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NXT Closed Beta Weekend #2 | 18th March 12:00 UTC

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

The second NXT closed beta weekend kicks off today at 12:00 UTC, ending on 21st March at 12:00 UTC.

Give yourself a head start right now by pre-downloading the client from the download page. Note that you’ll need to log in with an account eligible to access the beta.

You can check your eligibility against the following criteria:

  • Gold Premier Club members
  • Anyone who's had consecutive membership since 1st January 2014, with a break of no greater than 14 days
  • Anyone whose account was created before 1st March 2006 and had membership on that account at any point between 00:00 UTC on 1st January 2016 and 23:59 UTC on 17th March 2016
  • Holders of the Gamebreaker title

It’s time for even more of you to get hands on with this fantastic new client. We’d love it if you could drill down and really root out those bugs. You can file a bug report by clicking the flag icon in the in-game chat window, or by visiting the testers' forum section for NXT.

Just as importantly - we hope you have a blast!

The RuneScape Team