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BTS Video | Nomad's Elegy

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

Next week, it's time for Nomad's Elegy – where you'll team up with friends past (and passed on) to take down the mad mage. Mod Raven's here to tell us more about the quest.

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Podcast | Zaros, Support Centre & Shauny's Top Tunes

A new fortnightly format means a broader range of topics for Mod Matthe and his brave podcast warriors. This bumper edition covers Zaros, our new Support Centre, and Mod Shauny's favourite RuneScape music.

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Developer Q&A Recap | Nomad's Elegy

The Dukes assembled earlier this week to answer your questions about Nomad's Elegy and show off some sneaky previews of the quest.

Didn't catch it? We've got you covered:

Valentine's Competition

Mod Kalaya's in the mood for love, and is running a Valentine's Competition - looking for romantic poems or heartfelt haikus from you to your favourite RuneScape NPCs.

The sincerest profession of love will be selected on Monday, and will snag some signed concept art.


Get ready for the mother of all stand-offs next week – and one heck of a quest. Have fun, and we'll see you on update day!

The RuneScape Team