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Behind the Scenes | May 2016

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

Every day this month has a brand new adventure for you! That’s right, each day brings a new challenge with bonus rewards across the game available every weekend too. Investigate strange disappearances, discover brand new inventions and explore the rich history of the Barrows – read or watch on for the full details!

Mega May | Weekend Bonuses | Ports Bonuses

From missing persons and stolen items to menacing foes, you’ll need your wits about you as you piece together clues and help some of RuneScape’s most beloved characters. Meg has started out as a private investigator, and she needs you to tackle the most challenging jobs. With a great mix of comedy, sleuthing and pure madness, it’s a great way to earn some much needed XP and some crazy new rewards, like sock puppets, trench coats and a very strange new pet.

In addition, each weekend in May has some special events going on, focussing on player-owned ports, bosses, minigames and dungeoneering just to name a few. This is the perfect time to work on some of those bigger challenges you’ve set yourselves!

The minigames weekend is a great time to explore our graphically updated Void Knight Outpost too, it really looks special, particularly with the power of NXT behind it.

If you’ve not yet experienced the joys of player-owned ports, running your own fleet of ships and cutthroat crew, the ports weekend is the time to do it, with bonus voyages and rewards on offer. Note – there are also player-owned ports bonuses that will run for the whole month, so the weekend is not the only time to get ahead. Stay tuned for more info next week.

Kindred Spirits – New Quest | Sliske’s Countdown

The investigative skills you learn working with Meg will be very useful to you as you take on this month’s quest – Kindred Spirits. The latest part in Sliske’s Countdown, this quest takes on a more personal note as we reveal some of the fascinating backstory of some of my favourite characters – the Barrows Brothers and Sliske himself. Discover his motives, plans and how he came to capture RuneScape’s most famous siblings. There’s plenty of surprises along the way, not least the long awaited reveal of the Barrows Sister that we spoke about waaay back at RuneFest!

The rewards are cracking – a new Barrows fight is on offer, with new armour and a weapon to earn with a unique set bonus.

Invention Tech Trees

We’re adding 10 new technologies this month to the Invention skill, bringing new goblin and dwarf tech to your workbench, including 2 new explosive cannon variants. With them, we’re bringing some changes to the way that the tech trees work, providing new task-related gameplay within Invention, giving you more focus as you train the skill. Thanks to everyone on the forums who has helped us develop this update, your feedback has made all the difference.

Duel Anywhere

Talking of feedback, the Ninjas are always listening and planning their next move, and this time we're bringing back an old favourite from classic days - the ability for you to have fun duels anywhere you like! There’s no staking, just fun, so get stuck in!

In Other News

Solomon's Store - May 2016

In Solomon's Store this month we're bringing you the rather spiffing Master Camouflage Outfit – the latest and greatest in thieving apparel, offering bonuses on all sorts of thieving related activities. There’s also protean memories to help out with your divination training, and we have a new outfit on Solomon’s Store called the manticore set, featuring lion and griffon finery!

Boss Pets

And, finally, we’ve got something in mind for all of you who’ve worked hard and earned those elusive boss pets. I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for more.

Have fun!

W00ters out!

Podcast - River of Blood

Mod Stu and Mod Orion join the podcast monkey on the sofas to chat about the final installment of the Myreque series, the rewards you might earn on this awesome quest and what the future might hold for Morytania! Warning: this podcast contains many, many spoilers!

Listen now on YouTube, PodBean or iTunes.

Developer Q&A - Future of NXT

Join the mods on the sofa for a chat about the future of the NXT client and the features being planned for it. We also show off some early in-game pictures of our Port Sarim rework, due to be released in July.

The RuneScape Team