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Behind the Scenes | April 2016

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

I have some very exciting news to share with you this month, starting with a fantastic set of updates all about vampyres which culminates in the finale to the epic Myreque storyline – River of Blood.

For those who need a quick reminder, the Myreque plot started back in 2005 and is the brutal tale of a rag tag bunch of refugees, fighting a desperate battle against the darkness of Morytania. This 7-part chain of harsh horrors has taken us straight into the heart of the Vampyric homeland, and now its grim conclusion awaits those brave enough to stick their neck out amongst those who wish to feast from it.

Morytanian Madness (RuneScape members only)

If you’ve not quite got yourself ready for the Morytanian madness that awaits, we’ve got a month full of vampire-themed content to get the blood pumping, the first of which were calling, In Memory of the Myreque. In it, you’ll be able to build a monument in honour of those fallen friends you’ve lost in the quest series, creating statues for Construction XP which act like a super charged prayer altar, giving bonus prayer points to those that use it.

Players who complete these statues in April will receive even more rewards too, so stake your claim as soon as inhumanly possible!

You’ll also be able search the lands for the Lost Toys – a collection of 13 strange playthings which, when complete, can unlock a new cosmetic reward and earn you some precious columbarium keys. It’s a bit of fun to lift the dark and broody mood that vampyres tend to bring!

Finally, you’ll be able to explore the new ghoulish crypt we’ll be adding, complete with a new, high-level “ravenous ghoul”, which drops a very useful item, linked to the quest finale.

We’ve also graphically reworked Paterdomus – the temple to the far east of Varrock, giving you some great vistas to enjoy the Morytanian swamps. It’s also the focal point for the quest - and what a quest it is…

River of Blood (RuneScape members only)

In River of Blood, the battle-lines are drawn at the River Salve, the armies of Misthalin await a battle the likes of which has not been seen since the times of the first god wars. Leading the vampyre army is Vanescula, the Mistress of Darkmeyer - wielder of a brutal weapon that could end all freedom in Varrock.

It’s a desperate time, with Gielinor on the brink of disaster. Strengthen the magic of the Salve and kit out the Varrock army to face this threat. Only then will your forces be strong enough to defeat this legion of undead and bring an end to this terrifying tale.

We’ve taken the spirit of all the quests before it to give this 5th age saga the ending it deserves, taking you on a journey across Morytania to explore all its hidden secrets and loose ends, including the art of Haemalchemy. Rewards are suitably amazing, but I won’t spoil that surprise now.

In other news

Elsewhere in RuneScape we’ve got some time-limited events with strange rifts opening to the shadow realm, earning chunky Runecrafting and Summoning XP and unlocking 2 new sets of wings. We’ve got metallic dragon pendants to help you out when slaying these scaly fiends, a vampyre hunter kit that helps you out big time in Morytania, and even some new elegant navigator and kimono outfits on Solomon’s Store.

And finally we’ve saved the best news till last!

New RuneScape Game Client - NXT | Released 18th April! (Free-to-play and RuneScape members)

This month we are proud to bring you – NXT, the latest and greatest RuneScape game client, bringing better game performance than ever before, showing off the RuneScape world in all its glory.

You’ll be able to see even greater distances, enjoy dynamic shadows and beautiful lighting effects, making the world an even better place to spend time in. On the 18th of April the new game client will be available for everyone to download, with full details on how to get it installed. It really is a huge leap forward for your game world, making it look and feel truly beautiful.

To celebrate this fantastic advancement in RuneScape technology you can take part in “Benedict’s World Tour” – a globe-trotting mini-adventure that’s custom-built to take you to Gielinor’s most wondrous sights. There will be plenty of XP lamps to collect, so get stuck in!

You must be using the NXT client to be able to play “Benedict’s World Tour” – so stay tuned for its release on the 18th.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out by sending us bug reports and giving us feedback, we really couldn’t have done it without you.

Have fun!

Wooters Out