliament - Necromancy Update

Written by developer on . Posted in RuneScape News

The City of Um is a mercurial place, built from the memories of the departed. As souls come and go, things change - and with change, comes opportunity. Ritual Glyphs behaving in new ways, new gems appearing in the ritual chest, a new arrival in the Owlery or even the essence of a beloved feline changing colour...

Housing of Parliament

A new short quest, ‘hoot’ off the presses!

RuneScape's latest quest takes us swooping back into the City of Um to help bring some life (or... well... you know) to a quiet corner of the City: the Owlery!

This area is looking a little run down – but now, helpful adventurers who don't mind getting their hands dirty can help clean the place up and make it a more desirable place for our feathered friends to visit.

Players will need to reach level 54 in Necromancy after completing the Necromancy! quest to unlock this quest. Completing it will count as the 450th Quest Point, meaning that players who have completed all previous quests will be able to collect a new tier of Magical Dice from May’s Caravan outside Varrock.

Moonstone Jewellery

Aah, you were at my side, all along...

Upon completing the Housing of Parliament quest, players will be rewarded with a new kind of Gemstone - the mysterious and enchanting Moonstone. These hauntingly beautiful gems will require real expertise to craft, so don your apron and consult with the Former Master Crafter to learn the tricks of the trade.

You’ll need 67 Crafting to cut Moonstones, and as your Crafting level grows you’ll be able to add them to Rings, Necklaces, Amulets and Bracelets.

These adularescent adornments sit between Dragonstone and Onyx – and we’re excited to explore their full potential in further updates!

Moonstones are available as a drop from Ghost Implings around the City of Um, and as a reward from Ritual Disturbances.

Speaking of rituals…

Protection Glyphs

Stop! In the name of… glyphs?

Since Necromancy's release, we've seen Necromancers-in-training earn billions of XP every single day from rituals – so it’s no surprise that we've had a wealth of feedback on the topic.

Two of those points of feedback were around Protection Glyphs and the utility they offer to those willing to use them, and Ritual Disturbances being too punitive with the limited time window they appear for. We've been able to mitigate these two points of feedback with a singular change - Protection Glyphs will now prolong Ritual Disturbances and give you those precious seconds you might need to dispel corrupt glyphs or a wandering soul.


His time in Um is short, and so is he.

Thalmund, the mighty Imcando Dwarf of legend, will appear in the City of Um near Kili's Forge on Wednesdays. He carries a range of Necromancy-themed wares, such as Ensouled Cloth, Thread and Bars. Thalmund's stock is limited, so players will need to be quick on the draw to pick up an extra crafting component or two to help them on their journey! Ironman Accounts will also be able to utilise Thalmund's wares.

Thalmund is also willing to impart some knowledge from his experiences in his past life for those willing to listen. Seven bits of knowledge, to be precise! Those who hear all of Thalmund's tales will be rewarded with the Friend of the Imcando achievement and earn themselves 20 RuneScore. This achievement will be needed for the Master Quest Cape. The grace period is until March 27th, the earliest possible date players can have spoken to Thalmund all seven times.

To speak to Thalmund, you must have completed the Kili Row quest.


Nine Lives, Two Skins

Miso, faithful companion of Rasial, is getting a new look! After defeating Rasial 1,000 times, players who have found Miso's Collar will be able to call upon Miso with a breathtaking new look (for those still drawing breath in the City of Um). Check the top-right corner of the Pet interface to toggle the alternative skin once it’s unlocked.

Combat Rebalancing

When life hangs in the balance, tipping the scales can make all the difference.

Across Gielinor, we've seen adventurers answer the call to Necromancy and start new journeys into the world of combat. With that newfound desire to forge ahead through the world and do battle with whatever stands before you, we heard feedback that some early-game enemies felt particularly punitive and suspiciously spiteful - they simply hit too hard and took too little damage. With that in mind, we've brought various enemies down a peg to make them feel a little less daunting for new players. From Ankou to Turoths, Crawling Hands to Hobgoblins, you can expect to see a lot of enemies in the early stages of your combat journey becoming slightly more manageable.

We’re excited to expand on Necromancy and explore more of the City of Um. Who knows whose memories might change the fabric of the city next? We’re also thrilled to see players introduce their dyeable Tier 95 Necromancy gear into their FashionScape collections – look forward to more information on that topic very soon!

As always, your feedback is appreciated and valued, so feel free to let us know how you're finding this update on our Official Discord or Subreddit. Good luck out there, 'Scapers!

- The RuneScape Team

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