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RuneScape Kingdoms Board Game & Roleplaying Game - Out Now!

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Board Game and Roleplaying Game - Out Now!  

RuneScape comes to the tabletop! The RuneScape Kingdoms Board Game and Roleplaying Game, published by Steamforged Games, hit retailers around the world today*.

For the full range, including exclusives, check out Steamforged’s store.  For alternative stockists of the core retail lines, search ‘RuneScape Kingdoms’ to find online stores, or visit your friendly local board game retailer to order a copy.

If you’re an early bird who already has a copy, keep reading! We’ll be updating this newspost with more resources from Steamforged, including blogs about the games, tips for running a TTRPG campaign, miniature painting tutorials (bring a magnifying glass for that one) and playthroughs!

* due to shipping issues in the Red Sea, UK/EU retail release of the board game may be delayed until early March.

RuneScape Kingdoms Board Game

RuneScape Kingdoms is a cooperative campaign board game you can play alone or with up to four friends!

Step into the sometimes epic, often irreverent world of Gielinor where your goal could be simple: Become the wealthiest, most skilled, best-geared adventurer there is! Alternatively, you could figure out how to get just enough of all three to succeed as a party and win the day. You could even spend the whole time collecting cabbages and simply let your friends do what they do best. The choices are yours!

However you decide to play, Gielinor needs capable folk to help its inhabitants and keep monsters at bay, and that’s where you step in. One minute you’re slaying a vampyre that’s been terrorising a village. The next, you’re helping Gertrude find her beloved cat!

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Like chapters in a book, your tabletop adventure is split into campaigns, each one inspired by an iconic quest. Campaigns are made up of two phases:

First is the exploration phase, where you’ll explore the kingdoms of Asgarnia and Misthalin from above on a game board styled like a fast-travel map. Every location gives you different things to do — whether that’s gathering and sharing resources, levelling up skills, or drawing from the exploration deck for a surprise encounter! Expansions can also add other regions to the game, expanding the game board even further.

Don’t get too distracted, though! The exploration phase has set quests you’ll need to complete to keep your group moving forward. Spend too long gathering cabbages or engaging in goblin diplomacy, and the escalation track will rise, making the world around you more dangerous until you finally take on the boss…

In the second phase, you’ll face the boss. Zoom in for face-to-face fights on dedicated game boards that bring the bosses — and their lairs — to life!  Each boss will take all the skills of your group — yes, even Cooking — to defeat. Pulled into close combat on unfamiliar terrain, your group’s shared health pool is all that stands between you and Death. Roll the dice to strike, protect yourself, and push the boss back. Use your wits to plan ahead and influence the flow of combat to throw the boss off balance. Don’t expect the boss to take your onslaught lying down – they, too, have ways to keep you on your toes...

The story woven through each campaign will immerse you in the world of Gielinor, while optional side quests, exploration decks, a vault, and an event deck will let you play your way for a new experience every time.

Even your adventurer starts as a blank slate. There are no fixed classes in this game! You choose what skills to max and what gear to craft. Use those skills and gear to pass tests and complete quests to help your group win the day, then take what you’ve learned (and earned) on to the next campaign. Gain XP and level up to earn your all-important Cape!

RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg - The Core Game

The standalone core game is for 1-5 players and is required to play the expansions. It contains all the bits and pieces you need to play, alongside content for four replayable campaigns – Vampyre Slayer, Demon Slayer, Fire Slayer and Dragon Slayer, which combine to form one epic adventure.

Play through each of the 150-210 minute campaigns in one session or break them down into shorter play sessions.

What’s the story?

Gielinor teeters on the brink of disaster! In Misthalin, Count Draynor is out for blood... literally! Meanwhile, dark wizards hatch a secret plot to summon an ancient demon that can only be banished by a legendary sword. Dangerous fire cultists run amok, sowing discord and destruction. And all the while, the shadow of Elvarg looms ever larger over the kingdoms; an imminent threat to burn it all down…

What's in the box?

14 miniatures – five entry level player pieces, five levelled up player pieces and four bosses: Count Draynor, Delrith, TzTok-Jad and Elvarg!

One fast-travel map game board, four campaign boards, one mini-boss board, four dice, 20 character sheets, 450+ tokens, 350+ cards, and one Rulebook.

Deluxe Edition

This exclusive Deluxe Edition takes your adventures in Gielinor to the next level!

Explore on a deluxe neoprene map. Test your skills with limited edition dice. Face your toughest foes on double-sided neoprene versions of each boss battleground. Level-up your resource gathering with deluxe wooden tokens. Do it all with a spring in your step — and a jingle in your pocket — with a bounty of metal ‘gold pieces’!

What’s in the Box?

