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New Luck Items & Luck Rework

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

This week, we've overhauled one of RuneScape's most venerable systems – luck.

Where there were once but a few ways of manipulating your combat and skilling fortunes, now there are more – tailored for various phases of your RuneScape adventure.

Since the Game Jam, Mod Timbo's worked tirelessly to gather your feedback and put together the rework released today. Read on for full details.

How Does Luck Work?

Luck is a hidden stat that affects your chance of benefiting from:

  • Rare drops from Slayer
  • Unique drops from bosses
  • Clue-specific rewards from clue scrolls
  • Favourable skilling procs (see below)
  • Accessing the rare drop table (now granting an additional drop, not a replacement)

Luck-enhancing items now fall on one of four tiers. Tiers 1-3 affect content specific to certain level ranges. Tier 4 affects content of all levels, along with some extra benefits of its own.

What Content Does Luck Affect?

Tier 1

  • Level 1-50 Slayer monsters
  • Easy clues
  • Bosses:
    • KBD
    • Giant Mole
  • Increased chance to access the rare drop table

Tier 2

  • Level 51-80 Slayer monsters
  • Skilling:
    • Mining Gems
    • Jewelled statuettes and tradeable Sceptre from Pyramid Plunder
    • Opening Shade chests
    • Flash Powder Factory rubble searching
  • Medium clues
  • Bosses:
    • Chaos Elemental
    • Kalphite Queen
    • Exiled Kalphite Queen
    • God Wars Dungeon 1 (not Nex)
    • Barrows
    • Dagannoth Kings
  • Increased chance to access the rare drop table, and to receive better loot from it

Tier 3

  • Level 81-99 Slayer monsters
  • High-level skilling:
    • Rare drops from Elf City pickpocketing
    • Increased chance of Black Ibis outfit
    • Improved loot from kingly implings
    • Improved chance of Sceptre of the Gods
  • Hard clues
  • Bosses:
    • Queen Black Dragon
    • Nex
    • God Wars Dungeon 2 (not Telos)
    • Kalphite King
    • Corporeal Beast
  • Further chance to access the rare drop table, and to receive better loot from it

Tier 4

  • All Slayer monsters
  • All skilling
  • Elite clues, and lower
  • Bosses:
    • Angel of Death
    • Telos
    • Raids
    • Rise of the Six
    • Vorago
    • Araxxor/Araxxi
    • All lower-tier bosses
  • Yet further increased chance to access the rare drop table, to receive better loot from it, and to receive certain unique drops.

Luck-Enhancing Items

Ring of Luck


  • Level 15 ring stats (+3 to all styles, no armour)
  • Tier 1 luck enhancement

To craft:

  • 11 Crafting, 7 Magic
  • Silver bar, cut lapis lazuli, ring mould, water rune, cosmic rune

Other Info:

  • Note that while this item is only craftable by members, it can be bought and used by free players.

Ring of Wealth


  • Level 40 ring stats (+10 to all styles, no armour)
  • Tier 2 luck enhancement

To craft:

  • 55 Crafting, 68 Magic
  • Gold bar, cut dragonstone, ring mould, 15 water runes, 15 earth runes, cosmic rune

Other Info:

  • This is the existing ring of wealth, with new stats and its luck effects updated to the new Tier 2 set.

Ring of Fortune


  • Level 50 ring stats (+13 to all styles, no armour)
  • Tier 3 luck enhancement

To craft:

  • 72 Crafting, 87 Magic
  • Gold bar, cut onyx, ring mould, 20 earth runes, 20 fire runes, cosmic rune

Other Info:

  • Takes the place of the Ring of Stone in the Crafting skill.
  • The existing ring of stone is unchanged, but is now a drop from TzHaar and TokHaar.
  • The requirement to cut onyx and make an onyx ring is now 72 Crafting.

Luck of the Dwarves


  • Level 60 ring stats (+17 to all styles, no armour)
  • Tier 4 luck enhancement

To craft:

  • 91 Crafting, 87 Magic, 60 Invention
  • Gold bar, cut alchemical onyx, 20 earth runes, 20 fire runes, cosmic rune

Other Info:

  • This new item requires a new material – alchemical onyx – created via the Invention skill.

Existing Luck Items

Collector's Insignia

  • When uncharged, the collector's insignia imparts tier 2 luck benefits.
  • When charged, it imparts tier 3 luck benefits, with charges that deplete with every kill, skilling action or clue.
  • It continues to grant its other benefits, such as increased Agility XP.

Luck Potion

  • The existing potion now imparts tier 2 luck benefits.
  • At 77 Herblore, it can be combined with 6 onyx bolt tips to make an enhanced luck potion, which imparts tier 3 luck benefits.

Leprechaun Hat

  • Works as a tier 2 luck item.

Lucky rabbits foot

  • Works as a tier 1 luck item.

Vecna skull

  • Continues to be dropped from the rare drop table, but now requires tier 4 luck to obtain.

Good luck!

Here's hoping for all the loot you could wish for with these luck-enhancing beauties. Give us your feedback - it's important to us

The RuneScape Team

In Other News

  • We've released all the details for the remaining name releases. If you've got your eye on a particular name, check here when it'll be released.
  • Mod Stu has made improvements to a number of older quests:
    • Imp Catcher has been rewritten, and is now based around performing a task for each of four imps in exchange for their beads.
    • Heroes' Quest no longer requires a second player to complete.

See the patch notes for further details of today's updates.

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