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Behind the Scenes – June 2016

Written by Rider on . Posted in RuneScape News

The RuneScape 2017 Survey is now live! Have your say on the updates that will shape the next year.

The ultimate nostalgic quest, Summer Hiscores and a new boss…The Summer of Adventure awaits!

June is the beginning of the huge Summer of Adventure - three months crammed full of amazing content to suit everyone. From skillers to killers, questers to “festers” - it’s a summer bursting with joy! If you’re not a member right now, check out the great Summer Special membership promotion to save yourself some cash and bag the fantastic, new Illumination aura.

So what’s the Summer of Adventure? Well, it’s all about giving you what you want and celebrating the fantastic 15th year of RuneScape with brand new, iconic content. There will be nostalgic nods to the past, explorations of new parts of the game and more embracing of the power of NXT with beautiful additions to our rich, expanding, vibrant world.

Of course, for many of us, it all boils down to XP - so starting in June and lasting for the whole summer, you’ll be able to use the Illumination aura. More powerful than those before it, this beauty grants a 10% XP boost when activated, which jumps to a +100% XP bonus on every fifth activation -double XP for the win!

Whilst using the aura, you’ll take part in our brand new Summer HiScores tables, competing against friends and arch-nemeses alike for “top-dog” status. Everyone starts from zero, so it’s a great chance to show off your RuneScape skills and gains.

Gower Quest – free for everyone!

I mentioned nostalgic and iconic content earlier and there’s nothing more truly RuneScape than the Gower brothers - the guys who first imagined this crazy world. To celebrate their amazing contributions over the years, we’re adding them to the game in June and given them their own quest – one they designed themselves, that showcases everything weird and wacky…especially cabbages.

You see, they’ve taken up residence as “cabbagemancers”, and need your help because their beloved cabbage patch has stopped working. The quest is full of references to RuneScape’s history, forgotten NPC backstories, old school puzzles and a very, very strange way of looking at the way our world works. Requirements are low and it is perfect for absolutely every one of you guys to try out – whether you see yourself as free, old school, classic or modern, you simply have to give it a go.

Telos – New Solo Boss

Also in June we’re introducing our next ferocious boss monster aimed squarely at the solo combat player. Due to your proximity to the raging battle in God Wars Dungeon 2, the perfect defence has awoken – Telos. Noisy neighbours are never a good thing, but this behemoth has a rage unlike any other – a rage that, if allowed, will grow to make him the toughest boss on the planet!

In his early form, players with decent gear, like the shiny new equipment obtained from God Wars Dungeon 2, should be able to take him down, but allowing his rage to grow is the key to unlocking all its greatest rewards, including 3 new high-level weapons and a new ability. Good luck, you’re gonna need it.

In Other News | New Tier 90 Augmentable Gear

Elsewhere, our Ninjas have been doing some summer adventuring themselves, exploring tier 90 armours, defenders and a range of other high-level, big hitting equipment, and making them augmentable! Thanks Ninjas!

Solomon’s Store & Treasure Hunter – upcoming stuff!

We’re also releasing the Armour of Seasons – your chance to complete your Seasons gear set with some great looking, themed pieces. You can collect the resources necessary through Firemaking, Woodcutting, Herblore and Farming, and combine the rewards to create the fantastic finished set!

The Gemerator will also appear in Treasure Hunter, allowing you to generate new prizes and some gem-themed outfits, perfect for those who like a bit of razzle dazzle.

Solomon’s also got the perfect adventuring cosmetics for those of you who think there’s a sting in your tail – scorpion outfits await and some fearsome manticore weapon sets, embodying the animal theming for all combatants.

Summer Sweepstakes

And don’t forget - all members over the summer will also earn regular tickets to enter our Summer Sweepstake, where you can earn some awesome prizes – including a trip to Jagex HQ.

The Summer of Adventure awaits!

Have fun, w00ters out.