One neoprene game mat, four double-sided neoprene boss battlegrounds, four limited edition D10 dice, 90+ wooden tokens, and 18 metal coins.

Culinaromancer Expansion

The Culinaromancer expansion features the Recipe for Calamity side quest, a special-edition extended side quest inspired by the iconic Recipe for Disaster quest.

Click here for more Info

What’s the story?

This expansion’s boss, the nefarious Culinaromancer, has a trick up his sleeve – he can move around the main map and turn up the heat on your adventures with deadly food golems. This ghoulish gourmand has been stalking the kingdoms, imprisoning NPCs with his delicious – but dangerous – dishes. You’ll need to collect the special ingredients and cook your way to safety!

Encounter the iconic Noob NPC, put your Cooking skills to the test, and become a truly ‘seasoned’ ‘Scaper in this epic campaign.

What’s in the Box?

Two beautifully sculpted miniatures (Culinaromancer and Noob), one boss fight board, 60+ cards, and one Rulebook.

King Black Dragon Expansion: A Cat’s Tale of Triple Trouble

The King Black Dragon expansion grows your RuneScape Kingdoms universe with the King Black Dragon boss, a feline ally in the form of Bob the Cat, a new Prayer skill, the Wilderness map, and a whole new campaign that will test your dragon-slaying mettle! It’s packed with new side quests, vault cards, and events, plus new items to discover, craft, and equip on your path to victory.

Click here for more Info

What’s the story?

In the heart of the Wilderness lies the lair of the King Black Dragon. A fearsome, three-headed beast infamous for dealing burning, freezing, electrifying and poisonous death to unfortunate adventurers! Luckily for you, Bob the Cat is here to lend a helping paw! Still, you may want to say a Prayer before taking this quest on…

What’s in the Box?

Two beautifully sculpted miniatures (King Black Dragon and Bob the Cat), one Wilderness game board, one campaign board, 70+ tokens, 90+ cards, and one Rulebook.

Kalphite Queen Expansion: Infestation of Doubt

The Kalphite Queen expansion sees your party tackle royal trouble, with the Kalphite Queen boss, Osman the Spymaster, the new Summoning skill, the Al Kharid map, and a whole new campaign to play! It’s packed with new side quests, vault cards, and events, plus new items to discover, craft, and equip on your path to victory.

Click here for more Info

What’s the story?

With whispers carried on desert winds, you may feel the truth has… well, deserted you. Osman and his spies have spun a sticky web to ensnare the city of Al Kharid, and only the worthiest adventurers can unpick and unstick it! Meanwhile, rumours buzz of a kalphite hive beyond the Shantay Pass, dangerously close to the city…

What’s in the Box?

Two beautifully sculpted miniatures (Kalphite Queen and Osman the Spymaster), one Al Kharid game board, one campaign board, 70+ tokens, 95+ cards, and one Rulebook.

TzKal-Zuk Expansion: War of the Jal

The TzKal-Zuk expansion turns up the heat with a fiery new boss to face, the Wise Old Man NPC, the new Runecrafting skill, the TzHaar City map, and a whole new campaign that leads to a scorching showdown against TzKal-Zuk himself! It’s packed with new side quests, vault cards, and events, plus new items to discover, craft, and equip on your path to victory.

Click here for more Info

What’s the story?

Deep beneath Gielinor, an Inferno rages. There, amidst a seething mass of feral minions, TzKal-Zuk awaits a worthy challenger! Will you be the ones to defeat him at last?

What’s in the Box?

Two beautifully sculpted miniatures (TzKal-Zuk and Wise Old Man), one TzHaar City game board, one campaign board, 60 tokens, 99 cards, and one Rulebook.

Kickstarter and Steamforged Games: Exclusive Bundles and Global Availability

The RuneScape Kingdoms Board Game was successfully funded on Kickstarter all the way back in 2022. Early backers were able to get their hands on the core game, expansions, and the deluxe edition at a special Kickstarter price.

Don’t worry, though – although only the core game and the King Black Dragon Expansion are available from general retail, Steamforged still has some copies of the other expansions and the Deluxe Edition. They’re available exclusively on Steamforged’s online store, while stocks last. Get ‘em before they’re gone!

Steamforged are only able to ship to places listed on their delivery info page.

If you are outside of these territories, you can still purchase the core game and the King Black Dragon expansion from other retailers.

J-Mod Playthroughs

  • Watch Mods Doom and Sarnie play through the Demon Slayer campaign with Jamie Perkins, the board game product lead from Steamforged! Will our intrepid heroes save the day, or leave Varrock to its fate? There’s only one way to find out... get watching!

Steamforged Blogs

Our friends at Steamforged have been blogging about all the coolest parts of the game. Check out this link to read all about it!

