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RuneLabs Reminder | Vote for Eastern Lands Content

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

Later this year, we are bringing you a new game area, the Eastern Lands: as chosen by you in a Player Power poll. This area will be designed by you, and filled with your ideas.

So the next step is to choose what you’ll be doing in there! Do you want to be playing a quest, participating in sailing activities, or expanding on the Player Owned Ports? Don’t feel limited to these ideas: the choice really is yours.

Submit your ideas on the RuneLabs home-page. Here, you will see a section called “Current Criteria”. Post suggestions that fulfil the criteria, or up-vote ideas that really get you excited!

You have until 15th February to suggest and vote for this content. Then, the top suggestions will be moved to a Player Power poll, where the winner will be determined. We can’t wait to get to work – so hurry up and choose it!

What do our Mods think?

Our Mods check RuneLabs too, so here are their picks of the Eastern Lands bunch so far. Will you help any of these win?

Mod Osborne - “The weather is a Boss” by Thegentleman

“I’m rooting for an idea called ‘Eastern Lands: The Weather is a Boss’, by Thegentleman. It’s on 4 supporters at the moment, so let’s give it a leg up! The player has rarely had to survive against the environment, and this idea puts the player in the role of a kind of Bear Grylls, taking on the most hazardous of locations and surviving. Love it!”

Check it out!

Mod Shauny - “Temple in the Sky” by Monkeymaner

“To me, attempting to do mid-to-high-level slayer in a "temple in the sky" makes me immediately want to go for this one!”

Check it out!

Mod MattHe - “Skilling Boss: The Angry Koala” by Bresmine

“Loads of us have wanted a skilling boss for ages and the Eastern Lands could be an awesome opportunity to get this into the game. The Islands, the strange creatures of the new area and all the new things that might be found there should give us a great chance to make something really special!”

Check it out!

The RuneScape Team