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Time to Train | Get Ready for Double XP

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

There's still time to chase those last few requirements and recommendations for Menaphos, and Double XP is on the way - it's Time to Train!

From 00:00 UTC on 17th May until 23:59 UTC on 22nd May, a whole host of training-enhancing items will be available on Treasure Hunter:

  • Prismatic lamps
  • Prismatic stars
  • Dungeoneering tokens
  • Silverhawk feathers
  • Protean packs
  • Advanced pulse cores
  • Portable skill stations
  • Skill outfit pieces
  • Spirit onyx
  • Training dummy crates

This is your chance to turbo-charge your training, so head to Treasure Hunter and start stocking up.


Have a great time exploring the desert.

Need more information on how the weekend works? Check out the Double XP Weekend page.

The RuneScape Team