Other Board Game Resources

Visit the RuneScape Kingdoms pages in the resources section of the Steamforged Games website for supporting assets, including copies of the rulebooks and printable character sheets!

You can also check out Mod Alex’s twitter account , where he documented painting some of the miniatures during the Kickstarter back in 2022, and may be turning his hand to more soon...

RuneScape Kingdoms Board Game Community

Find fellow players and talk about the game on the official Steamforged Discord! Alternatively, check out the RuneScape Kingdoms Facebook group.

Set the Mood With a RuneScape Soundtrack!

These Spotify playlists are crammed with Rune Tunes to enhance your tabletop experience:

RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game

If you’re looking for an even bigger adventure, then the RuneScape Kingdoms Roleplaying Game is for you! This TTRPG (that’s Tabletop Roleplaying Game, for the uninitiated) is separate from the Board Game and played in a totally different way.  

All you need to play is a core book that gives you the rules of the world you’ll be exploring, a pen, some paper, and some dice. You’ll also need a Game Master to run the game (perhaps that could be you!) and a group of friends to form an adventuring party. You can even play solo!

What's in the book?

RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game is a fully illustrated, hardback book that contains everything you need to create immersive fantasy roleplaying campaigns set in the world of Gielinor, and send your characters on adventures inspired by RuneScape and Old School RuneScape.

It’s a core book, which means it includes a complete roleplaying system. It’s designed to be easy to learn, even if you’re new to roleplaying games. This system is unique to Gielinor, developed by Steamforged to really capture the essence of playing RuneScape and Old School RuneScape on the tabletop.

Flex your questing skills and create fun, unique content inspired by your favourite in-game moments!

Click here for more Info


  • A comprehensive guide to Gielinor, filled with classic RuneScape locations and lore.
  • Everything you need to play, all in one book. A lifetime of adventure at your fingertips!
  • Full character generation rules — build your new hero, exactly as you want them.
  • Complete core rules — an elegant 3d6 system crafted to capture the essence of RuneScape; easy to learn for players and game masters alike.
  • Magic, Prayer, and Summoning — a full guide to the mighty forces you can unleash on your enemies.
  • Crafting and Equipment — Fishing, Mining,’s all here!
  • Game Master Advice — an array of tips and tricks for running games that feel like RuneScape brought to life.
  • An extensive bestiary — iconic characters, NPCs, and bosses you’ll learn to love (and hate).
  • Over 200 pages of RuneScape roleplaying content, for infinite hours of play!

It’s time to max out your legend!

We’re going to let Richard August, the writer of the guide from Steamforged Games, tell you more:

There are two editions of the tabletop roleplaying game available:

  • RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game - Available from local bookstores, pop culture and tabletop hobby retailers around the world!.  Search for RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game to find online stockists, or order direct from Steamforged Games .
  • RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game Collector’s Edition Wrapped in a luxurious, leather-effect cover and embossed with gold text, with a ribbon bookmark, this highly collectable, limited edition of RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game is essential for any ‘Scaper seeking the crown of their roleplaying collection. Available exclusively from Steamforged’s webstore

If you order either edition direct from Steamforged’s webstore, you’ll get immediate access to the PDF version of the core book so you can start playing right away!

Steamforged only ship to the markets listed on their delivery info page.

High Rollers Playthrough

Europe’s biggest RPG streamers, the High Rollers themselves, played a unique one-shot in the world of RuneScape Kingdoms! With guest appearances from Mods Ayiza and Mohawk, you won’t want to miss this adventure! Catch it at 6 pm (GMT) on the 29th of February on Twitch and a few days later on Youtube.

Twinnrova Solo Playthrough

Did you know that you can also enjoy RuneScape Kingdoms as a solo roleplaying game? Check out Twinnrova’s insightful YouTube series, covering character creation and solo gameplay using the Mystic platform  

Roleplaying Game Resources:

Check out the RuneScape Kingdoms pages in the resource section of the Steamforged Games website for loads of free resources, including printable character sheets!

Steamforged Blogs

Steamforged’s blog is full of TTRPG tips, including how to play the game, creating an authentically RuneScapey atmosphere, and integrating classic quests into your campaign!

You can read all about the making of RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game in their first blog.

RuneScape Kingdoms Board Game Community

Assemble your party and talk about the game on the official Steamforged Discord.

Set the Mood With a RuneScape Soundtrack!

These Spotify playlists are crammed with Rune Tunes to enhance your tabletop experience:

We can’t wait to see the hours of fun you have playing the RuneScape Kingdoms games! You can share your adventures in all the usual places, plus the official Steamforged Discord.

- The RuneScape Team

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