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BTS Video | Sliske's Scoreboard

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

Next week, Sliske shows that he's been keeping count of the Sixth Age's slain gods in no uncertain terms, popping a great big grinning scoreboard smack-bang in the middle of Varrock's Grand Exchange.

Mod Raven tells us how it'll track the progress of Sliske’s god-killing contest right up to its climax, and how you can claim an XP lamp each week by collecting Sliskelion pieces as you play.

'But why,' you might very well ask, 'are Gielinor's great and powerful at each other's throats in the first place?' Mod Osborne's here to recap Sliske’s story in time-honoured, rapid-fire style:

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RuneMetrics Q&A Recap

If you're looking to optimise your 'Scaping gains, RuneMetrics – a powerful game analytics suite, coming to RuneScape this month – is the way to go.

Mods Helen, Rascasse and Jack answered a whole bunch of your RuneMetrics questions in a live stream earlier this week, but if you missed it you can catch it here.

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See You Next Week!

Join us on Monday to take in Sliske's Scoreboard, and next Friday for a Behind the Scenes preview of Nomad's Elegy.

Have fun!

The RuneScape Team